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Kenosha County

Book Description:

Early days in the City and County of Kenosha, WI, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, factual data and numerous personal biographies in this 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound 151-page booklet, printed on 60 # opaque paper. The tri-colored front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The information is an excerpt from a rare 1879 book, entitled The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin. Booklets on Racine County history and biographies are also available. Among the many subjects included are: Settlement of Southport, the Village of Pike River, the Pike Creak Colony, the Resique War, Business During 1835, the first Beacon-Light, the first laws, first steps toward a harbor, General Dodge's Visit in 1841, the Western Emigration Company, the first printing press, the Claimants' Union, Pioneers of Kenosha County, a Roster of Officials; Southport and Kenosha --History, Officers, the Press of Kenosha, the Harbor Improvements, Fire Department, Post Office, Schools and school officials, Churches, the Cemetery, Secret Societies, Miscellaneous Societies, Banks, the Bain Wagon Works, Government buildings; the Hanging of John McCraffrey, Various breweries, Other businesses; Wilmot, Salem Station and other towns; and other interesting bits of history and trivia. There is also a detailed section on the Civil War, which includes many names of recruits, both officers and privates. Illustrations include Lucas House Truesdell Station, Stables and Residence of Ward C. White, and residences of Z.G. Simmons, S.T. Rice, and James Hartray. Attention Genealogists: In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of individual biographies of county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but most include, names of family members, affiliations, war records, careers, and previous residences. Among those listed are: City of Kenosha -- N.R. Allen, Henry Andre, Edward Bain, Myron A. Baker, Samuel N. Barber, Daniel B. Benedict, Paul Blauert, Charles H. Blood, Josiah Bond, Albert Borkenhagen, Patrick Brennan, George G. Budden, Goodwin Burritt, Stephen Burroughs, William Burt, Rev. John Casey, Mrs. Emily Chase, Hurlbut B. Cheever, Albert G. Cole, William Creaney, David Crosit, C.A. Dewey, William J. Dickhaut, Louis Napoleon de Diemar, Harvey Durkee, Seth Doan, Bernard Eickelman, William Engel, John G. Engelhardt, Stephen S. Easterbrooks, Dr. Asahel Farr, John Fassbinder, William F. Fisher, S. Fisk, Mrs. Hannah M. Fluskey, Orlando Foster, Ernst Franke, Charles Frantz, Maurice N. Funck, John A. Gallaghan, C.W. George, Mathias Georgan, Thomas Geritt, Thomas Gibbons, Guerdon Gillett, Michael Gorman, Fred Gottfredsen, Jacob G. Gottfredsen, Charles H. Gonnermann, John Gonnermann, Charles Grant, Cass Griffin, Peter Grosch, Hans Hansen, John Harrington, Henry B. Hinsdale, Charles Holderness, Joseph C. Holt, Lauren C. Holt, Oliver Hoye, Alexander Huck, Mathias Huck, Nicholas Huetter, Edgar R. Hugunin, Henry Junge, Henry Karpen, Patrick Henry Kelly, John Kohlmann, J.B. Kupfer, Bernard La Marsh, Egbert M. Lee, Urban J. Lewis, Joseph I. Lieting, F.H. Lyman, Frederick W. Lyman, Dr. Samuel R. McClellan, Hugh McDermott, Dr. Hays McKinley, John R. Marsh, James Mathews, Leonard Maurer, John Meyer, Theodore Miller, Frank B. Morehouse, Adolph Muntzenberger, Wallace Mygatt (extensive), Octavius S. Newell, John Nicoll, Michael Neiderprim, William Osborne, W.A. Parker, Truman Daniel Partridge, E. Pennoyer, J.V. Quarles, Daniel Quigley, George W. Read, William E. Reed, Frederick Robinson, Henry M. Rogers, Nicholas Rohr, Paul Sauber, William H. Saunders, John Schmitt, August Schroeder, Z.G. Simmons, Albert C. Sinclair, Thomas Smith, Nicholas Spartz, Mathias Stahl Jr., Jared B. Starkweather, J.M. Stebbins, William S. Strong, Ernst G. Timme, Rev. F.W. Tomkins, Royal B. Towslee, Stephen W. Truesdell, Rollin Tuttle, Enoch Van Wie, G.A. Voltz, Edward T. Walcott, George W. Warvelle, R.B. Whitaker, George Yule, John T. Yule, Nic. Zerhien, Albert Zeus, Mathias Zievers; Pleasant Prairie Township -- Frederick J. Brande, Robert Butcher, Albert Clute, John L. Clute, Walter L. Dexter, James C. Dowse, John Fay, Alvan G. French, George D. Foot, John Fox, Stephen Galt, Ephraim D. Goodman, James A. Halsey, James Hartray, Robert S. Houston (pix), Nathan B. Hyde, John Lamb, August Lambrecht, Vigta Linquist, Peter Lippert, John Lucas, Christen Petersen, Patrick Quigley, Leander Richtmeyer, Joseph Roddel, Matthew Scott, Peter Shmitt, William Stanley, Joseph S. Todd, Derastus Torrey, Herbert C. Torrey, Ward D. White, Joshua M. Whiteley, M.J. Whiteley, Charles H. Willerton, Lafayette D. Woodworth; Somers Township -- Millard J. Andrews, Samuel Barnes, Edward Birch, Isaac T. Bishop, John Braid, Philander T. Briggs, John G. Buddle, Charles A. Bullamore, Oren Bullamore, William E. Burgess, Moses C. Buswell, Phillip Drissal, Frank Eick, Fredrick Fischer, James G. Gardinier, John Gearing, Jacob R. Hansche, Andreas Helt, John C. Holmes, Augustus Huck, George T. Hughes, Peter Kreuscher, John C. Leach, George F. Leet, Eldreidge B. Manning, Walter S. Maxwell, John E. Meyer, Christian Rapp, Daniel W. Rease, Samuel T. Rice, Mathias Schwan, Burr Simmons, George M. Sloan, William Smith, Miss Emma Steinbridge, William R. Stetson, David Strong, Samuel S. Strong, David Warren, George Wheaton, William Yule; Bristol Township -- George Adamson, Hiram Bacon, William C. Bacon, James W. Bryant, Marshfield D. Burt, Thomas S. Cotting, Philo Curtis, Germond V. Fowler, Henry H. Holbrook, Nicholas Kaiser, John A. Kearns, Michael C. Kelly Jr., Edward Mead, William K. Packman, Lemuel Spencer, Orrin C. Stonebreaker, Samuel E. Tarbell, William S. Tarbell, Hermon S. Thorp, Martin Tourtellotte, Salmon Upson, Aaron Walker, Cornelius Williams; Prairie Township -- William Crane, James Craney, Jeremiah A. Craney, John Craney, Jason Davis, E.D. Dunning, John Edgoose, Matthew Fonk, Charles M. Fowler, John D. Goldsworthy, Mary E. Haney, Daniel Marsh, Ellen Martin, Charles Meredith, Henry A. Newbury, Philipp Reidenbach, Albert Schmuchel, Lucius W. Thayer, Daniel Toner, Daniel Williams, Lewis Williams; Brighton Township -- Thomas Francis Babe, Samuel Bohanan, John Callaghan, Charles Choak, William Choak, Obil Deuel, James Dixon, John W. Evans, Mathias Even, Nicholas Gill, Otto Hillmann, Michael Kuman, Lott Leach, William Leach, Mrs. Margaret McCormick, Patrick McCormick, Joseph McDonald, Walter E. McVicar, H. Meyer, Clapp Miner, Mrs. Catherine Riley, Ludwig Seibert, Michael Servert, F. Wilhelm Schmidt, William W. Smith, Peter Stahl, Bradley H. Stocker, St. Patrick's Church, Peter Swartz, William Tobin, Nicholas Wagner, William Wheeler, James Whelton, Thomas Whitley, Mrs. Ann Wilson, Peter Zirbes; Wheatland Township -- Fred. Borck, Frederick Brown, Lewis Bushman, John Dyer, Herman Epping, N. Fink, Leroy Fosdick, John H. Geiger, Mrs. George W. Hall, Joseph Hemling, William Hoffer, William Holle, Gerhard Kaiser, William Kaskaln, John Kerkman, Henry Kersting, Philip Kessler, Charles W. Kohls, Bernard Lais, Hermann Lais, Charles Lemmerhert, B.H. Lohaus Sr., Henry Lohaus, Joseph Merten, F. Newburry, Mrs. Agnes Plate, Charles Rasch, John Runkel, John P. Runkel, Paul E. Sauer, Ben M. Schilz, Theodore Schuerman, Frederck Schultz, Herman Spitzmann, St. Alphonso's Catholic Church, Ferdinand Vanderbeck, Henry Voss, Joseph Voss, Bernard Wehmhoff, William Ziebell; Salem Township -- Alexander Bailey, Eli Bloss, Lemuel Booth, Mrs. C.G. Brown, Nathan M. Burgess, Thomas Burke, A.D. Cornwell (pix), A.R. Cornwell, John Cronk, Walker Curtis, Dr. Thomas D. Ford, George Gardner, Oliver Gibbs, T.O. Hollister, Hugh McIntyre, Mary K. McIntyre, Charles Orvis, Andrew Patterson, Charles Phillips, Anson Pierce, Fred. K. Schenning, Andrew H. Smith, Mary E. Taber, Capt. John E. Tuttle, R.S. Udell, Henry Watson, Pardon Yaw; Randall Township -- William B. Brower, Philo Darling, Edward Ganon, William H. Harrison, William Haythorn, Almerin Herrick, Fredrick Johnson, Clement Kroncke, George Kroncke, Allen H. Moore, Thomas Pacey, John S. Reynolds, Lewis Robertson, John V. Vosburg, Edward Savage Warren, Archibald H. Weir, Levi P. Wilcox, William Henry Wilcox Jr., J.L. Williams, and William W. Winchell.

Kenosha County,
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Cover of Kenosha County History

Sources: History of Kenosha County Wisconsin; The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Wisconsin
Original Publication Year: 1879
Original Publisher: Western Historical Company
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