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Winnebago County

Book Description:

Early days in Winnebago County, WI, are recalled through a mix of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 75 page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed on 60# opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The information comes from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. We've enlarged the area on a map from the original book. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Algoma, Appleton (part), Black Wolf, Butte des Morts, Clayton, Eureka, Larsen, Menasha (part), Neenah, Nekimi, Nepeuskun, Omro, Oshkosh (County Seat), Pickett, Poygan, Rushford, Utica, Vinland, Waukau, Winchester, Winnebago, Winneconne, Wolf River. (Some towns may not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Location and Natural Features; General History; Indian History; Augustus Grignon, Robert Grignon, James Porlier and others connected with the early days; Webster Stanley, James Knaggs, Amos Gallup and the "city of Athens"(also called "Sauk-eer"); Debates over naming of the city of Oshkosh and the word's meaning; Organization of the county and early elections; Fires and Floods of Oshkosh; Banks, Manufacturing, Hotels, and the Lumber Market; Means of Communication/Transportation; Newspapers; Schools, including the State Normal School, the German-English Academy and Oshkosh Business College; Churches, Hospitals and Societies; the "historic ground" of Neenah and Menasha at Doty's Island; Omro, Waukau and other villages, and numerous other interesting bits of history and trivia. Illustrations include a full page sketch of Oshkosh; the City of Neenah; and the City of Menasha. Attention Genealogists: In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of individual biographies of county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but most include, names of family members, affiliations, war records, careers, and previous residences. Among those listed are: Oshkosh -- Prof. George S. Albee, Frank Allen, Joseph Arnold, George W. Athearn, George Badger, John S. Baker, Charles Barber, R. Barlow, James A. Barnes, Jacob F. Bassler, Martin T. Battis, John Bauderob, Louis H. Baummessell, Orville Beach, Darwin Beach, Reginald H. Bingham, Daniel L. Bishop, Gabe Bouck, Hy. Breasmeister, S.M. Bridge and Son, L.W. Briggs, Rufus Choate Brown, John Buckstaff Jr., Robert Buckstaff, George W. Burnell, N.R. Burnham, William Buttrick, Alton J. Calkins, John J. Cameron, Edward Casey, William E. Casterson, Allan Caswell, Otis F. Chase, James Chase, Peter Charbouneau, Leander Choate, David Christenson, Carlos D. Church, James L. Clark, Herbert M. Clark, F.B. Claggett and Co., Frank B. Claggett, C.D. Cleveland, W. Colvin, E.N. Conlee, George W. Conlee, A. Conro, Ossian Cook, Timothy E. Crane, I.H. Crawford, George V. Croft, John P. Crosby, J.W. Crozier, Marshall D. Daggett, Prof. W.W. Daggett, H.B. Dale, R.E. Daniel, Allie Damuth, Charles W. Davis, Evan Davis, A.A. Dean, William J. Dean, William Decker, Herman Derksen, Leander Dimpsey, John Dobson, Robert Doyle, J.J. Driscoll, F. Dumke, H.M. Dyer, Eugene A. Earle, M.H. Eaton, Andrew Ednie, R.P. Eighme, Cook Ely, William H. Englebright, T.B. Fairchild, Andrew Felker, Charles W. Felker, William B. Felker, Earl P. Finch, E.M. Flynn, J.H. Folsom, Frank G. Foote, Carleton Foster, John S. Fraker, H.P. Frederickson, O.F. Freeman, James Freeman, George Gary (extensive), James Gillingham, John Glatz, Joseph B. Goe, Thomas Reed Goe, Thomas M. Goodfellow, Robert Graham, E.F. Graves, G.C. Griffith, Willis Terry Griffith, Thomas Duncan Grimmer, B.C. Gudden, H.C. Gustavus, Richard Hackett, Orange H. Harris, W.D. Harshaw, Henry B. Harshaw, Joseph Hartel, D.G. Hatch, Samuel M. Hay, Robert W. Hayter, F. Heremann, T. Herzog, William Hill, Thomas Hinds, J.S. Holmes, A.O. Hobart, Rev. F.R. Haff, T.J. Hoffman, J.R. Holland, S.W. Hollister, F.W. Houghton, John H. Hughey, Jesse Y. Hull, John W. Hume, William Hume, Henry B. Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Andrew M. Johnson, Edwin R. Johnston, James V. Jones, John R. Jones, Charles O. Josslyn, E.C. Kellogg, Dr. Walter Kempster, James E. Kennedy, Daniel Kenny, John T. Kenny, Dr. Ira Kezertee, Frederick King, John Laabs, Matt Lampert, James William Ladd, G.R. Lampard, Gilbert Lane, C.H. Larrabee, W.F. Larish, Frank Larie, Henry L. Lawson, S.B. Lawrence, William Leard, D.L. Libbey, Gustav M. Lindemann, Christian Look, T.J. Loughridge, William H. Luce, Thomas Lyons, O. McCorison, H. W. McKoy, Robert McMillen, James McNair, J. McWilliams, William Manser, O.H. Manzer, J.H. Martin, William T. May, George Mayer Jr., John Mentzer, Robert Mehlan, August Metz, Henry F. Meyer, Daniel Mierswa, Joseph Mies, Richard T. Morgan (extensive), John R. Morgan, Harvey C. Nash, Capt. W.W. Neff, James Nelson, S.B. Nelson, Sam. C. Nessling, Thomas Neville, George W. Newman, J.W. Nicolai, Andrew Oertel, Moritz Oertel, Sebastian Ostertag, Simon Bailey Paige (extensive), Charles C. Paige, J.A. Paige, Nathan Parker, John G. Parsons, William Paul, Worthie H. Patton, Oscar D. Peck, Daniel McPeck, William Perrin, H. W. Perry, James Peterson, Charles E. Pike, Sylvester D. Pitcher, William Pool, Philo F. Prosser, William Radford, Stephen Radford, Charles W. Radford, Charles Rahr, Charles D. Rand, Richard Rawley, J.J. Ream, Thomas T. Reeve, Sylvanus Ripley, William M. Ripson, Joseph B. Ripson, Griffith Roberts, Gilbert W. Roe, Henry Roenitz, D.W. Rowland, R.C. Russell, Dr. T.P. Russell, Sen. Philetus Sawyer (extensive), Edgar P. Sawyer, J.F.W. Schmidt, Peter Schmidt, Joseph Schneider, Hugo Schrottky, Louis Schwalenk, George F. Scott, Jesse R. Scott, Lyman C. Session, George T. Sharp, William Shell, Austin Slattery, Casper Smith, George W. Snell, Peter H. Soper, William Spikes, Willard Sprague, George B. Streeter, Gabriel Streich, George F. Stroud, W.D. Stroud, Samuel Sutton, A.M. Thomes, Dr. John R. Thomson, E.W. Tilton, A.A. Tobey, John Turner, Robert Turner, G.E. Tyrell, J.H. Van Doren, A. Von Kaas, B.E. Van Keuren, William Wakeman Jr., George W. Washburn, S.H. Waterman, David Wetherby, James H. Weed, A.W. Weisbrod, C.S. Weston, Frank Wescott, George Whittaker, Franz Wille, George M. Williamson, Henry Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Dr. E. Barton Wood, L.B. Wright, William H. Wyman, W.Wyland; Neenah -- William Aylward, George O. Bergstrom, Alexander Billstein, George Boozer, Theodore Brown, J.E. Chenevert, Dr. R.W. Clark, H.E. Coates, S. H. Conklin, Thomas Cooke, Martin Cook, J.R. Davis, John R. Davis Jr. A. Eisenach, John R. Ford, Herbert J. Gleason, James F. Gleason, A.F. Haertl, Louis Herziger, Thomas Higgins, J.C. Hilton, Henry A. Hobart, Aug Hoeper, Hy Hoeper, Fred Hoeper, Francis J. Hoffman, J.W. Hunt, John Hunt, Henry E. Huxley, John Jamison, Robert Jamison, H.C. Jasperson, N. Jensen, Charles W. Johnson, G.C. Jones, J.H. Jones, Thomas Jones, Willard Jones, William Kellett, Harvey L. Kimberly, D.L. Kimberly, John R. Kimberly, Ole O. Klevrod, William Krueger, Andrew Henry Frederick Krueger, George H. Ladd, Henry Laudan, George LeTourneux, William F. McArthur, John McDermott, J. W. Nicholson, G. Olds, A.W. Patten, W.P. Peckham, A.J. Pederson, Erasmus W. Pride, John Proctor, John Roberts, J.B. Russell, F.T. Russell, George Schmid, Calvin W. Seaver, Henry Sherry, Robert Shiells, A. Sorenson, P.H. Speery, J.W. Tobey, H.A. Webb, D. Wells, Andrew J. Whitenack, George A. Whiting, P.R. Williams; Menasha -- C. Bachelder, M.C. Fisher, Rev. Bonfilio Baldi, G.F. Bellows, J.A. Bryan, L.D. Bryan, O.P. Clinton, J.J. Fish, Dr. George Fay, Ernst Fuechsel, Frank Fuller, E. M. Hulse, Peter Jennings, M.L. Howard, James Kaye, Carl Koch, James P. Lomas, James Ladd, Emmett A. Little, John McLean, Heman Miller, T.D. Phillips, Thomas Price, Frank A. Schrage, William Sill, James Slover, P. Verbeck, H.A. Whitney, Omro -- Milo C. Bushnell, William Blackburn, Frank Challoner, F.A. Cole, Sereno D. Gilman, Dr. J. Gibbs, A.B. Hall, Emmet E. Henry, Abijah B. Larrabee, Charles C. Morton, John T. Orchard, P.H. Patton, William W. Race, Richard Reed Jr., James W. Samphier, Peter Samphier, Dr. I.H. Sheerar, Edward Sargeant, J.D. Treleven, Andrew J. White, Platt M. Wright; Winneconne -- George S. Barnum, George C. King, Theodore Neilsen, E. McNutt, J. D. Rush, Lucius Webster, Waukau -- David R. Bean, A.D. Packard, Robert D. Paris, Arthur R. Pomeroy, David W. Safford; Eureka-- Robert Boantree, Norman A. Chapell, E.F. Cole, William M. Dana, Walton C. Dickerson, William W. Kimball, E.B. Rounds, George W. Rounds, James M. Rounds, Lester Rounds, James W. Vanderhoof, E.G. Woodworth; Butte des Morts -- D.W. Hall, Peter C. Peterson, Mrs. Isabella Darrow, D.L. McCorpin, Mrs. George Clark, Francis Gillingham, John Hart, W.H. Scott.

Winnebago County,
only $12.00

Cover of Winnebago County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Winnebago County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
See Description for more info.


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