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Waupaca County

Book Description:

Early days in Waupaca County, WI, are recalled through a mix of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 46 page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed single-sided on 60 # opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The information comes from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. We've enlarged the area on a map from the original book, and included it along with two other maps of historic interest. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Bear Creek, Big Falls, Caledonia, Clintonville, Dayton, Dupont, Embarrass, Farmington, Fremont, Harrison, Helvetia, Iola, King, Larrabee, Lebanon, Lind, Little Wolf, Manawa, Marion, Matteson, Mukwa, New London (part), Ogdensburg, Readfield, Royalton, Saint Lawrence, Scandinavia, Union, Waupaca (County Seat), Weyauwega, Wyoming. (Some towns may not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Location, Physical Attributes, and agricultural possibilities; Lumber Interests; Population; Schools; Pre-historic and Historic; First Settlers; Court Battle for a lad taken by Indians; Organization of the county with names of early officials; "First Things," such as first newspaper, first saw-mill, etc.; Old Settlers' Society, with names and dates; County Buildings; Waupaca during the Civil War; Waupaca town (with a sketch); full page sketch of Greenwood Park, plus two small sketches; chain of 8 lakes called "She-she-pe-ko-naw"; Mound Builders; Officers of the Greenwood Park Association; Churches; Newspapers; Schools; Societies; Business Interests (with a sketch of the Masonic Block and the Waupaca Woolen Mills); Waupaca City and county officials in 1881; Railroads and other features of New London; Weyauwega, where a prayer for "suckers" was answered; Tom Tanner, General Slasher and "300,000 Indians" invade St. Lawrence; Death of Chief Wau-Ke-John at Fremont; other interesting bits of history and trivia. Attention Genealogists: In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of individual biographies of county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include reminiscences, names of family members, affiliations, war records, and careers. Those listed are: Waupaca -- Leonard Arnold, H.C. Beadleston, Winsell Chady, W.J. Chamberlain, James A. Chesley, P.A. Chesley, William M. Dayton, Dr. E.S. Donaldson, Rev. J.W. Donaldson, John F. Dufur, J.W. Evans, P.A. House, John Jardine, Christian Johnson, Walter Levisee, A. Loos, Irving P. Lord, Dr. D.L. Manchester, Hacon Nordvi, C.S. Ogden, Samuel Pinkerton, Truman Rich, Myron Reed, O.H. Rowe, Winfield Scott, J.B. Simcock, Rev. Samuel Simcock, William Simcock, R. Swan, James Thomas, E.B. Thompson, Mayor A.J. Van Epps, F.B. Vosburg, Samuel F. Ware, J.H. Woodnorth; New London -- J. W. Bingham, Oscar Bowman, H. P. Briggs, George W. Cline, Edward Dawson, Josiah C. Dawson, J. W. Dean, c.E. Dickinson, Dr. Parley Dickinson, H.S. Dixon, Dr. Alonzo R. Freeman, John Freiburger, Dr. D.W. Haskell, J.C. Hoxie, Dr. H.K. Jillson, Henry Ketchum, Mayor Theodore Knapstein, George W. Law, Thomas Logan, Ira Millerd, Ira Millerd Jr., Dr. J.R. Moore, G.A. Murray, James Murray, H.H. Page, M.B. Patchin, Leonard Perrin, E.P. Perry, H.S. Pickard, E.S. Shepard, G.R. Strickland, Anthony Trayser, J.H. Whitford; Northport -- Isaac Brown; Weyauwega -- William Bauer, Jerome Crocker, Charles M. Fenelon, William G. Gumaer, E. Hening, J.C. Keeney, Andrew Mack, L.L. Post, William H. Reas, Arthur A. Rice, Charles A. Rice, O.A. Rich, Albert Smith, George W. Taggart, Dr. J.S. Walbridge, Dr. F.E. Walbridge, Adolphus Walreth, W.F. Waterhouse, W.A. Weisbrod, William Woods; Little Wolf -- George Dirimple, A.P. Jones, Dr. Marquis Wood; Royalton -- J.H. Leonard, F. Egger; Lind -- Marcus Burnham, A.H. Chandler, C. Caldwell, A. Custard, Thomas Durrant, John Gordinier, H. Harrington, Alvin Pope, C.H. Ritz, Julius H. Zastrow; Farmington -- Francis Beardmore, Thomas Beardmore, F.L. King, Samuel Leonard, John Morey, Asher Penney, Ira C. Pitcher, G.W. Ross, Ezra Townsend, Thomas Waite; Scandinavia -- Nels Anderson, Johan Hartvig, Hans A. Howen, L. Nelson and Son, Ole K. Nelson, John P. Peterson, Gunstin Tellfson, Andrew Thomson, Casper Zwicky; St. Lawrence (Ogdensburg) -- H.H. Suhs, Thomas F. Veysey; Iola -- A.H. Dufur, James J. Hatch, J.O. Hole, J. and C. Wipf; Dayton -- Geoge Allen, Merrick T. Allen, W.C. Barlow, Philip A. Ham, Clark E. Holman, Robert McCrossen, Sumner Packard, W.P. Quint, Frederick Showmaker; Helvetia -- John H. Leuthold; Bear Creek -- I.S. Ingersol, Joe Long, J. W. Raisler, Ludwig Schoepke, August F. Shoepke, Charles G. Witt; Lebanon -- Edward Dawson, Luke B. Kelly; Union -- Charlie Anderson, Christ. Wagner; Larrabee -- Englebert Brix, A.P. Knapp, John A. McNeil, H.A. Meilike, W.H. Stacy, C.S. Sutherland; Fremont -- Cyrenus Kinsman, J.N. Kinsman, William A. Springer, Josephus Wakefield.

Waupaca County,
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Cover of Waupaca County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Waupaca County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
See Description for more info.


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