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Sheboygan County

Book Description:

Early days in Sheboygan County, WI, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, historic data and individual biographies in this NEW 57 page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed single-sided on 60 # opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The information comes from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. We've enlarged the area on a map from the original book. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Adell, Cascade, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Glenbeulah, Greenbush, Haven, Herman, Hingham, Holland, Howards Grove, Kohler, Lima, Lyndon, Mitchell, Mosel, Oostburg, Plymouth, Random Lake, Rhine, Russell, Scott, Sheboygan (County Seat), Sheboygan Falls, Sherman, Waldo, Wilson. (Some towns may not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Location and Natural Resources; Prehistoric Remains; the meaning of Sheboygan; Early Visitors and names of first settlers; Organization of the county and officers in 1881; Harbor Improvements; Transportation and Communication, including Railroads; Postal Facilities; Names of those elected to the state legislature, 1848-1881; Schools; Agricultural growth; the Civil War Period, with names of some officers, and the "Indian scare"; Tornado of 1873; the City of Sheboygan, including a nice sketch; early city officials; an artesian well; fire departmen;, banks; Sheboygan Merchants' Association; Churches; Societies; Newspapers; Library Association; Fishing and Marine Interests; Manufacturing and Business Interests; Sheboygan Falls, with a list of 1840 citizens, and 1854 village officials; the town of Plymouth and its early residents; and to a lesser extent, the villages of Greenbush, Glenbeulah, Mosel, Herman, Howard's Grove, Franklin, Rhine, Russell, Lima, Holland, Cedar Grove, Oostburg, Amsterdam, Wilson, Lyndon, Cascade, Waldo, Onion River, Winooski, Sherman, Random Lake, Sherman Station, Silver Creek, Mitchell, and Scott. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events: Sheboygan -- Chrisian Ackermann, George Allen, William Ashby, Harry A. Barrett, James Bell, William E. Bendler, John Bertschy, August Bentrop, Thomas M. Blackstock, Louis Bode, William Brechtel, George W. Bradford, Herman Buchheim, William H. Burk, Nathan Cole, Charles A. Dean, Paul Diehl, John N. Elliott, Ole M. Ellison, Alpheus E. Elvin, William Elwell, Joseph End, George End, E.P. Ewer, Evan Evans, Albert Fairchild, Peter Feagan, Reinhard B. Firzlaff, Henry J. Fischer, John Flaig, Capt. John M. Folger, Henry Foeste, George M. Gearlds, Frank Geele, Rev. John G. Goehringer, E.B. Garton,, John Griffith, Bernard R. Grogan, George M. Groh, Oley Groh, William Grube, Theodore Gunther, Henry Guenther, Henry Gutsch, Adolph F. Gutsch, William Halbach, Charles H. Halbach, DeWisner Galsted, L.D. Harvey, Christian Heyer, Andrew Higby, John Hickey, Frederick Hildebrand, Jacob Hilpertshauser, Dr. Frederick Hahn, Jacob Imeg, David Jenkins, Peter Johnson, Fr. Karste, John G. Kern, Joseph F. Kent, Jacob Kemph, August Keseweter, Norris W. Kilton, Joseph Kellner, Louis A. Keppler, Frederick Koehn, John M. Kohler, John Kroeff, Gen. Conrad Krez, James Lampman, Francis Lawrence, John Laing, Emil Lieberman, Dr. Adolph F. St. Sure Lindsfelt, August Loesing, Charles Lutze, Worthy McKillip, Gustavus Mallmann, August Mallmann, Anton J. Mallmann, William Mallmann, George B. Mattoon, Earnest Marshall, James H. Mead, Herman Mehrtens, Phillip Meyer, John W. Morgeneier, John Mogensen, Fred D.D. Mueller, Carl Muth, Henry Muth, Jacob P. Nytes, Arthur O'Neil, Charles Oehler, George Olson, Frederick Pape, C. Henry Pape, John H. Plath, William Pfeil, William L. Pierce, William J. Pierce, Henry M. Pugh, Bernard Renzelmann, C.T. Roenitz, Henry E. Roth, Theodore Roeder, Hervey E. Roberts, Fritz Rosenthal, Frederick C. Runge, Henry Scheele, John Schmidt, Jacob O. Schmidt, Thomas Schlachter, Adam Schraut, Konrad Schreier, Joseph Schrage, William Seaman, William H. Seaman, Sheboygan Mineral Water Company, Lambert Smith, Earnest A. Sonnemann, Henry D. Squire, F.R. Townsend (pix), William E. Tallmadge, George Thies, Adam Trester, Jacob J. Vollrath, Andrew J. Vollrath, Carl Vollrath, John Watson, Arvin L. Weeks, Frederick Weller, Joseph Wedig, Otis P. Wheeler, August H.P. Wilson, Michael Winter, William M. Winter, Louis Wolff, Jacob Genry Wolff, Ludwig Wolfsen, Frederick Zimmerman, Theodore Zschetzsche, Carl L. Zschetzsche. Sheboygan Falls -- Isaac Adriance, Benjamin F. Anderson, George F. Arnold, Hiram Ashcroft, Louis Ballschmider, Andrew C. Bassuener, Joseph Benedict, Erasmus P. Bryant, Charles O. Cady, Edwin Clark, David F. Cogswell, Leonard P. Dean, Conrad DeLong, John Dietsch, William Y. Davis, Fred Edler, John C. Fairweather, Harvard Giddings, Henry F. Habighorst, Heald Reysen and Co., Benjamin F. Heald, John H. Reysen, Joachim Johann, Walter M. Little, Henry K. Loomis, Frank C. Mather, Charles A. Maurer, Amandus J. Maulick, August F. Meier, Joseph Osthelder, George W. Peck, Charles W. Pierce, Levi H. Pierce, Dr. Henry A. Pitcher, Owen Platt, Henry Prange, W.H. Prentise, Edmund Quinlan, Jacob Ramaker, William H. Richardson, Egbert Richardson, Edward L. Sargent, J.L. Shepard, Hiram Smith, George Spratt, Charles A. Spencer, Orrin Treadwell, James L. Trowbridge, Carl L. G. Wedepohl, D.H. Wenger, Louis Wolf. Plymouth -- George W. Barnard, Hiram Bishop, Ira A. Bradford, Asa Carpenter, Charles Delo, Edward Drewry, Enos Eastman, Conrad Fischer, M.D.L. Fuller (pix), Gustave Karpe, Fredrich Kinrenschild, Rudolph Krauss, Dr. Samuel W. Mead, John F. Mehrmann, Robert Oberreich, Charles W. Prescott, Otto Puhlmann, Simon A. Rickmeier, Ausgust Schmidt, William Sebald, Andrew J. Spear, Ferinand A. Streblow, Henry Stocks, John W. Taylor, Adam Wolf. Grenbeulah -- A.D. Barrows, Charles A. Corbett, John Dennis, James T. Dillingham, Dr. C. M. Hamilton, Edward Heyn, Conrad C. Ladenberger, Fredrick D. Ladenberger, Emile Montgomery, Michael Metzger, James Shufflebotham, James R. Shufflebotham, Edwin Slade, Henry Volquarts. Herman -- Henry G. Mueller, Gustave Roeber. Howard's Grove -- August Frome, Emil Stolsenburg, Ernst W. Schlichting. Lima -- Levi H. Baldwin, Patrick H. Delavan, Alfred T. Blackburn, Dr. Lyman T. Coller, Charles Keller, Paul Rossmann, Adolph W. Schramm, Rowell H. Tripp. Holland -- Henry Walvoord. Cedar Grove -- Christian W. Holle, Cornelius Prinsen. Oostburg -- Peter Daane, D.G. Wikkerink. Wilson -- Levi George, Alvin Warner. Cascade -- L.C. Bartlett, Edward Hulee, Goodwin T. Loomis, William Noll. Waldo -- William T. Armstrong, Aaron Chamerlin, Albert C. Chamberlain, H. Clay Humphrey, Robert W. Lawson, Levi H. Pelton, Henry J. Robinson. Onion River -- Wentworth Barber, Andrew J. Whiffen. Random Lake -- R.D. Butler, John P. Carroll, William H. Foley, Nicholas C. Oswald. Sherman Station -- Daniel Steuerwald.

Sheboygan County,
only $10.55

Cover of Sheboygan County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Sheboygan County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
See Description for more info.


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