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Outagamie County

Book Description:

Early days in Outagamie County, WI, are recalled through in this meaty little booklet, filled with local history and biographies of prominent residents. The information comes from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. This New 28 page booklet is printed single-sided on 60 pound 8 1/2" x 11" opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. We've enlarged the Outagamie County area of a map from the original book, and included it along with two other maps of historic interest. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include:Outagamie County Appleton (part) (County Seat), Bear Creek, Black Creek, Bovina, Buchanan, Center, Cicero, Combined Locks, Dale, Deer Creek, Ellington, Freedom, Grand Chute, Greenville, Hortonia, Hortonville, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Liberty, Little Chute, Maine, Maple Creek, Medina, New London (part), Nichols, Oneida, Osborn, Seymour, Shiocton, Vandenbroek. (Some are not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Location and Natural Resources, County Organization, early population figures; County Seat at Grand Chute?; Wolf bounties and other early legistlative matters; Early officials; Outagamie participation in the Civil War; Appleton and Lawrence University; Developing Water Power; Railroad Facilities; Appleton Schools, Newspapers, Churches, Banks, and Secret Societies; Businesses, including Kimberly and Clark; Appleton Paper and Pulp Co., Atlas Paper Company, etc.; and other interesting bits of history and trivia. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: August Ledyard Smith, A. Galpin Jr., E.C. Goff, George A. Farwell, H.J. Rogers, C.B. Clark, O.W. Clark, G.N. Richmond, C.P. Richmong, J.B. Berge, D.J. Woodard, G.D. Rowell, A.D. Flemming, John Flemming, A.B. Briggs, B. Beveridge Jr., J. H. Marston, C. A. Beveridge, Daniel Jones, Thomas Patton, T.W. Brown, H.M. Billings, H.D. Smith, Alfred Galpin, A.S. Galpin, G. Galpin, J.G. Gorgan, W.W. Hutchinson, J.F. Harwood, M.T. Boult, S.K. Wambold, O.P. Conklin, C.G. Adkins, Rev. J.B. Andrews, D.B. Bailey, G.E. Bailey, F.E. Wright, Louis Buonini, John B. Carey, A.L. Collins, Col. Theodore Conkey, A.H. Conkey, F.W. Briggs, William Comerford, Evan Edwards, P. Bonaventura Frey, Porter J. Gates, Rev. S. N. Griffith, J.E. Harriman, George C. Jones, Joseph Koffend, Welcome Hyde, John A. Leith, Dr. A.H. Levings, H.W. Meyer, George M. Miller, A. Nitschke, Julius Peerenboom, Jacob Kober, L.B. Pennock, C. J. Pettibone, George F. Peabody, H. Pierce, Dr. J.T. Reeve, Alexander J. Reid, Jacob Regenfuss, H.D. Ryan, Samuel Ryan, James Ryan, W.A. Siekman, Dr. Emory Stansbury, Rev. F. Tanguay, Louis Toepel, L.S. Townsend, Rev. George Vernor, S. K. Walmbold, S.S. Shaver, H.F. Weise, J.C. Weissenborn, Mathias Werner, Edward West, B.C. Wolter, H.W. Carter, S. Fairbanks, Timothy Heenan, Hector McKay, Patrick Morrisey, Alex Ross, William Verity, William Vaughan, D.J. Brothers, H.A. Frambach, John Stovekin, W.H. Gray, Geele and Thamer, Henry and Charlesworth, G.F. Kelso, George W. Lawe, Augustus Phillips, A.L. Reuter, Peter Reuter, Otto Brehmer, Louis Conklin, Fred Rex, Mrs. Lucius Collar, James H. McMurdo, John McMurdo Jr., C.H. Ware, Mrs. Elizabeth Batley, James Campion, Patrick Cotter, Michael Gainor, John Leith, Steven McCarty, Gaius Sibley, Henry Leppla, L.B. Mills, Louis Perrot, Fred Koss, Alex McCoy, Edwin Nye, William Randerson, John Schwartz, William Souders, Chris. Walter, N.S. Conklin, James Simpson, and Fred Hyde.

Outagamie County,
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Cover of Outagamie County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Outagamie County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
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