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Eau Claire County

Book Description:

Early days in Eau Claire County, WI, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and historical data in this New 57 page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed single-sided on 60 # opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The booklet is new, taken directly from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. We've enlarged the area on a map from the original book, and included it along with two other maps of historic interest. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Altoona, Augusta, Bridge Creek, Brunswick, Clear Creek, Drammen, Eau Claire (part) (County Seat), Fairchild, Fall Creek, Lincoln, Ludington, Otter Creek, Pleasant Valley, Seymour, Union, Washington, Wilson. Some towns may not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Geology; Early Visitors, including a description of his 1766 journey up the Chippewa by Jonathan Carver; Leech Lake, Sandy Lake and Lake Superior Indian tribes; an article on the Indians in the Chippewa Valley written in 1875 by T.E. Randall of Eau Clair; Organization of the county with the town of Eau claire as the county seat; Louis de Marie, the Rev. Thomas Barland, and other early settlers; Lumber mills and logging; the extremely cold winter of 1846-7 The floods of 1847, 1859, 1870 and 1880; Various "firsts" -- religious service, death, etc.; warfare between the Chippewas and Sioux; Transportation problems -- stage, steamboat and railroad; a "travesty upon justice"; Land spectulation; Eau Claire officials; Newspapers; Businesses; Churches; Societies; Incidents during the Civil War years; Old Abe, the famous Wisconsin war eagle; The Dells Fight that ended with a dam; Augusta and other villages; and other interesting bits of history and trivia. Illustrations: Eau Clair, Crescent Mills and Elevator, Eagle Brewery, Kaufmann and Bachrach's Store; Attention Genealogists: In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of biographies of county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: Gilbert E. Porter, Nelson C. Chapman, Martin Daniels, Robert Tolles, R.B. Buel, Dr. W.W. Allen, H. J. Hanson, S.B. Wilkins, John Barron, Fayette Allen, G.W. Wilson, W.T. Dennison, Friend Ross, Thomas Horan, Charles Lehenthall, Rodman Palmer, Edmund Ellis, Rev. Robert Cobban, Capt. Daniel Waheylman, Robert Felton, Henry Shaw, Mary B.S. Brown (nee Sawyer), Mary Tabor Meggett, Mrs. Mary Ingram, Mrs. Ellen C. Vilas, Mrs. A. Congdon, Mrs. Mary F. Bowler, Mrs. George W. Mason, Charles Alexander, Fred A. Allen, James Allen, Dr. Edward LeRoy Ames, W.H. Bailey, W.F. Bailey, S.M. Bangs, John C. Barland, Rev. Thomas Barland, Milton D. Bartlett, Col. Edward M. Bartlett, William Pitt Bartlett, Vincent W. Bayless, Joseph Beauregard, John Bell, Joseph Bletcher, Valentine Blum, Rev. Joseph Boehm, J.Bonell, James Bonell, William Bonell, Arthur S. Bostwick, Michael A. Bowe, Thomas O. Bowman, James M. Brackett, Paul Brandstad, Darius Bresee, Syver E. Brimi, Daniel E. Brown, Edward J. Brunner, A. Burditt, P.H. Burlingham, E.S. Burroughs, R.D. Burroughs, Prof. George Burt, George F. Burton, George A. Buffington (pix), Charles A. Bullen, W.E. Butterfield, Christian Carlson, Josiah Edward Cass, William Carson (pix), Dr. Charles M. Calvert, J.G. Callahan, Henry Chales, Andrew Chambers, C.A. Chamberlin, George B. Chapman, Garrit P. Childs, George W. Churchill, Julius C. Churchill, Benjamin J. Churchill, Rev. Dr. Joel Clarke, John Edward Cody, Rev. John G. Collins, Ephraim Compo, W.F. Cook, N.D. Coon, Peter Cramer, W.R. Culbertson, Henry M. Culbertson, James H. Culbertson, Charles Cullins, E.S. Culver, D. A. Culver, Charles Cutler, Conway B. Daniels, H.D. Davis, George S. Davis, Dr. Dwight W. Day, Dr. Henry Day, William Dean, Jacob Burnett Demorest, Uri T. Denison, Charles S. Deshon, Charles Desilets, A. Donaldson, Thomas Donnelly, W.W. Downs, David Drummond, Joseph Louis Dupont, Joseph R. Eagles, Mrs. Eldred, Mrs. B.C. Ellison, Samuel Ellis, J.F. Ellis, A.C. Ellis, Hugh M. Elliott, R. Elwell, Martin Erickson, Louis Everson, Edwin J. Farr, David H. Ferguson, E.B. Finney, Asa Fletcher, John P. Fox, M. Fox, Thomas F. Frawley, Dr. E.C. French, William Gans, Dr. W.T. Galloway, John Lawrence Gilman, A.M. Gibbons (pix), R.C. Graham, Hiram Pease Graham, Fred Graham, Michael Griffin, August Gutsh, Chales L. Hadley, J.D. Hadley, Rev. Harold Hakonsen, Fred Hanson, Christopher Hansen, Peter Honson, Dewitt C. Harlow, T. Harrigan, Madison W. Harris, F.H. Havens, H.H. Hayden, Charles E. Hazen, Theodore Hoffman, Charles E. Hogeboom, Miss Agnes Hosford, Lyman P. Hotchkiss, Henry C. Howland, Rev. German Hoyme, Martin B. Hubbard, George Huebener, Irving D. Hull, Henry Huntington, Edwin W. Hurlbutt, george Huntington, Aug. Huyssen, Orrin H. Ingram (pix), Charles H. Ingram, Andrew Jackson, Thomas M. Jacobsen, Pierce Joyce, James Jeffries, Frank Jones, Kaufman and Bachrach, Sylvester S. Kepler, E.C. Kneeland, Matthias Kneer, Amund Knutson, John Kurz, Henry H. Kyle, Will H. Lamb, Christian Larson, Lewis R. Larson, Levi E. Latimer, Mrs. E.H. Leland, Joseph Matthias Lienenkuger, J.T. Locke, Robert Lowrey, S.A. Lund, John V.R. Lyman, Michael McCabe, Samuel W. McCaslin, Frank McDonough, John J. McDonald, William McElleget, Will H. McEntee, John F. McGrath, James P. McIntyre, John W. McIntosh, Hugh H.B. McMaster, Archibald McVicar, Alonzo D. Maes, Stephen Marston, H.P. Marshall, Anton Mason, George W. Mason, W.O. Matteson, Levi Merrill, Alexander Meggett, Guy S. Miller, Benjamin F. Miller, Robert Henry Monteith, Archibald Montgomery, J.F. Moore, Delos R. Moon, Dr. Henry G. Morgan, Edward Munden, Archie W. Munger, Richard Murphy, Ole Ness, William Newton, Dr. James H. Noble, August Nyquist, George Oleson, Peter Oleson, John S. Owen, Dr. Edward H. Parker, Alberson C. Peck, John Pettepher, S.H. Phillips, Bentley S. Phillips, C.A. Piper, John P. Pinkum, E.H. Playter, George W. Prescott, Henry C. Putnam, Sigvald A. Qvale, Edgar H. Randall, Thomas E. Randall, Adin Randall, Allen P. Roberts, William Rowe, Thomas H. Russell, W.A. Rust, Eldred G. Sackett, James F. Salsbury, Charles D. Sanders, Herman Schlegelmilch, August Schmidt, Samuel W. Searles, J.S. Shaw, Noah Shaw (pix), Loren A. Shaw, Mrs. Henry S. Shaw, Daniel Page Simons, Dr. F.R. Skinner, M.S. Smith, George W. Smith, Arthur Smith, Daniel Shaw (pix), Stillman J. Smith, W.H. Smith, S.E. Smith, Ferman E. Snodgrass, A.H. Stevens, J.H. Stevens, L.A. Stiles, H. M. Stocking, J.B. Stocking, L.E. Strum, Leonard D. Sullivan, Elijah Swift, Amasa E. Swift, Casper Syverson, Elias Tarrant, George Clinton Teall (pix), William a. Teall, James H. Thomas, Thomas W. Thomas, George W. Thomas, Evan Q. Thomas, Daniel S. Thompson, G. Tabor Thompson, George T. Thompson, Walter Thompson, Dr. Arthur Thrane, Joseph E. Thwing, Fred A. Town, Andrew L. Tracy, Peter Truax, Charles W. Ulrich, William Ulrich, H.C. Van Horenburg, Charles Milton Viles, Levi M. Vilas, W.F. Vinton, Charles B. Walworth, O. Walker. Eben Ward, George Warren, Alexander R. Watson, William Weissenfels, Thomas R. Wentworth, Samuel Wihite, Darwin C. Whipple, Charles R. Wilcox, Nelson C. Wilcox, Sylvanus H. Wilcox, Edwin C. Wilkins, Allan Williamson, George S. Williams, George W. Williams, George W. Williams Jr., Richard F. Wilson, Edward N. Wilson, Abbott P. Wilder, Samuel Wills, W. H. Willard, Victor Wolf, Francis W. Woodward, Miss Jane Wyatt, Leonard J. Young, Alphonso Dodge, N.B. Koll, Niles Meservy, A.J. Rowell, A.B. Ransom, Joseph roach, J.A. Southmayd, John Anderson, John L. Ball, J.D. beebe, Charles F. Beebe, Ira G. Bills, Ira B. Bradford, Clinton E. Bradford, Rosiel D. Campbell, Silas E. Cooper, Judson C. Crawford, Stephen A. Cuddy, Rev. Joel W. Fish, George F. Hamilton, Russell Hackett, J.C. Hackett, Rev. John Haw, William D. Hebard, J.M. Hackett, Lester A. Heard, Marion D. Jackson, Griff O. Jones, Henry McBain, Sylvester M. Macomber, Edwin F. Ober, August C. Rick, Harlow E. Rickard, Charles Rickard, P. Herman Rose, Robert E. Scott, Harris Searle, Dudley Carlton Spencer, John F. Stone, Uriah M. Stone, Emery C. Stevens, John Tebo, Thomas C. Waller, Mrs. Celia Ward, William H. Waterbury, Henry Watenfull, Thomas E. Williams, L.L. Williams, Joseph C. Zimmerman, Edward R. Cone, Gus E. Bartz, J.W. Dagner, Edward Gessner, Julius Kuehl, Hermann Mettelstadt, John A. O'Brien, Mrs. Simon Randall, August Thiel, Fred. Voechting, Edgar Briggs, James H. Brown, Washington Churchill, P.R. Clover, N. Hanson, R.G. McIntosh, Samuel Mitchell, S.F. Mitchell, John Powell Sr., Peter Abney Prince, Val Recker, H.C. Stafford, Bennett Bros., Lorenzo Bennett, William A. Bennett, W.H.H. Beebe, A.E. Blake, Thomas J. Flinn, Joseph Hobbs, John Hobbs, Cyrus D. Pease, George W. Riley, N.P. Turner, E. Wheeler Robbins, Mrs. Martha Fear, Charles Henry Hale, Amos W. Shepherd, Seth D. Smith, William Young, William Rosbrook, George W. Randall.

Eau Claire County,
only $10.55

Cover of Eau Claire County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Eau Claire County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
See Description for more info.


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