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Chippewa County

Book Description:

Early days in Chippewa County, WI, are recalled through a delightful mixture of colorful tales, factual data, and individual biographies in this booklet excerpted from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. This NEW 41-page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet is printed single-sided on 60 # opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. The information comes from aWe've enlarged the area on a map from the original book, and included it along with two other maps of historic interest. Communities currently listed for Chippewa County by the National Association of Counties include (Not all of these towns are mentioned in the booklet.): Anson, Arthur, Auburn, Birch Creek, Bloomer, Boyd, Cadott, Chippewa Falls (County Seat), Cleveland, Colburn, Cooks Valley, Cornell, Delmar, Eagle Point, Eau Claire (part), Edson, Estella, Goetz, Hallie, Holcombe, Howard, Jim Falls, Lafayette, Lake Holcombe, New Auburn (part), Ruby, Sampson, Sigel, Stanley, Tilden, Wheaton, Woodmohr. Among the many subjects included are: Location, Physical Features, and Natural Resources; the Chippewas (Odjibwa)-- their language and communication system; Separation of Chippewa County from Crawford County in 1845; First settlers and later arrivals; Early Officers; Bigamist Joseph Bellsile, a 126-year-old Indian, Angeline DeMarie --"an almost intuitive doctor", and other early characters; Water Power; War Record; Logging and the Lumber business; the flood of 1847 and the Storm of 1855; a rape, a knifing and a lynching and a near Indian uprising; the shortage of women; Wild speculation; Schools and Churches; Newspapers; Railroads; Industral Enterprises; State Lines; a Summary of Events from old newspapers, etc., between 1863 and 1881; and other interesting bits of history and trivia. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: Chippewa Falls -- H.S. Allen, John D. Apmann, E. De F. Barnett, J.D. Barnett, Andrew J. Bate, Antoin Berg, J.M. Bingham (pix), Peter Bergevin, Bernard Bibeau, David Blair, James A. Blake, Amede Boncher, Frank Bonville, W.A. Boutelle, J.C. Bronsky, Alanson C. Bruce, Daniel Buchanan, Frank M. Buzzell, Gus. Caesar, Otis E. Card, James Carroll, Prone Carter, Tracy Morgan Cary, Joseph S. Chevingny, Timothy Cherrier, Francis M. Clough, W.H. Clifton, George W. Cochran, Louis Coderre, William A. Cody, Frank A. Colburn, Dudley G. Coleman, Edward H. Coleman, Charles B. Coleman, Henry Coleman, Urgel Collett, Joseph E. Collett, James Comerford, Joseph Cota, William W. Crandall, Henry Cronk, E.W. Culver (pix), M.J. Cummings, O.R. Dahl, William T. Dalton, Herman Dettloff, James S. Dewey, Peter M Dicaire, Cyrus W. Dodge, William Doty, Armand Ducommun, Kelesford Dussault, Edward Emerson, Phillip Euler, Elmer H. Everett, John Faeh, Thomas Farnsworth, A.K. Fletcher, William Fowlds, Dr. F. Fradet, Jacob L. Friederich, Jerome B. Gallaher, George W. Gans, Dr. Barney Gardiner, Abel Gardner, Ludger Gaudet, Joseph Gay, John C. Ginty (pix), George A. Gillmore, Morris Glucksman, Henry J. Goddard, Rev. Father Charles F.X. Goldsmith, Arthur Gough, Wesley J. Gregg, James Griffin, Edward Grossman, J.R. Hall, John Halvorson, E.P. Hastings, Anthony Judson Hayward, Napoleon Hebert, Fred Hennemann, Henry Herbert, Carl Hering, Samuel Heylman, Samuel Hill, Daniel Frederick Hoenig, Ambrose Hoffman, Martin J. Howard, William B. Hall, Julius P. Hurlbut, Charles A. Jaques, Nels Johnson, Albert W. Johnson, Frank A. Johnson, Albert Kahler, John B. Kehl, Robert Kennedy, Thomas J. Kiley, Charles Langvin, William O. Lamb, Joseph G. La Motte, James Lavell, Louis Lord, Cavalier H. Lowell, Gunder J. Lee, Jacob Leinenkugel, J.W. Leslie, Alexander McBean, Warren E. McCord, James McClintock, Thomas McDermott, Alex R. McDonald, Angus J. McDonell, A.J. McGilvray, William D. McGilvray, Frank M. McGuire, D.L. McKay, James McKinnon, Kenneth A. McLeod, Hector C. McRea, Hugh McRae, John A. McRae, Charles Mandelert, Joseph Mandelert, R.D. Marshall, William Martin, Hans Mason, Henry Maxeiner, Lyell O. Mead, Albert Mendl, David E. Miles (pix), Eusebeus M. Miles, Alphonse Miller, John Miller, John P. Mitchell, A. Moses, Charles G. Mullikin, Thomas Murray, Lorenzo M. Newman, E.E. Nussle, John Pakenham, E.G. Pannier, Warren W. Potter, Mrs. S.A. Pound, John Powers, Thaddeus C. Pound (pix), Edward Poznanski, M.J. Raymond, Dr. Fred A. Reckard, John Redman, Gen. Hollon Richardson, Sanford S. Riddell (pix), Clayton E. Rogers (pix), George S. Rogers, John Rumsey, David Russell, Thomas A. Ryan, John Samson, James W. Sellers, Syvert Serley, James A. Seydel, D.E. Seymour, William L. Seymour, Horace L. Smith, Christopher F. Smith, Byron Southmayd, John W. Squiers, William H. Stafford, Emory D. Stanley, Alexander Stewart, Amos S. Stiles, Robert M. Stitt, Nathan D. Stoddard, W. H. Stoddard, Homer C. Strong, Seymour B. Strong, George W. Swaner, Nelson O. Swift, A. Tarrant, James A. Taylor, Henry M. Todd, John and Joseph Trudell, Peter Turcot, Gideon D. Vaillancourt, Simon R. Van Houter, Louis Vincent, Callix Vinette, Joseph Walker, Joel Waterman, Leslie E. Waterman, George P. Warren, Francis C. Webb, Charles Weissenborn, John Weinberger, John V. Weinberger, Charles B. Wessell, Nels W. Wheeler, Robert D. Whittemore, Alexander Wiley, C.J. Wiltse, Charles W. Withrow, Louis J. Zimmermann; Bloomer -- Frederick Adler, Frederick Becker, John H. Brown, Charles Detloff, Andred Dietlein, Peter D. McMartin, Ludolphus Smith, Frederick W. Stees, Sylvester Van Loon, Joames H. Williams; Chippewa City -- William B. Bartlett, John Bates, Edward F. Bennett, Leonard Dibble, Milo C. Dunton, Perry Hopkins, Horace A. Hutchinson, Angus V. McGilvray, Nelso Sellers, George R. Shaw, Edwin B. Smith, J. Henry Smith, Frederick G. Stanley, Charles V. Sweeney, James H. Woodruff; Auburn -- Adelbert P. McWethy, William C. Miller, Charles E. Smith, Leonard Von Eschen; Cadott -- Solomon R. Kaiser, E.B. Luce, Robert Marriner, Chauncey K. Millious, John P. Wall; Cartwright's Mill -- David J. Cartwright, Charles M. Tarr; Badger Mills -- Z.C. Willis, A. R. Southmayd; Big Bend -- Gus. Nater; Wheaton -- Frank G. Smith; Bios listed as "In Memoriam" are: Harvey P. Coleman, Miss Laura Allen, Miller F. Thompson, Thomas Morris, Charles Coleman, Francis Ganthier, Dr. R.W. Bradeen, and Louis Vincent.

Chippewa County,
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Cover of Chippewa County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Chippewa County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
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