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Brown County

Book Description:

Early days in Brown County, WI, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this 68 page booklet excerpted from a rare 1881 book, entitled History of Northern Wisconsin. The 68 page booklet is printed on 60 pound 8 1/2" x 11" opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. An enlarged portion of a map from the original book is included, showing the location of Green Bay and Brown County. A copy of Champlain's Map of 1632 is also included. Communities currently listedin Brown County by the National Association of Counties include: Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, De Pere, Denmark, Eaton, Glenmore, Green Bay (County Seat), Greenleaf, Hobart, Holland, Howard, Humboldt, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Morrison, New Denmark, New Franken, Pittsfield, Pulaski (part), Rockland, Scott, Suamico, Wrightstown (Some of these communities may not be mentioned in the booklet.) Among the many subjects included are: Formation of the county; physical features; Exploration of Green Bay; Planting the Cross at the Bay; Indians and Fur Traders; Daumont De St. Lusson; Marquete and Joliet; La Salle; Louis Hennepin; Henri De Tonty; Subsequent Visitors; British Rule; First Permanent Settlers; Building of Fort Howard; Under Michigan Territory; a Narrative of Albert Ellis written upon his visit to Green Bay area in 1822; an account of Green Bay by a lady visitor in 1825; Brown County of the Present (1881); Pioneer Boats, Harbor Improvements, Roads and Railroads; Political Organization; Location of the County Seat; Judical Organization; Old Settlers Club (with many names); Government officials; the Arndt-Vineyard Tragedy -- a killing in the Council Chamber; Military History of Brown County; Brief Individual town histories; Green Bay -- Notable Fires, Newspapers, Churches, Societies; the communities of Fort Howard, Depere (De Pere),West Depere, Wrightstown, Preble, Howard, Lawrence and others, sometimes including businesses; and other bits of history and trivia. Green Bay businesses described include: National Furnace Company, D.W. Britton, general cooperage; Frank Piraux, brick company; Woemmel and Royalski, brick company; Kendall Mfg.Co.; Fox River Soap Co.; J.W. Woodruff and Co.; William Baptist, lumber mill; Dr. A. H. Van Nostrand, coal and wood; Edward C. Kittner, wagons; Green Bay Hide and Leather Co.; John Schumacher, furniture; Lefebere and Co., cabinet makers; East River Brewery; Union Brewery; Green Bay Brewery; Butler and Lamb Mercantile Co.; George Sommers, dry goods; Skeels and Best, dry goods; John Beth, grocer; Joannes Brothers, grocer; A. Weise and Holman, china; Watson and McLeod, grocers; Cargill and Van Valkenburgh, grain and produce; John Robinson, medicines; Parish and Fox, furs; Duchateau and Bro., wines; Joseph Nadeau, the Nadeau washing machine; Kurtz and Manthey, marble works; and Green Bay Business College, C.A. Murch, principal. The booklet includes hand-drawn illustrations of Green Bay, Joannes Brothers Grocers, Green Bay Business College, St. Patrick's Church in Fort Howard, Howard Biler Works, and several portraits ( indicated by "pix" in the following list of biographies. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains many mini-biographies. The names include: GREEN BAY: W. J. Abrams, H.H. Albright, E. K. Ansorge, J. Arands, Dr. D. Cooper Ayres, William Baptist and Son, Thomas Bennett, B.M. Berendsen, T.L. Best, John P. Boland, B. C. Brett, Frank Burghardt, Timothy Case, T.B. Catlin, Col. William Chapman (pix), Dr. W.C. Corey, Alfred Cozzens, Dr. C.E. Crane (pix), Dr. Louis Carabin, F. B. Desnoyers, C. M . Dickenson, H and J Dougherty, A. Duchateau, O. Eckhardt, A. H. Ellsworth, Edward Engels, Rev. Joseph A. Fox, Paul Fox, Israel Green, George Groepl, S.D. Hastings (pix), George G. Greene, Franz Hagemelster, Hagerty Brothers, Charles B. Hunt, Charles Hartung, Harry Heisel, William Hoffman (pix), William Hoffman, Timothy O. Howe (pix), A.G.E. Holmes, Thomas R. Hudd, J.H.M. Wigman, Charles Joannes, Mitchell Joannes, Thomas Joannes, Rev. F. Katzer, E.L. Kendall, E.C. Kittner, A. Kimball, Oliver Libby, A.W. Kimball, David M. Kelly (pix), Rev. Norbert Kerstan, King and Gaylord, Charles Klaus, Philip Klaus, Rev. Francis Xavier Krauthuer, G.E.T. Kyber, Sebastian Landwehr, George Langdon, August Lantz, John B. Lefebere, L. Lefebere, Frank Lenz, Samuel Lindley, O.L. Harder, M.J. McCormick and Co., J. McDonnell, L.M. Marshall (pix), Xavier Martin, Christopher Meister, A.Brauns, J.C. Miller, Alexander Oppen, Rev. Karl Oppen, Washington Parish, Andrew Reis Jr., M. Resch, Dr. Henry Rhode, Col. Charles D. Robinson (pix), Otto Schellenbeck, H.M. Beck, Jacob Schellenbeck, Louis Scheller, L.G. Schiller, F.W. Schneider, John Shoemaker, Konrad Silbersdorf, M.P. Skeels, Henry C. Smith, George B. Smith, Eugene Smith, E. R. Smith, John M. Smith (pix), George Somers, J.J. St. Louis, Henry Strong, George A. Snavely, John J. Tracy, Willard C. Bailey, James E. Tracy, Louis Van Dycke, Dr. A.H. Van Norsrand, R.J. Van Valkenburgh, C.E. Vroman, L.B. Sale, A.A. Warren, Daniel Whitney, G.W. Watson, A. Weise. FORT HOWARD: Frank Austin, C.J. Black, Robert J. Black, Edmund P. Boland, Thomas M. Camm, Ephraim Crocker, Silas Doyne, W.D. Fisk, A.L. Gray, W.A. Hall, Thomas H. Burns, Henry P. Huffman, Dominic Hunt, J.L. Jorgensen, Jacob Mikkelsen, Michael Mickelson, Dr. C.H. Nanscawen, Thomas W. Pringle, H.A. Ranous, H.E. Evans, George Richardson, S.F. Smith, John Spence, Joseph Taylor, James Tierman, Rev. A. Walsh, R.M. Wilson. DEPERES: W.A. Bingham and Co., Samuel Blake, Matthew Burnett, N.B. Chase, G.B. Cole, Frank Crabb, Rev. William De Kelver, M. Farrell, Jacob Falck, M.H. Fisk, A.C. Mailer, James H. Harp, Mrs. August Hochgreve, Robert Jackson, H.R. Jones, R.B. Kellogg and Co., H. B. Baker, Lewis Leininger, J.N. Langworthy, W.R. Matthews, Anthony A. Menlendyk, P.R. Prockor, John Smith, T. Stewart, A.G. Wells, Joseph Weiss, J.P. Weter, R. Weyenberg, H.I. Wheeler, W.W. Winegard, Dwight Smith. WEST DEPERE: Constant DeJonghe, H.A. Hammond, David Harkness, Godfrey Miller, Reuben Munger, F. J. Newbauer, Julius Noth, Louis Scheuring, Max Scheuring, John Shuran, H. Watermolen, Mrs. M. Whitesides, Workman, Welsh and Co. WRIGHTSTOWN: C.W. Day, Otis Day N.G. Grant, Otto Gutbier, A.S. Hart, C.F. Lueke, William Lueke, William Rice. RICE: John Cryan, Duster Brothers, Thomas Jeffery, John H. Hogan, Edward Rothe, Emil Rothe, HOWARD: David Cormier, William Finnegan, John Rennings, Michael Salscheider. LAWRENCE: Jason Briggs, Harry P. Cady, S.S. Clark, John Collins, Charles R. Clough, Timothy Desmond, Truman H. Johnson, John L. Morrison, DeLos Phillips, William F. Redman, Thomas Turriff. ASHWAUBUNON: James Cormier. ROCKLAND: Michael Dillon, J. J. Hannan, Stephen Joyce, Thomas Joyce, Joseph Norton, August Tetzlaff. SCOTT: John Campbell, H.K. Cowles, Danis F. Daly, David Gibson, Robert Gibson, Peter Morrison, Denis J. Parent, William Rowbottom, Caspar Schauer, Melchior Schauer, Nicholas Schilling, John Vanlaanen. MORRISON: Nicholas Altmayer, John C. Brill, Maurice B. Brennan, James Clark, John Clark, Philip Falck, John G. Gross, Rev. J. Holzknecht, Rev. Charles Roeck. PITTSFIELD: A.T. Buckman, Thomas DeLaney, James H. Potter, F. W. Streckenbach, Luther Wilson. HOLLAND: Patrick Boylan, Patrick Hobbins. SUAMICO: David Davidson, M.E. Tremble. GLENMORE: B.B. Brennan.

Brown County,
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Cover of Brown County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Brown County Wisconsin History / Green Bay Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
See Description for more info.


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