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Ashland County

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Early days in Ashland County (and Iron County), Wisconsin*, are recalled through in this meaty little booklet, filled with local history and brief biographies of prominent residents. The information comes from a rare 1881 book, History of Northern Wisconsin, and from the 1941 WPA book, Wisconsin, a Guide to the Badger State . The 33 page booklet is printed single sided 8 1/2" x 11" 60# opaque paper. The front cover is a parchtex card stock, protected with a vinyl sheet. We've included an enlarged segment of a map from the original book that includes Ashland County, and two other maps of historic interest. *Iron County was originally part of Ashland County. Communities currently listed by the National Association of Counties include: Ashland County: Agenda, Ashland (County Seat), Butternut, Chippewa, Clam Lake, Gingles, Glidden, Gordon, High Bridge, Jacobs, La Pointe, Marengo, Mellen, Moquah, Morse, Odanah, Peeksville, Sanborn, Shanagolden, and White River. Iron County: Anderson, Carey, Gile, Gurney, Hurley (County Seat), Iron Belt, Kimball, Knight, Mercer, Montreal, Oma, Pence, Saxon, Sherman, Upson. (Some of these may not be mentioned in the booklet.) The 13-page excerpt from the WPA book may be out of date as a tour book, but these WPA guides are rich in history and trivia. For instance, a visit to Hurley, recalls that at one time it was said that "The four toughest places in the world are Cumberland, Hayward, Hurley and Hell." Then there's "Little Bohemia" where John Dillinger hid out, Mellen, where Paul Bunyan's "big snows" are more fact than fiction, and many other interesting tour stops. Among the many subjects included are: Formation of the county; physical features; the Apostle Islands, including the historic village of La Pointe; minerals; journey through the area in 1665 by the Jesuit Fathers as described by missionary Claude Allouez; Indian tribes; the early elected officials; the short-lived town of Bayport; the courthouse; contraversy in 1878 with the ousting of the county clerk; Railroads; Penoka Iron Range; Founders and early settlers of Ashland; post office, schools, societies, and churches in Ashland; the Bayfield Mercury and other early newspapers; lumber interests; early businesses; effect of the Panic of 1872; and other interesting bits of history and trivia. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: John W. Bell, B.F. Bicksler, Thomas Barden, Charles A. Campell, J.M. Davis, W.R. Durfee, Edwin Ellis, Sam Fifield (with portrait), Charles Fisher, R.W. French, Emil Garnish, Adam Goeltz, George W. Harrison, M.J. Hart, Michael J. Hart: William Hassard, T.V. Holston, H. J. James, C. L. Judd, William Kellogg, A.J. McDougal, John E. Maertz, Dr. U.T. Marchessault, Jerry Marcott, John Marshall, John Montague, M.E,Monsell, Nat D. Moore, James E. Page, George O. Peckham, Martin Roehm, Joseph Routier, Franz Xavier Schottsmueller, Jacob Scott, E.C. Smith, Peter Stefan, W.R. Sutherland, W.M. Tomkins, H.D. Weed, R.D. Werner, Jacob Wilhelm, Ernest H. Wilson, William Baatz, Henry Besse, Ira A. Eble, G.A. Grant, Ferdinand H. Hoth, Alexander McQuillan, Capt. John J. Metzgar, J.W. Paine, John Russell, J.H. Smart, Henry Spille, G.W. Stubblefield, Mrs. Mary Fox, J.A, King, Charles McClean, and R.M. Williams.

Ashland County,
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Cover of Ashland County History

Sources: History of Northern Wisconsin / Ashland County Wisconsin History
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1881
Original Publisher: Austin J. Coolidge
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