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Pendleton County Genealogy

Book Description:

If you are trying to track down ancestors who lived in Pendleton County, WV, this is the booklet for you. No history here -- it's strictly a goldmine of genealogical information. The 196-page spiral bound booklet is printed on 60# white bond, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", with the front cover protected with a vinyl sheet. The booklet is taken from Part II of "A History of Pendleton County West Virginia" by Oren Morton (1910). Although the booklet is new, it was reproduced from an old book in which some names were circled or underlined. Where this was done in pencil it has been erased, but where it was done in ink, it still shows up in the reprinted booklet. The booklet begins with a chapter on "The Nature of Family-Group Histories." As the writer concludes "When persued in the proper spirit, a genealogical search will result in new inspiration of effort rather than the reverse." This is followed by three brief but informative chapters on genealogical research, including a section separating the various Pendelton County family names into nationality groups. Then follows an index to names of "Pioneers and Sub-Pioneers" which I have copied here: Adamson, Alt, Anderson, Arbaugh, Arbogast, Armentrout, Armstrong, Ayers, Bennett, Bible, Black, Bland, Blewitt, Blizzard, Bodkin, Boggs, Bolton, Borrer, Bowers, Brady, Burgoyne, Burns, Byrd, Calhoun, Carr, Caton, Champ, Clayton, Conrad, Cook, Cowger, Cox, Crigler, Crummett, Cunningham, Dahmer, Davis, Day, Dean, Dice, Dickenson, Dolly, Dove, Dunkle, Dyer, Eckard, Evick, Eye, Fleisher, Fultz, George, Gilkeson, Good, Gragg, Greenawalt, Guthrie, Halterman, Hammer, Harman, Harold, Harper, Hartman, Hedrick, Helmick, Hevener, Hiner, Hinkle, Hiser, Hively, Holloway, Hoover, Hopkins, Huffman, Hyer, Johnson, Johnston, Jordan, Joseph, Judy, Kee, Keister, Keplinger, Kessner, Ketterman, Kile, Kiser, Kline, Kimble, Kisamore, Kuykendall, Lamb, Lambert, Landes, Lantz, Lawrence, Leach, Long, Lough, Mallow, Martin, Mauzy, McAvoy, McClure, McCoy, McDonald, McQuain, Mick, Miley, Miller, Mitchell, Moats, Montony, Moomau, Morral, Mowrey, Moyers, Mozer, Mullenax, Mumbert, Murphy, Nelson, Nesselrodt, Nicholas, Painter, Payne, Pennington, Pennybacker, Phares, Pitsenbarger, Pope, Priest, Propet, Puffenbarger, Raines, Ratliff, Rexroad, Riggleman, Roberson, Ruddle, Rymer, Saunders, Schmucker, Schrader, Shaver, Shaw, Shirk, Shoemaker, Shreve, Simmons, Simpson, Sinnett, Sites, Skidmore, Skiles, Smith, Snider, Sponaugle, Stone, Strawder, Stump, Summerfield, Swadley, Temple, Teter, Thacker, Thompson, Tingler, Trumbo, Vance, Vandeventer, Varner, Vint, Waggy, Wagoner, Walker, Ward, Warner, Waybright, Wees, Whitecotton, Williams, Wilfong, Wimer, Wyant and Zickafoose. Next there is a list of each surname with it's origin and where the family settled. For instance: Dyer--Scotch-Irish--Penn.--1747--Fort Seybert. The actual family names follow. And if your family had members living in Pendleton County in 1910, chances are you can "fill up" your family tree here. Names of spouses, children and siblings and other information is crowded into each listing. Occasionally a biography is included, sometimes dates and occupations are available, but often the data is limited to names, and relationships. For additional historical and genealogical information on Pendleton County, look for another of our booklets, a compilation of excerpts from five different books.

Pendleton County Genealogy, WV
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Cover of Pendleton County Genealogy History

Sources: A History of Pendleton County West Virginia -- Genealogy
Authors: Oren Morton
Original Publication Year: 1910
Original Publisher: Durrie and Peck and J.W. Barber
See Description for more info.


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