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Charleston Biographies

Book Description:

We've gone through three volumes of West Virginia biographies and extracted over 190 of them to make this newly printed 8 1/2" x 11"booklet. The biographies are for persons living in the City of Charleston, WV, during or prior to 1928. With 90 pages of newsprint-size type, it's obvious there's lots of detailed info -- ancestors, occupations, business enterprises, education, military service, siblings, spouse, children, honors, etc. The biographies were taken from West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry by Morris Purdy Shawkey, published in 1928. The booklet is printed on 60# opaque paper with the parchtex front cover protected with a vinyl sheet. A booklet featuring biographies of Kanawha County residents living outside Charleston, and a booklet on the History of Kanawha County, compiled from 8 books, are also available. Names include: Riner Gaither Altizer, Albert M. Belcher, George C. Backus, Reginald B. Blubaugh, Sherman H. Ballard, Frank C. Brown, Bruce E. Bartlett, Robert King Buford, Lanty E. Ballengee, Ernest H. Ball, Harry S. Barr, Homer W. Bowers, William W. Boggess, Frank C. Burdette, Valentine L. Black, Peter J. Biagi, Edward S. Bock, Elbert L. Ballard, Julian F. Bouchelle, Alvin J. Barnhart, Ashby J. Baker, Harless R. Campbell, Charles E. Copeland, William Edwin Chilton, John B. Crowley, Walter Eli Clark, Henry Stuart Cato, Willard F. Comstock, Augustus C. Carver, Frederick S. Casto, Frank B. Carpenter, Joseph E. Chilton, George Henry Caperton, Harold Blain Cornwell, George D. Cochrane, Vincent T. Churchman, O. Emerson Camp, Orus W. Dearman, John Quincy Dickinson, John W. Duff, Marcus L. Dillon, John S. Dana, Henry B. Davenport, James J. Divine, Edward T. England, Leonard S. Echols, Charles H. Enicks, James C. Fielding, Thomas G. Fletcher, Albert V. Fitzwater, Ralph J. Ford, James F. Frame, William F. Goshorn, Fred Paul Grosscup, Alvin J. Gearheard, E. Fred Gott, John Gass, George F. Grisinger, Charles W. Good, Henry D. Goshorn, Henry R. Glass, John W. Greybill, Ora E. Gay, Peter A. Haley, J. Howard Hundley, Cyrus W. Hall, Orville Hackney, Dane D. Hite, Grant P. Hall, Elliott R. Hatfield, Andrew J. Horan, Floyd H. Hieatt, John B. Hart, William T. Henshaw, Harold Houston, Marcellus Horn, Howard Dayton Hively, Harry A. Hall, Arthur Middleton Hill, Edward J. Handloser, Ritchie A. Ireland, Clyde Beecher Johnson, David A. Jayne, Howard S. Jarrett, Earley M. Johnson, Robert H.C. Kay, Charles E. Krebs, Edwin M. Keatley, Ray Kessel, Fred J. Kaufman, Arthur B. Koontz, Charles H. Kirby, Edward Dana Knight, Clarence W. Kemper, Florence Calvert Kuhn, Orris Kelley, Duncan C. Kennedy, Edward W. Knight, George S. Laidley, Robert W. Lilley, James Sansome Lakin, David Littlejohn, Gregory Loebach, Alfred H. Lea, William T. Lively, Robert M. Lambie, J. Brooks Lohan, Clayton E. McMillion, John C. McEldowney, Omar Morgan, Robert Hugh Martin, William G. Mathews, Harold S. Mathews, Harry L. Minsker, James B. Madison, Robert Kemp Morton, Braxton Miller, Charles E. McCoy, Linville C. Massey, Morris I. Mendeloff, Horace S. Meldahl, Hal F. Morris, Samuel F. McConihay, William Taulbee Moore, N William A. Nugent, Sterrett O. Neale, O. Othor Older, Charles O'Grady, Ben. Spotwood Preston, William L. Poling, William Dallas Payne, James Putney, F. Ray Power, Anton Pfaff, John A. Parsons, Walter Warren Point, William M. Peters, Jacob T. Pierson, John Patrick, Charles S. Paisley, Charles A. Ray, Henry L. Robertson, Edgar A. Reid, Claude N. Rucker, Edward H. Russell, Joseph U. Rohr, Gertrude M. Reynolds, Robert D. Roller Jr., Harold Arthur Ritz, Delbert T. Robinson, Thomas E. Romaine, Harold W. Rose, Elmer A. Stone, Harry Scherr, David L. Salisbury, Leroy Swinburn, Boyd Blynn Stutler, Harlan Herbert Staats, Clarence P. Shirkey, Conrad Fisher Sayre, Frederick M. Staunton, Wilbur F. Shirkey, John Rollin Shultz, Walton S. Shepherd, Hiram F. Shepherd, Fred M Stambaugh, George C. Schoolfield, Edward M. Surber, Whitney Lee Savage, Charles E. Sandberg, Edwin H. Shonk, John Thomas Simms, Harold P. Tompkins, Charles G. Townsend, William A. Thornhill, Clarence L. Topping, John H. Vickers, Fred Paul Weltner, John Baker White, Wirt B. Wilson, Allan Waters Jr, Charles Nash Williams, Pat B. Withrow, William David Weaver, William T. Williamson, Rufus E. Woodall, Harold M. Ward, Lawrence P. Williams, Rome H. Walker, William E. Wright, Ethel McClure Wise.

Charleston Biographies, WV
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Cover of Charleston Biographies History

Sources: History of West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry / Charleston West Virginia Biographies
Authors: Morris Purdy Shawkey
Original Publication Year: 1928
Original Publisher: Durrie and Peck and J.W. Barber
See Description for more info.


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