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Lincoln County

Book Description:

Early days in Adams County, Washington are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this new 8 1/2" x 11" booklet. An excerpt from the hard-to-find 1904 book: An Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country, published by Western Historical Publishing Company, the 112 page spiral bound booklet is printed on 60# opaque paper. The front cover is protected with a vinyl sheet. The booklet begins with a history of the early settlers, beginning with George Lucas in the late 1860s, followed by William Lambie and the J.E. Coss family in 1872, Malcom Reed, J.M. Harris and James G. Bennett in 1877, George W. Bassett and Philip Ritz in 1878 and others. This is followed by the organization of the county (which was part of Whitman County until 1883), the 1884 role of taxpayers, an 1886 article describing the area taken from the Adams County Record; a proposition by the Swisher Rain Company to make rain; and the squirrel invasion. Next comes a chapter on Cities and Towns, including Ritzville, Lind, Washtucna, Hatton, Cunningham, Paha, and Cascade City, a descriptive account of the area, the political scene, with many names mentioned, a chapter on education and an account of newspapers in the county. Biographies make up the rest of the booklet. These often include ancestors, siblings, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. The names include: William R. Cunningham, John M. Angell, John D. Bassett, Willis S. Swensen, Fred B. Shepley, William K. Kennedy, Clinton Staser, Franklin Pierce French, Joseph M. Comparet, Claude A. Harris, John C. Shorno, Jesse R. Harris, Mrs. Christena Bennett, William J. Lansing, Israel B. Laing, Charles T. Booth, Thomas Dolbow, William L. Mustard, Oscar R. Holcomb, George F. Christensen, George Sinclair, George R.N. Thompson, Jacob Kasper, Samuel Kasper, Frank H. Benge, Alexander Watson, Isaac Rigg, Andrew S. Newland, Elias L. Banta, John W. Goodykoontz, Madison L. Burkhart, Thomas A. German, Andrew J. Williams, Joseph H. Bowers, Oscar W. Goodenough, George E. Webb, John H. McChesney, William M. Winn, Hannah J. Harter, Levi L. Sutton, William Goodenough, Benjamin F. Bickford, Ralph R. Reynolds, Edgar F. Bickford, Hal Crampton, Samuel Allen, Solomon P. Wright, Nathan S. Woody, Michael J. Logan, Gale Smith, Charles W. Smith, Vantromp Donnell, Simeon G. Weller, Henry Lucy, Eleazer M. Seely, James R. Bannon, John C. Huffman, Lincoln Laughlin, Fred E. Robbins, Robert C. Kennedy, Charles F. Johnson, Alexander F. Rosenoff, Sebastian Ott, Mrs. Wilhelmina H. Kelber, L.N. Shopshire, Daniel B. Huffman, Hiner Dorman, Tarble W. Martin, William I. Purcell, William C. Griffith, Henry Hinrichs, Judson J. Merriman, Jacob Schoessler, John F. Rosenoff, Daniel Buchanan, Daniel A. Scott, Johan N.G. Vehrs, Henry Bauer, Jacob Rosenoff, Henry Rosenoff, Mrs. Hannah Lippold, William W. King, John A. Willis, Henry W. Saunders, David E. Philpott, Jacob F. Oestreich, John Timm, Jacob Krehbiel, Calvin Long, John J. Dewald, Clark Long, Daniel Krehbiel, Day Imus, Hezekiah W. Weaver, Charles E. Amsbaugh, George L. Wing, Samuel Hutchinson, Dr. James W. Henderson, Jack McElroy, Earl W. May, Louis H. Huggins, Daniel W. Zent, Charles Labes, John T. Dirstine, John Krehbiel, William B. Ashcraft, Allen O. Rickert, Martin L. Schermerhorn, Gustave Pliger, Frank L. Frost, Silvester L. Van Marter, Carl A. Koeplin, Radford M. Angell, Philipp A. Grub, Charles D. Olson, Peter Wagenaar, Carl M. Olson, Fred Sandbrink, Thomas C. Martin, Ernest J. Bardwell, James J. English, Jared M. Harris, William McKay, Fred H. Richardson, Clarence L. Holcomb, William Biermann, James F. Fletcher, Edgar DeWitt Gilson, Samuel Glenn, Adolph Eck, Frank Hamblen, Lee F. Moore, Howard B. Rouse, Robert L. Watson, John F. Irby, Arthur V. Morgan, Simon H. Morgan, Guy D. Moore, Thomas M. Morgan, Claud C. Rouse, Thomas Winn, George W. Bassett, Byron L. Sutton, William W. Yeisley, Joel Howton, Roy McChesney, Cyril J. Blair, John McMillan, W.J. Sutton, John C. Sullivan, Roy V. Rogers, Edward Gaskill, James F. West, George Lucas, Andrew J. Burkhart, William C. Whittall, James M. Kennedy, Rowen Lucy, Joseph S. Milam, William H. Philpott, Martin L. Staley, Peter Bauer, Walter C. Reeder, Christian Vogt, Louis Pflugrad, Jacob Dewald, Claus H. Clodius, William W. Neare, Charles B. Quillen, Fred Thiel, Samuel W. Webb, George G. Evans, Benjamin F. Berry, John C. Long, Lawrence O. Stewart, David Teegarden, William R. Williams, August C. Jansen, Emil Hamann, George Schafer, John N. Olson, Henry F. Schroeder, August Weise, S.L. Thomas, Garrett W. Lavender, Otto Pfannekuchen, Louis Nissen, George Ingram, George Sinclair, John W. Smith, John F. Koch, Charles E. Olson, Andrew W. Olson, Elja L. Bradley, Jacob Luiten, Carroll A. Lee and Wells E. Gage.

Lincoln County, WA
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Cover of Lincoln County History

Sources: History of the Big Bend Country / History of Adams County, Washington
Authors: Truman B. Fox
Original Publication Year: 1904
Original Publisher: Adams County, Washington,Western Historical Publishing Co.
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