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Sumner County

Book Description:

Early days in Sumner County in north central Tennessee are recalled in this spiral bound booklet primarily excerpted from the rare 1887 book: History of Tennessee, originally published by Goodspeed Publishing Co. The booklet is printed on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Some of the places mentioned in the booklet include: Gallatin (county seat), Castalian Springs (Bledsoe Lick), Portland, and Westmoreland. Among the many subjects included are: a physical features of the county; Thomas Spencer and other early settlers; Bledsoe's Station and other early settlements and forts; Colorful recollections of General William Hall and Capt. John Carr, early defenders of the area; Early mills; the introduction of Kentucky bluegrass; Creation of the county; County officials and circuit court judges from 1787 to 1887; Legal actions; Early counthouses, jails and poor farm; the Louisville and Nashville Railroad; Hangings and a Beheading; Lawyers; Members of the Military; the town of Gallatin and its occupation during the Civil War; Merchants of Gallatin; Societies; Newspapers; First schools; Churches; and other items of interest. The first 24 pages of the booklet are devoted to the history of the county, while most of the balance contains biographies of prominent residents. Many of these were veterans whose stories personalize the war and the times. These include: James Alexander, B.F. Allen, Capt. L.C. Armistead, Henry J. Barker, J.R. Barry, Martin Barth, Dr. Humphrey H. Bate, William Bates, Alfred E. Bell, Bernice L. Bender, Col. Thomas Boyers, Robert Bryson, James W. Bullock, Dr. Robert T. Bush, Alfred M. Burney, Oliver P. Butler, Daniel and William Calgy, James Campbell, J.M. Cantrell, Dr. Edwin S. Carr, William A. Chapman, Lieut. Harvey Chenault, David Chenault, Milton W. Chenault, Colby Chenault, William Chenault, M. F. Chenault, Charles C. Chenault, Robert Collier, T.J. Crenshaw, S.E. Cummings, James Darnall, Thomas J. Day, A.B.C. Dickenson, J.B. Donelson, H.C. Dorris, Cullen E. Douglass, Capt. C.S. Douglass, Reuben Douglass, William Read Duffy, John G. Dunn, J. Edwards, Major M.S. Elkin, Rev. M.R. Elliott, Dr. John W. Franklin, Ernest Franklin, Dr. Ed. N. Franklin, John C. Frazier, Henry Fry, R.G. Gillespie, George M. Gillespie, Louis A. Green, Isaac N. Guthrie, William Hall, William Harper, Capt. George Harsh, Harris Brown, M.J. Hassell, Prof. W.A. Haynes, Charles R. Head, Judge Lee Head, Dr. James M. Head Sr., James House, Capt. J.B. Howison, W.A. Hunter, J.R. Hutchison, Capt. J.H. Joyner, M.D., Major W.H. Joyner, S.E. Lackey, Mrs. Sarah Edmonia Lane, P.A. Langford, A.A. Lewis, Capt. Samuel Lyon, J.B. Malone, Capt. J.N. McKoin, Capt. J.H. McLaren, Lieut. J.A. Mentlo, James N. Mitchener, Elihu N. Mitchener, D.A. Montgomery, John Morris, William F. Moss, Major W.S. Munday, Prof. A.B. Murray, Joseph Natcher, Jonas Nickelson, Samuel Nickelson, A. Parham, M.B. Perdue, A.D. Peyton, D.M. Phillips, F.F. Pierce, W.G. Pond, Allen L. Pryor, J.Y. Robb, H.W. Robb, J.C. Rodemer, Charles B. Rogan, D.A. Rascoe, Harmon J. Shafer, J.M. Shute, James A. Soper, Dr. W.R. Tomkins, Gen. William Trousdale, Charles W. Trousdale, J.N. Turner, Dr. T.S. Vaughn, Josiah Walton, Joseph Weisiger Jr., H.S. Wherry, Samuel Wilson, Thomas F. Witherspoon, W.H. Worsham, Dr. Thomas M. Woodson, and Col. A.R. Wynne. An index of names is included. The final part of the booklet contains an excerpt from Counties of Tennessee by Austin P. Foster, and a brief excerpt and map of the area from Tennessee, a Guide to the State, compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939.

Sumner County, TN
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Cover of Sumner County History

Sources: History of Sumner County Tennessee; History of Tennessee
Authors: Mary L. Geiffs
Original Publication Year: 1886
Original Publisher: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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