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Shelby County Biographies

Book Description:

Biographies of numerous Shelby County, Tennessee, residents in the late 1800s, and other historical material is included in this spiral bound booklet taken from three sources: History of Tennessee, originally published in 1887 by Goodspeed Publishing Co., Counties of Tennessee by Austin P. Foster (1923), and Tennessee, a Guide to the State (1939). Shelby County includes the City of Memphis. The new 87-page 11 x 8 1/2 inch spiral-bound booklet is printed on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. A booklet featuring Goodspeed's History of Shelby County is also available. Besides being of interest to their decendants, the biographies often give insight to the history of the area and the times. Some businesses are also included, as indicated by underlining. The biographies include: William A. Albright, C.H. Albright, James P. Alexander, Rev. J.D. Anderson, David O. Andrews, E.M. Apperson, T.B. Armistead, Spencer F. Armour, Dr. W.T. Arrington, Miss Cora H. Ashe, J.A. Austin, Benjamin Babb and Co., A.R. Barret and Son, Thomas Barrett, G.T. Bassett, George H. Battier, W.D. Beard, Julian Bedford, Hugh L. Bedford, William D. Bethell, William A. Bickford, Dr. Henry H. Bickford, B.J. Bicknell, R.J. Black, Dr. Nicholas Blackwell, George H. Blood, Dr. J.P. Bone, George C. Borner, Thomas Van Brady, Eugene L. Broun, M.S. Buckingham, Dr. R.E. Bullington, Michael Burke, C.L. Byrd and Co., P. Callahan and Co., William D. Cannon, Rev. John B. Canada, Richard S. Capers, A.T. Chambers, Major John A. Cheatham, W.L. Clapp, James E. Clary, J.W. Cochran, R.L. Cochran, Joseph L. Cody, A.E. Cole (w/ F.M. Hughes), James M. Coleman, A.M. Cooke, L.P. Cooper, Henry Craft, Richard G. Craig, Thomas B. Crenshaw, Mrs. E. J. Crockett, William R. Cross, Hugh B. Cullen, John Cummins, P. Cunningham, W.H. Dale and Co., Squire Henry E. Cannon, William C. Davis, William P. Deadrick, James Degnan, S.A. Douglas, G.L. Douglass, Dr. J.P. Douglas, Judge A.H. Douglass, Dr. William H. Douglass, Julius J. Du Bose, John J. Duffy, P.H. Duff, Dr. George K. Duncan, Oliver M. Dunn, Samuel H. Dunscomb, Albert L. Duval, Lucien B. Eaton, Dr. B.H. Eddins, T.B. Edgington, James W. Edwards, Dr. T.E. Edwards, John T. Elliott, R.E. Ellis, Newman Erb, J.T. Fargason, H.C. Fisher, John M. Fleming, Ford and LeMaster, Col. R. Dudley, J.A. Fry, Fulmer, Thornton and Co., C.B. Galloway, Jacob S. Galloway, Robert W. Galloway, Gantt and Patterson, Samuel Garner, Kenneth Garrett, John Gaston, Gilchrist and Martin, Dr. D.G. Godwin, I. Goldsmith and Bros., Edward Goldsmith, James M. Goodbar, A.B. Goodbar, Edward W. Gorman, R.C. Graves, John R. Greer, Henry L. Guion, Benjamin F. Haller, Andrew J. Harris, Needham F. Harrison, Capt. James Harvey Mathes, David Hastings, Hatchett and Stratton, Haynes, Ellis and Co., F.H. Heiskell, Judge C.W. Heiskell, John L. Henderson, Dr. W.L. Henderson, Dr. B.G. Henning, George H. Herbers, F.B. Herron, A. Bruce Hill, Dr. J.T.B. Hillhouse, Hirsch and Gronauer, Tom Holeman, Dr. W.D. Horne, Mrs. W.H. Horton, Bernard Hughes, Emmett Howard, Harrison Irby, Dr. C.E. Jackson, Benjamin W. Jeter, C.O. Johnson, G.W. Jones and Co., R.L. Jones, Wharton Stewart Jones, N.M. Jones, Dr. Huber Jones, Philip B. Jones, George S. Jordan, Richard D. Jordan, Patrick Kallaher, Edward A. Keeling, Kelly, Roper and Reilly, Elias Keck, A.J. Knapp, Spence H. Lamb, T.J. Latham, A.G. Laxton, James Lee Jr., T.L. Lee, Lemmon and Gale, Capt. Joseph Lenow, Lilly Carriage Company, Rev. Father M.D. Lilly, A.S. Livermore, Col. Robert F. Looney, C.L. Loop, E. Lowenstein and Bros., A.B. Lurry, John Lynch, Mallory, Crawford and Co., Dr. Samuel Mansfield, A.J. Martin, E.D. Massey, James Clare McDavitt, Samuel Irwin McDowell, Niles Meriwether, The Memphis Cider and Vinegar Works, J.S. Menkin, David A. Merrell, Dr. J.L. Mewborn, Dr. J.P. McGee, George W. McGinnis, W.N. Miller, William E. Miller, Dr. J.L. Minor, William Robert Moore, P.J. Moran, Judge R.J. Morgan, Dr. S.J. Morrison, E.B. Moseley, McKeen and Cross, Andrew J. Murray, Capt. W.N. Nevill, A.W. Newsom, T.L. Nolley, D.B. Nugent, Nutzell, Wade Wagon Company, Dr. G. W. Overall, Walter L. Parker, Page M. Patterson, Joseph T. Penton, Calvin Perkins, George B. Peters Jr., Augustus F. Phillips, William E. Polk, Capt. E.C. Postal, Poston and Poston, George R. Powel, Col. Joseph D. Powell, John H. Priddy, W.P. Proudfit, Benjamin K. Pullen Jr., Dr. Hortensius W. Purnell, Peter J. Quigley, Gilbert D. Raine, C.H. Raine, Richard J. Rawlings, S.P. Read, James Reilly, A. Renkert, Miss Annie C. Reudelhuber, Rev. Nemesius Rohde, William H. Robinson, John Roper, Anthony Ross, Maj. Frank W. Royster, Capt. C.B. Russell, George W. Rutland, George Rutschman, Dr. D.D. Saunders, Lemuel A. Scarbrough, Daniel Schloss, Schoolfield, Hanauer and Co., Thomas M. Scruggs, Miss M.L. Scudder, Rev. Davis Sessums, Dr. H.J. Shaw, Mrs. John Shipp (and Chamberlayne Jones), Howell Sigler, David G. Slaughter, John D. Slaughter, Charles M. Small, Gen. William J. Smith, James H. Smith, W.A. Smith, Albert H. Smith, W.M. Sneed, John K. Speed, Andrew J. Steele, J.D. Stewart, Dr. Cyrus M. Stewart, W.B. Stewart, A.A. Strange, Dr. A.S. Stratton, John H. Sullivan, Jeremiah Sullivan, Julius A. Taylor, George W. Thomas, The Memphis Carriage Works, William A. Tucker, T.B. Turley, Gen. Alfred J. Vaughan, Rev. John Veale, A.J. Vincent, Joseph K. Waddy, Rev. William Walsh, Hiram Campbell Warinner, Fred J. Warner, Caesar Weatherford, A.M. West, William A. Wheatley, Col. F.M. White, Dr. Elbert A. White, A.J. Whitney, Dr. E. Miles Willett, John W. Willey, W.N. Wilkerson, George Winchester, Woods and Swoope, Archibald Wright, Thomas R. Yancey, James Yonge, James W. Young and Zellner and Co. The excerpt from Foster's book gives an overview of the county, while the excerpt from the WPA guidebook offers a look at 49 Memphis sites.

Shelby County Biographies, TN
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Cover of Shelby County Biographies History

Sources: Biographies of Shelby County Tennessee; History of Tennessee; Biographies of Memphis Tennessee
Authors: Mary L. Geiffs
Original Publication Year: 1886
Original Publisher: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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