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Obion County

Book Description:

Early days in Obion County, TN, are recalled in this new 83 page spiral bound booklet compiled from excerpts from the rare 1887 book: History of Tennessee, originally published by Goodspeed Publishing Co. in 1887, and other sources. The booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The first part of the booklet concerns the history of the county and includes: the formation of Reelfoot Lake, the general terrain, the soil and agriculture; first settlers; early public officials; various "firsts"; the three major towns of Troy, Union City (site of a cholera epidemic), and Kenton; the smaller communities of Obion Station, Palestine, Polk Station, Rives, Woodland Mills, Pierce's Station, Harris Station, Jacksonville and Wheeling; the "Obion Avalanche," nickname of Company H of the 9th Tennessee Infantry (a cavalry unit); other Civil War units; and early schools and churches. The next section of the booklet contains biographies of prominent residents, several of which include items of local history: Robert Adams, Samuel Agnew, James Alexander, R.G. Alexander, A.C. Anderson, William Andrews, John Barnes, John Barenett, William Barry, Richard Beauchamp, John Beck, George Bell, Z.R. Barry, Thomas Bonner Family, William Calvin Bowers, the Bransford family, Walter Brice, William Bright, John Bright, John and Calvin Brown family, John M. Brown, H. K. Brown, Henry Buck, the Caldwell, family; William Casey, Jesse Caudle, John Clayton, Washington Cloyes, Solomon Cochran, Marcus Corum, George Crafton, Cave Crockett, A. Crittendon, Robert Cunningham, D.H. Dalby, Herman Dietzel, Thomas Dickenson, R.A. Donnell, W.C. Easterwood, Thomas Edwards family, John Ekdahl, J.R. Ellington, A.B. Enloe, Samuel Evans, James Everett, Farris family, J.B. Faulk, B.W. Fleming, James M. Foulks, Richard Fowlkes, Henry Fullerton, James Fuzzell, W. H. Gardner, Charles Glover, Samuel Godwin, James Douglas Graham, Cage Hale, William Hamilton, Anthony Hauser, Joseph Harper, J.B. Harrison, John T. Harpole, Andrew Harpole, William S.S. Harris, J. E. Hayes, Sanford Haydon, Gus Herring, John Hester, John Hinemon, George Holman, George Hurt, P.H. Hurt, Thomas Hutcherson, J.F. Inman, Richard C. Jackson, B.J. Jackson, James W. Jackson, Robert Jackson, John A. Jackson, the Joyner family, Elisha Jernigan, Henry Killion, Thomas Latimer, Daniel Latimer, Andrew Lawson, George Layne, H.G. LeFiels, Thomas H.C. Lownsbrough, Socrates Lovelace, Sol. Love, James Luton, Thomas Marshall, William Mathes, C.F. McAnally, Robert Mitchell, T. B. Moffat, James Moffatt, William Montgomery, Alex Moore, E.N. Moore, J.M. Morris, G.B. Morris, N.B. Morton, J.L. Moultrie, Henry Naylor, Alfred Naylor, Andrew Nelms, J.H. Olive, James Ownby, Palmer family, Hardy Park, David Pearce, William Pharr, Phebus family, Thomas Pierce, Rice A. Pierce, William Pressly, Thomas Pressly, J.A. Prieto, G.J. Ramsey, James Roberts, James Andrew Rochell, Calvin Rogers, William H. Scott, William S. Scott, John T. Senter, w.P. Simmons, T.R. Shearon, James Graham Smith, James Snow, Stephen Stone, William Stovall, John Tate, A.J. Taylor, George Taylor, E.A. Taylor, Milus Thomas, James Thomas, Charles Thomas, F.M. Vance, Everitt H. Verhine, Christopher Voorheis, Seid Waddell, Charles Wade, Mrs. M.J. Wade, John W.S. Ward, J.S. Watson, David Waynick, John Wells family, James Whipple, Robert Whitesell, George Wilson, Franklin Wilson, A. Wilson, Rufus Winston, Frank Woody, Rufus Woody, Charles Wright, A.R. Wylie, and Archibald M. Zitterouer. The final part of the booklet contains a brief excerpt from Counties of Tennessee by Austin P. Foster, and excerpts from Tennessee, a Guide to the State, including a tour of Reelfoot Lake. This book was compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939.

Obion County, TN
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Cover of Obion County History

Sources: History of Tennessee ; History of Obion County Excerpt
Authors: John Warner Barber
Original Publication Year: 1887
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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