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Pawnee and Richardson Counties

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Early days in Pawnee County and Richardson in southeastern Nebraska are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 56-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Among the topics included are: PAWNEE COUNTY: Location, climate, minerals, etc.; Communication and transportation; Early Settlement and hardships; Names of settlers of 1856-1858; Governor David Butler with picture; a narrative by Judge J.L. Edwards; "Jay-Hawking" with names of enlistees; the hanging of horse thieves; Political organization; Schools, County Societies; Pawnee City -- the Great Fire of 1881, Education, Newspaper; Churches, Businesses, , etc.; History of the town of Table Rock; Other towns -- Cincinnati, Burchard, etc. RICHARDSON COUNTY: Natural Resources; Early History; Stephen Story, William Withrow, William G. Goolsby, Lynch law for horse-thieves; the Half-Breed legal status problem; The County Seat Troubles; the Killing of Dr. Davis and Thomas Meek; County officials; Epidemic of 1860, Claim Jumping; the Jayhawkers; John Brown and the Underground Railway; the Grasshopper Scourge; Archer, the first county seat; War Record; Railroads; Falls City -- First Permanent Residents, City Officials, Newspapers, fires, county businesses, banks, manufacturers, the grain business, hotels, schools, churches, and societies; Humboldt -- history, railway interests, schools, churches, newspapers, businesses, societies; Rulo --Charles Rouleau, Elie Bedard, newspapers, business interests, churches, etc.; Dawson -- history, cyclone, churches, etc.; Salem -- hotels, schools, societies, churches, etc. ; Stella and Arago. The booklet contains biographies of many residents of the county in 1882. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Biographical sketches include: PAWNEE COUNTY: Pawnee City -- J.R. Ervin, Howard Ellis, George S. Flory, Jacob Fulton, Christian B. Hass, W.J. Halderman, A.E. Hassler, S.R. Johnston, Col. R.A. Kennedy, Ephraim Kingsbury, Daniel Liming, Thomas T. Mumford, D.M. Osborne, Pierce, Price and Babbitt, William B. Raper, Dr. P. Reeder, J.F. Stiegemeier, G.G. Wallace, Jacob Weber;Table Rock -- D.C. Andrews, Andrew Fellers, William Fellers, Simon Luthy and Co.; Cincinnati -- George T. Borst, John Fries, P.J. Firstenberger, Judge H.G. Lore, John P. Lore, Levi M. Wilsey; Burchard -- J.C. Dort and Bro., John P. Fry, Carlos Gilkerson, Pepperl Bros., Thomas Small; Mission Creek and Other towns -- John Bowhay, L.J. Carpenter, Cyrus Clark, Thomas Clark, John Conard, Adam Hoefling, A.F. Manly, C.P. Miller, Harvey Owen, J.B. Train, M.E. Walker; Clay Precinct -- L.D. Jordan, Jacob W. Moore, W.F. Sawyer, S.S. Shannon; Sheridan Precinct -- Charles Dort, Theodore Dort, Frank L. Jaeke; West Branch Precinct -- Androe Scott, William Smith; and Plum Creek Precinct -- Cornelius Dusenbery. RICHARDSON COUNTY: Falls City -- W..B. Adams and Co., John E. Anderson, Henry Beachel, Bauer and Neikirk, P.E. Beardsley, E. Beaver, Bell and Shelly, N.J. Berkley, A.M. Blakesley, J.C. Bowen, Birkhauser and Davis, Major J.E. Burbank, Dr. C. W. Bryson, J.R. Cain, Rev. M.F. Carey, Clegg and Viols, Alex Cohn, Crook and Noonan, Jesse Crook, W.H. Crook and Co., T.C.Cunningham, William C. Custer, Edwin F. Davis, H.C. Davis, J.T. Delaware, J.L. DeWald, David Dorrington, George E. Dorrington, J B. Doner, Elmer S. Dundy, J.F. Elliott, Abraham Elwell, Everts Bros., Edwin Falloon, Joseph Forney, Peter F. Forney, Christian Forney, M.A. Frank, A.L. Fry, Rev. John Gallagher, A.E. Gantt, J.F. Gardner, William A. Gardner, G.H. Gehultig, S. Grable (pix of Central Hotel), M. Gehling and Son, Havely and Verdier, J.C. Hasserjager, Helman Family Concert Troupe, Herbst and Boyer, John Hinton, William B. Hinton, George W. Holland, Hollebaugh and Musselman, Rev. W.M. Howell, D.R. Holt, Matthias Huber, Dr. J.D. Hunter, John Hutchings, Ingham and Bigalow, A.C. Jennings, C.L. Keim, S.C. Keim, Alexander Kerr, Korner and Heacock, Charles F. Kreker, Rev. John T. Lee, E.P. Lahman, R.F. Leidy, W.P., Long, Dr. J.B. McConnell, McCune and DeWald, Thomas McLane, W.M. Maddox, Maust and Slocum, Martin and Gilman, Elza Martin, J.M. Martin, Thomas Mast, W.T. Mess, Dr. R.D. Messler, C.L. Mettz, E.E. Mettz, Meyers and Fry, Miller and Jennings, J.W. Minnick, E.T. Minshall, E.W. Musselman, D.B. Neal, Dr. George H. Neal, W.E. Neal, Levi Nedrow, A. Neitzel, W.R. Nelson, Newman and Pereau, Joseph O'Pelt, George H. Pearson, J.K. Pearson, T.W. Pepoon, Joseph H. Pereau, Rev. T.W. Pinkerton, Joseph Portray, George E. Powell, Powell House and Co., Powell and Sapp, Dr. H.L. Randall, W.C. Resterer, A. Resterer, Prof. W. Rich, C.H. Richards, Isham Reavis (pix), J.W. Ryan, L.S. Sage, John Saxton, William A. Shock, August Schoenheit, Schoenheit and Frederick, John Schuler, A.R. Scott, I.A. Smith, Henry C. Smith, D.W. Sowles, Bennett Sperry, J.D. Spragins, M.H. Stowe and Co., W.S. Stretch, J.P. Tarpley and Co., Levi Thacker, E.W. Thomas, Asa Veach, W.H. Voils, Charles F. Walther, W.W. Wardell, Jonathan Warner, D.M. Watts, A.J. Weaver, R.A. Wherry, J.A. Whitmore, J.D. Wicks, J.R. Wilhite, C.H. Willard, R.G. Wills, Dr. E.M. Wilson, Seth Wilson, Wilson and Ryan, Dr. J.D. Woods, Dr. R.L. Wood, J.C. Yutzy; Humboldt -- Anderson Bros., M.B. Atkins, Jacob Baily, William Barngrover, Garrett Bratt, O.A. C.ooper, Dr. James G. Cox, Alexander M. Fergus, George Gird, Rev. F. M. Hickok, S.M. Hillebert, H.T. Hull, Linn and Cooper, R.S. Molony Sr., Dr. Phillip F. Patrick, W.M. Patton, S.M. Philpot, Simon Quick, J.H. Robertson, F.W. Samuelson, Sarbach and Friend, David Speiser Jr., David Speiser, E.P. Tinker, W.W. Turk, Solon B. Wells, W.R. Wilson; Rulo -- Samuel S. Arnold, Boudrie and Son, Hugh Boyd, Rev. J.A. Bushman, George W. Carpenter, J.M. Davis, H.M. Edgecomb, Charles Gagnon, John Gagnon, E.K. Graves, William M. Heter, S.B. Hoffnell, George C. Holt, Hosford and Gagnon, T.C. Hoyt, George D. Kirk, F. Kitch, John Kloepfel, M.J. LeBlanc, T.E. Margrave, Joseph H. Miles, James Mooney, Joshua Murray, Dr. H.W. Parchen, Phillips and Hoyt, L.E. Plumb, Frank Simon, F.X. Stehle, E.G. Weyer, Jerome Wiltse; Dawson -- Allen Brothers, C.H. Allen, S.C. Barlow, B.S. Chittenden, Isaac L. Mead, M. Riley Jr., T.J. Ryan, D.W. Scott, Dr. J.A. Waggener; Salem -- A. H. Baker, J.and A . Billings, Dr. J.R. Brooke, James R. Campbell, Felt and Jordan, H.H. Griffiths, William M. Jordan, H.W. Kennon, Dr. C.C. Kenny, Rev. B.F. Lawler, J.C. Lincoln and Co., Dr. A.N. Long, William R. McCullough, B.V. Ransom, D.A. Tisdel, Joshua A. Van Dervoort, G.T. Webster, John A. Wagner Jr., J.A. Wagner Sr., A.F. Wood; Stella -- L.W. Cook, W.W. Day, Gird Brothers, Graham and Easley, John Henderson, Dr. J.A. W. Hull, S.C. McElroy, J.L. McElroy, Moore and Higgins, John Nulk, H.D. Weaver, Jesse Weaver, William H. Wheeler; Arago -- Henry Fischer, August Guenther, Joseph A. Kitt, Dr. George Koenig, P.B. Miller, J.P.C. Ulrich, Henry Vollbrecht; Porter Precinct -- James R. Brockman, John M. Brockman, J.H. Cornelius, Henry Elliott, J. Corwin Fergus, William Hall, B. Mullen, Robert G. Shue, John Tighe, D.A. Walker, John Quinlan; Ohio Precinct -- Ralph Anderson, J.R. Dowty, John Fallstead, J.F. Harkendorff, John Lewis, B.M. Maddox, B.F. Morgan, Francis Shaffer, Samuel C. Stump, Solomon C. Stump, George Thompson; Franklin Precinct -- Joshua G. Babcock, Charles Cole, John W. Davis, B.F. Ferguson, Fred A. Loennig, J.R. Standerford; Liberty Precinct -- J.B. Heinzelman and Son, L.J. Hickock, G.W. Sears, DeWitt C. Simmons; Speiser Precinct -- Samuel Germain, Charles A. Strawn, John Vinner; Barada Precinct -- John P. King, H. Saare and Co., D.V. Stephenson; Preston Precinct -- P.R. Shelley, A.D. McAlpine. The final part of the booklet is a brief stop at Falls City, excerpted from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State.

Pawnee and Richardson Counties, NE
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Cover of Pawnee and Richardson Counties History

Sources: History of Pawnee and Richardson Counties Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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