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Otoe County

Book Description:

Early days in Otoe County, Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 57-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Among the many subjects included are: Topography -- located on the Missouri River, agricultural prospects; First settlement -- Indian tribes, Old Fort Kearney; Early settlers, including the Boulware family and Col. Peter Sarpy; the terrible Winter of 1856, Drought of 1859, Great storm of 1868 and the Flood of 1881; War Record of Otoe County; Roster of county officers -- sheriffs, judges, county clerks, treasurers, commissioners, school superintendents and District Court clerks; County representatives; court house and jail, railroads, ferry and transfer companies, County Fair Association, Medical Society, Old Settlers' Association; Nebraska City (county seat) -- settlement, a judicial joke concerning Allen Bradford, how bank run was averted, an era of speculation, transportation and telegraphs, officials, a murder case and other criminal activities; Education, Religion, Newspapers, Government offices, Fires and the fire department, fraternal societies, Wyuka Cemetery, Public buildings, Hotels, Banks, Board of Trade, Elevators, the Gaslight Company, and Manufacturing interests; Syracuse, Palmyra, Dunbar, Unadilla, Wyoming, Camp Creek, Talmage, Hendricks, Salon and other towns. Attention Genealogists: In addition to the numerous names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: Nebraska City -- John Adle, H. Aird and Co., H.H. Bartling, Robert Baxter, Rev. W.K. Beans, Fred Beyschlag, William Bishop, Aurelius Bowen, J.C. Boyd, Harry M. Boydston, George M. Brinker, Albert Allyn Brown, David Brown, Lewis Burnett, George Burgert, Captain O. Butt, Henry F. Cady, Dr. J.E. Caldwell, S.H. Calhoun (pix), Dr. John C. Campbell, Marshall Sullivan Campbell, W.T. Canada, W.C. Clary, George W. Clingin, Gen. Isaac Coe (pix of home), A.S. Cole, L.F. Cornutt, C.E. Cotton, George Covell, Rev. E. Cusson, L.F. D'Gette, Samuel T. Davies, M. Derum, R.H. Dickey, W.E. Dillon, Isaac Drake, Robert Draper, J. Driscoll, Lewis Dunn, Foster Edwards, G.W. Eiser, M. Emmarans, O.S.B., Sylvester Faris, Felthauser and Hauber, T. James Fitchie, Thomas J. Fitchie, Henry Frosh, Spencer L. Gant, W.H. Gibbs, Philip Girardet, John Goodlett, E.S. Grange, Rev. J.B. Green, Joseph Greenwood, M.M. Hamlin, N.S. Harding, C.J. Harman, Samuel Harris, Rev. Emanuel Hartig, Robert Hawke, E.S. Hawley, D.T. Hayden, Monroe L. Hayward, Dr. D.W. Hershey, William E. Hill, John Koke, J.J. Hochstetler, F.S. Howard, W.F.N. Houser, R.Ishmael, August Johnson, M.T. Johnson, John George Kees, John Fitch Kinney (very extensive, pix), Max Kohn, T.T. Koop, C.H. Korff, C.H. Kressen, W.C. Lambeth and Brother, William c. Lambeth, George W. Leidigh, Dr. N.B. Larsh (pix), Leidigh and Mason, L. Levi, W.A. Lloyd, Robert Lorton, Frank McCartney, George McCallum, John McMechan, J.P. McPherson, Thomas McCulloch, McCulloch and Burnett, R.F. McComas, Wash McCallum, Donald MacCuaig, J.H. Masters, Dr. Rodney Mathews, Julian Metcalf, James S. Miller, Richard H. Miller, J.L. Mitchell, Horace Monroe, F. Cooper Morrison, S.H. Morrison, Thomas Morton, J. Sterling Morton (pix of home), Edwin J. Murfin, Frederick Mutton, James J. Mutton, Neils Wintner Neilson, J.B. Northcutt, Heath Nuckolls, James Paley, Dr. James W. Parker, J.B. Parmelee, Major J.W. Pearman, William Phifer, C.W. Phillips, A.S. Potter, Philip Potter, Philip Potter and Co., J. Stillson Potter, Charles L. Potts, L.A. Prue, Frank Ranson, Rector, Wilhelmy and Co., William S. Rector, Michael Reed, James Reed, Dr. F. Renner, DeForest Rolfe, R.M. Rolph (pix of home), Charles H. Roselius, F.W. Rottmann (pix of business), D.A. Sargent, H.K. Schmidt, Paul Schminke, Henry Schmitz, Charles W. Seymour, E. Seymour, C.W. Sherfey, H.N. Shewell, Duke Simpson, William Sloan, William Sloan, George W. Sroat (pix), J.R. Sousley, C.W. Stahlhut, John W. Steinhart, J. Steinhart, S.J. Stevenson, Thomas B. Stevenson, James Sweet, Albert O. Swift, C.F.S. Templin, J.M. Taylor, E.W. Terry, John H. Tomlin, Dr. W.S. Townsend, Frank M. Turner, Edwin F. Warren (pix), Augustus Waddington, J.W. Waldsmith and Son, John Wale, Harry Wales, John C. Watson, Jacob Wesner, Lewis Wessel, E. Ross White, Dr. E.M. Whitten, Thomas D. Williams, G.A. Wilcox, J.F. Wilhelmy, William L. Wilson, Herbert R. Wodehouse, Thomas Wymond, A. Zimmerer, and L. Zimmers and Brother; Syracuse -- Jesse W. Anderson, Melville Armstrong, Thomas H. Ashton, C.A. Barnes, Barnes and Slosson, F.E. Brown, I.F. Brownell, Solomon D. Brownell, Frederick Brainerd, William B. Buxton, H.N. Carpenter, J.W. Caywood, M.S. Christie, E.Y. Cornell, W.E. Cook, A.L. Davis, Gipson DeLong, Dey and Cornell, John F. Diener, William Dunn, Peter Ferguson, A.P. Grout, H.C. Handy, Rochester Hedges, Addison V. Harris, Charles W. Hays, George V. Hill, D.W. Hotchkiss, C.W. Ireland, J.W. James, Albert Joyce, charles A. Landmesser, Dr. G.H. Littlefield, Charles Marshall, Marsell Brothers, Thomas H. Nutt, Mrs. M.E. Patterson, Henry Peck, William Powell, H.F. Price, L.B. Price, E.C. Reed, Henry Rose, Burton H. Shoemaker, T.D. Slosson, W.C. Slosson, Pamella G. Smith, Jacob Sollonberger, William Stanbro, Jonas Sugden, G.H. Thorp, Tomlin, Duff and Co., Utley and Brown, H.T. Vose, Ebert J. Warner, G.W. Warner, Ferdinand Witt, M.E. Wolken, Josiah Yong, and O.M. Young; Palmyra -- W.H. Bail, Franklin Ball, Thomas Bell, William H. Botsford, George A. Brown, George DeCow, W.J. Dougall, W.R. Forshey, A.H. Hall, William Jenkins, T.P. Lloyd, Samuel Manchester, J.H. McIntire, J.O. Moore, Thomas P. Morgan, W.D. Page, and R.M. Taggart; Dunbar (Delaware Precinct) -- Hiram Adsit, Irving R. Andrews, Alexander Carper, G.W. Cooper, E.O. Crocker, George Donaldson, Thomas Hanlon, W.P. Gilbert, William Kirkpatrick, M. Newman, G.H. River, William Rider, C.J. Stone, John thomas, Amos A. Weller, C.R. William, and John Wogin; Unadilla -- David Brion, S.W. Brion, A.A. Bryant, William Callaway, H.S. Clark, Edmund Comley, Charles Dorman, Hiram Dubois, t.S. Dubois, David Everest, H.P. Farnsworth, John M. Farnsworth, Squire Line, Fredrick Lucas, Elijah Luff, Alexander McIntyre, S.W. Mohler and Brother, Logan Orrison, Emmer A. Palmer, Henry J. Pegler, William Pell, G.W. Pierson, H. F. Remer, William Saunders, N.L. Simpson, S.G. Showalter, William G. Todd, George C. Underhill, A.W. VanHorn, Mrs. Harriet Wallen, and G.A. Warner; North Branch Precinct -- Edwin Andrews, J.D. Halvorsen, J.D. Harmer, James Goodrich, Carlos Jackson, Gustave Jacobson, Jacob Milchive, James McElhaney, George Rodaway, H.E. Sackley, Robert Sackley, Milton Smith, C.D. Waldo, William S. Webber, R.S. Williams, C.E. Woods, and A.L. Young; Hendricks Precinct -- J.H. Davidson, Albert Armstrong, S.C. Barnes, Z.P. Earle, J.F. Ferguson, Jacob Lisk, and Peter Van Antwerp; Others: -- William M. Brown, James D. Carmichael, Dr. Humphrey D. Gilbert, August Heyes, Lewis Lewis, Warren Munn, Mrs. Levinia A.R. Parsons, Mathew G. Reed and Robert Satterly. The final part of the booklet contains a brief tour of the area from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939.

Otoe County, NE
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Cover of Otoe County History

Sources: History of Otoe County Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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