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Johnson and Nemaha Counties

Book Description:

Early days in Johnson County and Nemaha County in Southeastern Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 74-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Among the many subjects included are: JOHNSON: Location, including soil and water; Early History, Organization and Political History; Education, railroads, Population, General Statistics, Tecumseh, the county seat -- local matters, the press, churches, societies, hotels; Swartville, Sterling, Elk Creek, Helena, Vesta, and Spring Creek; NEMAHA: Topography; Lewis and Clark Expedition; Early Settlers; First Fourth of July; Reminiscences; Jayhawking; Organization of the county; County Seat dispute; Civil War days; Officers of the county before 1892; County buildings, railroads, ferries, Agricultural Society, grasshoppers, Nemaha County Mills, bridges, schools, churches, etc.; Brownville, the county seat in 1882-- early history, pioneer incidents, surveys and additions, officials, businesses, express robbery, schools, churches, newspapers, Masonic and other organizations, Library Association and Lyceum, hotels and banks, attorneys and physicians; Carson; London; Peru -- early history, societies, schools, Samuel G. Daily, John Brown, Martin Stowell and the some stowaways on the underground railway; Nemaha City -- early settlement, churches, organization, etc; North Auburn, South Auburn, Brock, Aspinwall, Johnson, Clifton, St. Deroin, Febing, and Bedford; Other towns. (Auburn is now the county seat.) Attention Genealogists: In addition to the numerous names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of the late 1800s. Some of these are brief, but others include family members, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on news events. Those listed are: JOHNSON COUNTY -- Alden B. Atkins, John H. Austin, B.W. Baird, B.J. Baker, Elder R.C. Barrow, James W. Beatty, William J. Blystone, Palmer Blake, Jacob Blakeley, Judge J.S. Blythe, William W. Borland, W.S. Bowman, Captain C.R. Bryant, M.C. Bryson, William C. Buerstetta, Aistom W. Buffum, Andrew Bush, M.K. Cody, Andrew Cook (pix), Charles C. Cook, Wilson I. Cady, William A. Campbell, Alfred Canfield, A.A. Carman, Dr. C.K. Chubbuck, D.B. Colhapp, Edward Cook, John L. Cook, I.L. Cox, Thomas A. Creighton, Jacob C. Cummins, R.F. Curry, Samuel P. Davidson (pix), Lou M. Davis, Dr. G.W. Dennis, James Devenney, J.J. Dillon,W.S. Dilworth, B.F. Dorsey, Joseph Duncan, M.V. Easterday, B.P. Ellis, E.A. Ellsworth, George Emery, John Evans,A.G. Fairbrother, Truman Edward Fairall, P.M. Fithian, James Flynn, Frank B. Foster, George B. Foster, William Freeburn, William Fuller, Thomas Goodman, Jonathan Grim, Louis Grosjean, F.A. Gue, John Hall and Co., L.G. Hall, Charles H. Halsted, Henry D. Hardenberg, George W. Harmon, J.S. Harman, D.P. Henry, George Hill, James Hill, C.A. Holmes (pix), O.M. Holmes, Oscar Hotaling, John Houck, James Howarth, William C. Jolly, Henry W. Jones, Phineas Jones, Patrick Kalaher, John Kavanagh, W.S. Kerr, Jacob Kimes, L.H. Laflin, G.M. Lalicker, Joseph Lamasters, George Leck, William Leck, H.N. Libby, George Linford, I.W. Marine, Thomas McClure, D.H. McClure, W.T. McClanahan, James McDougal, Chester F. McNeil, Charles McCroskey, Dr. T.C. McGee, Rev. Father James McNally, Adolphus Meyer, J.C. Mohrman, H. Muhlenbrock, Gustus Nelson, A.B. Noble, Elias Parrish, John Pettinger, Jason L. Phillips, E.A. Pinero, C.W. Pool, Mrs. B.E. Presson, H. Reckewey and Bros.Edgar Reynolds, R.S. Risser, D.L. Robb, A.G. Robinson, S.S. Rogers, Ezekiel H. Ross, J.M. Ross, T.J. Ross, James D. Russell, Samuel Russell, Andrew Salzman, N. Sampson, Richard Sampson, Isaac Sapp, C.B. Scott, H.K. Sears, J.B. Sharrett, E.M. Shaw, Dr. A. Shipman, William Snyder, W.R. Spicknall, C.S. Sprague, R.D. Swallow,A.H. Swart, W. Goldsmith Stone, H.B. Strong, W.H. Strong, William Tagart, J.J. Taylor, E.C. Thompson, James M. Thompson, Dr. H.C. Thurman, William Tucker, K.Tierney and Son, Charles P. Tripp, Madison Waddell, T.J. Watkins, John J. Watson, A.J. Way, Whitham, Joachim Will, A.P. Wilson, Charles C. Wilson, C.M. Wilson, John Wilson (2), G.W. Woolsey, R.G. Work, Mrs. S.M. Wright, A.J. Wright, S.G. Wright, J.L. YoungSimon Young, V. Zink; NEMAHA COUNTY -- Benton Aldrich, Eugene Allemand, J.H. Argabright, J.W. Argabright, A.C. Armstrong, George Armstrong, Amos Bacon, John Barnes, J.H. Bauer, John Bath, Thomas A. Bath, J.J. Bender, John W. Bennett, Capt. R.V. Black, E.D. Berlin, Dr. V.M. Boal, J.C. Bousfield, William Bridge, J.H. Broady, John Burley, Charles Campbell, David Campbell, John L. Carson (pix), M.Y. Chesebro, Jarvis Church, John C. Clark, L.T. Clark, Jesse Cole, John Cole, Dr. Jonas Crane, John P. Crother, Philip Crother, Robert Curry (pix), Joseph Curtis, Dr. William M. Daily, William Dailey, J.F. Drain, Jack David, D.D. Davis, John C. Deuser, Albert Dillon, J.B. Docker, Wesley Dundas, L.G. Edwards, J.F. Ely, Peter Engles, Dr. Robert Evans, J.G. Ewan, G.W. Fairbrother, G.W. Fairbrother Sr., Rush O. Fellows, M.J. Fenn, John B. Fisher, Lewis Fisher, S.J. Fisher, Rev. Father James B. Fitzgerald, Major J.W. Ford, Gov. Robert W. Furnas (pix), James W. Gibson, Julius Gilbert, A. H. Gilmore, S.J. Good, Cobus Goosman, Thomas Guilliatt, J.M. Graham, J.M. Hacker, William R. Hall, M.P. Hanegan, C.E. Harris, William Hawks, W.H. Hawley, Charles Hess, J.S. Hetzel, Andrew Higgins, John Higgins, Thomas Higgins, Lewis Hill, Theodore Hill, Luther Hoadley (pix of home), George Hodkin, Dr. A.S. Holladay (pix), John Holman, W.G. Holman, Dr. F.G. Holmes, J.B. Hoover, W.H. Hoover, Church Howe (pix), E.B. Hubbard, Edmund Huddart, Joseph Huddart, A.T.D. Hughes, L.D. Hughes, J.W. Huntington, R.P. Hutchins, W.A. Irvin, Homer Johnson, B.F. Jones, William J. Jones, Rev. J.C. Jordan, W.A. Judkins, Edward Juel, C.M. Kauffman (pix of home/business), Dr. James Kay, Judge S.W. Kennedy, Wyman Kent, Frank M. King, John M. Kleckner, W.M. Lambert, Joseph W. Lash, S.S. Lawrence, John J. Leach, William Lindsay, E.M. Lippitt, D.E.C. Long, W.H. Lorance, Mrs. Jane Loveless, Alexander R. McCandlass, E.M. McComas, A.H. McGee, Dr. S.W. McGrew, B.F. McIninch, W.H. McIninch, Judge Alexander McKenney, William McKenney, J.M. McKenzie, Timothy McLaughlin, J.C. McNaughton, S.H. Maddy, G. Mahle, S.P. Majors, Marlatte and King, Jacob Marohn, John Maxwell, H.M. Mears, A.M. Medley, J.J. Mercer, Michel Monette, George B. Moore, Judge A.W. Morgan, D.M. Morris, John H. Morrison, D.A. Morton, R.V. Muir, Dr. J.F. Neal, James E. Neal, H.H. Nicholson, A. Nincehelser, Charles Neidhart, Dr. Adolph Opperman, S.A. Osborn, Matthew Peck, Aaron Palmer, J.M. Patrick, Thompson Paxton, V.P. Peabody, Judge J.H. Peery, C.E. Phippenney, Capt. W.A. Polock, Dr. F.B. Reed, W.T. Reed, J.B. Rees, Henry Richards, A.J. Richardson, George Riechers, D. Riordan, R. Ritchie, Cyrus Rowen, James G. Russell, Thomas Richards, E. D. Rogers, Joshua Rogers, William T. Rogers, Andrew Schafer, Joseph Schutz, S. Seeman, Henry W. Shubert, John Shuck, Thomas D. Shurts, Alexander D. Skeen, A.J. Skeen, Kenyon Skeen, I.W. Skillman, G.W. Smedley, J.Q.A. Smith, W.W. Smith, H.D. Snyder, B.F. Souder, Phillip Starr, Alexander Starry, John Stiers, Samuel Stiers, Thomas B. Stocker, O.J. Stowell, John Strain, Dr. Charles F. Stewart (pix), B. Stroble, John S. Stull, S.M. Summers, Frederick Swartz, Senator Thomas W. Tipton (pix), G.W. Taylor, Robert Teare, J.A. Titus, J.M. Throwbridge, Christopher Tucker, W.H. Tucker, William Tynon, J.D. Vandevort, George Wathan, Edward Weisenreder, Edward D. Wert, H.J.F. Wert, David Wilkie, C.W. Wheeler, George Wheeler, Herbert Willson, N.B. Whitfield, A.R. Wightman, David J. Wood, James F. Wykes, Jacob Zarnig. The final part of the booklet contains a brief tour of the area from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State. We've also included a small map of the four counties from the 1882 book and some current statistics.

Johnson and Nemaha Counties, NE
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Cover of Johnson and Nemaha Counties History

Sources: History of Johnson and Nemaha Counties Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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