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Lancaster County

Book Description:

Early days in Lancaster County, Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 86-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Some of the places mentioned in the booklet include: Lincoln (county seat), Bennet, Waverly, Firth, and Roca. Among the many subjects included are: Physical character of the county, such as the Salt Basins; Early Settlers and where they settled, such as Capt. W.T. Donavan; Indian Troubles; County Organization; County officials, Railroads, Schools, Societies, Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska, it's early history, city officials, city institutions, the University of Nebraska with names of early members of the Faculty and university officials, the Insane Hospital, the Nebraska State Penitentiary, including an account of a mutiny at the prison in 1875, Newspapers, Churches, Business Interests and Manufacturing establishments, Smaller communities, and other items of interest. The booklet contains many biographies of varying lengths. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Biographical sketches are given for: Lincoln -- Newton Abbott, E.S. Abbott, O.T. Aldrich, David Alexander, William Alexander, Samuel Alexander, T.D. Allen, J.H. Alford, Andrew Anderson, J.C. Anderson, F.P. Andrews, Albert Andrus, James Atwell, Samuel Aughey (pix), R.O. Backus, Col. C.N. Baird, W.E. Barkley, George Bartlett, R.P. Beecher, W.O. Bell, Thomas Benton, H. A. Bidwell, E. Bignell, L.W. Billingsley, J.R. Bing, M. Birney, George Blake, Squire Blasier, H.H. Blodgett, A.F. Blundell, Charles T. Boggs, John Bonnell, Charles Bonnell, Bohanan family, J.I. Booge, Dr. Arthur Bowen, George Bower, Herbert Bowers, Charles Boyd, W.H. Boyer, J.Z. Briscoe, Nelson C. Brock, Guy Brown, Anson Brown, A.H. Brown, Joseph Brown, Henry Brown, E.E. Brown, J.M. Brown, D.C. Brown, L.E. Brown, Henry Brugmann, J.A. Buckstaff, J.H. Bulloch (of Keyes and Bullock), Dr. Lucius J. Bumstead, A.D. Burr, Carlos Burr, Lionel Burr, Silas Burnham, S.W. Burnham, O.F. Butt, W.H. Campbell, C.L. Carpenter, Thomas Carr, James Carter, Charles Carter, Henry Carter, William Chapin, E.P. Child, Ed Church, James Chute, J.C. Clark, John Clark, C. S. Clason, Amasa Cobb, Benjamin Cobb, P.H. Cooper, W.J. Cooper, D. G. Courtney, J.C. Crooker, R.C. Cushing (pix), L.E. Cropsey, John Cadman (pix), Harvey Culbertson, J.L. Cummings, Michael Dailey, T.B. Dawson, W.H. Daniels, M.R. Davey, Dr. W.L. Dayton, W.S. Deisher, John Dethlefs, J.W. DeWeese, Caleb J. Dilworth, O.P. Dinges, John Doolittle (pix), S.J. Dobson, Dobson, T.B. Doran, William Dorsey, M.L. Easterday, Webster Eaton, J.C. Eldredge, Harrington Emerson, Granville Ensign, C.J. Ernst, Edmund Burke Fairfield, John Fitzgerald (pix), I. A. Fedewa, Dr. F.G. Fuller (pix), George E. Fisher, S.F. Fleharty, W.O. Fletcher, H.P. Foster, C.B. Fox, J.H. Foxworthy, Jacob Frankforter, W. Fuller, Lester H. Fuller, Carl Funke, Fred Funke, Joseph F. Goekle, J.W. George, Henry Gerner, D.A. Gilbert, Lee P. Gillette, S.B. Galey, William M. Gillespie, G.B. Goodrich, W.H. Goodrich, Harvey Gordon, E.S. Gore, F.A. Graham, Robert Graham, D.E. Green, William Green, Anthony Gregg, John Gregory, T.S. Grigor, Henry Grimm, William D. Gulick, William Hackney, John Haley, E. Hallett, T.F. Hardenbergh, A.E. Hargreaves, William Henry Hargreaves, Walter Buntin Hargreaves, M.B. Harris, W.A. Harris, J.H. Harley, W.J. Harris, Dr. Charles Hart, N.S. Harwood, A.G. Hastings, Hiram D. Hathaway, Robert Hazlett, Dr. J.T. Hay, H.W. Hebbard, Jesse. W. Hedges, H. Herpolsheimer, W.B. Hickok, Martin Hiltner, C.E. Hine, Henry V. Hoagland, Joseph S. Hoagland, F.R. Hoge, S.E. Hoge, L.K. Holmes, W.W. Holmes, August Hoppe, George Howard, Dr. W.G. Houtz (pix), D.B. Howard, J.S. Howard, T.F. Hudson, David Huff, William Hughes, D.G. Hull, Albert Hyatt, J.J. Imhoff, John Jacobs, G.W. Johnson (of Tomson and Johnson), W.A. Johnston, J.N.T. Jones, W,W.W. Jones, John Sigvaldsen Jorstead, B.C. Keeler, William R. Kelly, Albert Kendall, Thomas Kennard, Rev. M.A. Kennedy, John Knight, Dr. T.C. Kern, Wilmer Kirk, C.B. Koon, Dr. William Latta (pix), E. Lawson, G.M. Lambertson, Dr. Milton Lane, W.C. Lane, J.F. Lansing, John Lantz, H.P. Lau, Luke Lavender, Charles Leighton, H.C. Lett, S.W. Little, Henry Lewis, S.B. Linderman, John Lindolff, S.C. Lowdan, F.W. Lowrey, Henry Loughry, Dr. J.M. Lucas, Irving Lyman, J.C. McBride, John McClay, J. McConniff, Samuel McCord, Frank McCrary, L.W. McFadden, R.T. McGrew, J.G. McIntire, George McMillan, James H. MuMurtry, E. M. McWilliams, J.D. MacFarland, W.H. Malick, Edwin Manchester, J.A. Marshall, Major Joseph K. Marlay, Turner Marquette (pix), C.W. and W.W. Marsh, Lewis A. Marvin, O.P. Mason, Albert Masterman, Dr. H.P. Mathewson (pix), A.A. Mead, August Meyer, L. Meyer, Dr. A.R. Mitchell, John Mitchell, Gen. M. Montgomery, Thomas Moon, John Moran, William Morris, M.M. Mulford, Ira Nadeau, C. Nahrung, Gov. Albinus Nance (pix), J.E. Newman , Thomas Ogles, C.P. Olson, P.W. O'Conner, R.C. Outcalt, C.J. Nobes (pix), Phelps Paine, Dr. B.L. Paine, Mrs. Hettie Painter and the Lincoln Infirmary (pix of building), A. L. Palmer, T.J. Pardoe, C.B. Parker, C.M. Parker, Albert Parsons, Burnham Parsons, J.A. Patterson, P. Peck, L.F. Pennington, J.R. Perkins, R.A. Perry, R.O. Phillips, J.E. Philpott, Maj. Charles Pierce, Eli Plummer, Fabren Potvin, S.P. Pound, James Post, H.A. Poston, H.R. Prather, Israel Putnam, W.B. Putnam, T.P. Quick, Dr. Charles Radmore, R.R. Randall, W.E. Randle, W.C. Randle, Isaac Raymond, Aaron Raymond, J.F. Rawlings, E.C. Rewick, P. Coursey Richards, Arnott Ricketts, Austin Riley, Dr, L.H. Robbins, J. Roberts, E.T. Roberts, Artemus Roberts, Jacob Rocke, Charles Roehrig, Edward Roggen, Solomon Rymal, John Salsbery, E.H. Salsbury, A.A. Sargent, A.J. Sawyer, George Scherrer (of Hass and Scherrer), A.G. Scott, Nahum Scott, Seaton and Lea Iron Works, Milan Sessions, Wales Frank Severance, Thomas Sewell, J. Schamp, George Siefert, Dr. Jacob Simonson, George Skinner, S. Smedley, Chase Smith (of Kendall and Smith),Val. Smith, G.A.C. Smith, William Smith, S.Snell, W.H. Snelling, James Spencer, G.C. Spencer, Royal Stearns, John Stabler, C.D, Stout, W.H.B. Stout, James Strahan, C.E. Strassburger, J.W. Strickland, J. Swan, James Sweeney, L.F. Taylor, O.E. Thayer, Dr. C.R. Tefft, D.E. Thompson, G.E. Thompson, S.R. Thompson, M.D. Townly, H.B. Tomson, A.M. Trimble, George Tucker, Theodore Tychsen, James Tyler, Edgar Vanderpool, Henry Veith, C.H. Waite, John Wallichs, H.J. Walsh (pix), Wallingford, Schamp and Co., James Walton, Henry B. Ware, Ware and Brooks, real estate, T.H. Waters, Albert Watkins, Dr. H.H. Way, George Weber, O.W. Webster, L.W. Wheaton, S.C. Wheeler, E.M. Wheeler, Walter White, M.M. White, E.A. White, C.A. Wickersham, John Williams, Charles H. Willard, Henry Wilson, Winger and Miller, Woltemade and Wolf, J.V. Wolfe, Lyman Wood, George Woodbury, Charles Woosley, Dr. A. Wright, J.G. Wright, John B. Wright, Richard Wright, and Charles Wunderlich; Bennett -- James Allstot, S.P. Barrett, P.J. Bratt family, E.N. Cobb, Frank Coggeshall, W.H. Davis, Dr. M.B. Deck, Capt. L.P. Derby, G.W. Eggleston, W.H. Frost, David Grau, A. Gribling, Thorer Hanson, James Harper, D.H. Harris, W.A. Hartley, C.W. Heffley, Christian Jeansen, J. Calvin Johnston, R. Larkin, Frederick Larson, F.C. May, H. May, Dr. Stephen Mecham, James E. Minor, Gideon Minor, James N. Minor, Charles Louis Otto, Henry Peterson, Dr. E.T. Piper, H.D. Rhea, William Roggenkamp, Walter Seely, Frank Sidles, Jesse Smith, James Southwick, Joseph Southwick, John Stall, William Stocking, Samuel Tilton, J.A. Whitlock and G.R. Wilson; Waverly -- Charles Cook, L.J. Loder, James Schofield, Alva Smith, P.H. Sudduth, William Wilson, and C.H. Worden; Firth -- Charles Flickinger, Rufus Howard, Robert Hoy, R.E. Losee, Dr. John Lesley Stouffer, and Carl Wittstruck; Roca -- J.R. Atkinson, Thomas Dickson, William Flickinger, John Forrest, William Goram, O.S. Hazelton, Ira Hedges, Aaron Hedges, Edward Jackson, George King, John Robertson and D.A. Stocking; Other Locations -- E.N. Hovey, George Allstot, and Elder John Eiehl. The final part of the booklet contains a brief excerpt from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939. This includes a description of Lincoln, with a small map and 29 points of interest.

Lancaster County, NE
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Cover of Lancaster County History

Sources: History of Lancaster County Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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