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Jefferson and Saline Counties

Book Description:

Early days in Jefferson County and Saline County, NE, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 48-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Among the many subjects included are: Physical description of the county, Primitive Occupants, Early Settlers, IndianTroubles, Pioneer Events, County Organizations, County Seats, Criminal cases, Newspapers, Railroads, Doane College, Grasshopper plagues, fires, the press, the fire department, public buildings, banks, businesses, manufacturers, churches, and Secret Societies and colorful tales of early residents. Town histories include: Crete, Wilber, DeWitt, Dorchester, Friend, Pleasant Hill, Swan City, Western, Fairbury, Steele City, Reynolds, Meridian and Endicott. Claims to fame: Jefferson County claims to be located right in the center of the continental USA. It claims one of the most desperate battles ever waged on the continent. It claims to have been the "scene of many daring exploits by such legendary characters as Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill and others. The booklet contains a number of biographies. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Biographical sketches include: SALINE: Crete -- E.S. Abbott, S.L. Andrews, Jacob Bahner, A.J. Barragar, Barragar and Moore, W.H. Barstow, John Bathen, T.A.C. Beard, I.T. Benjamin, C.M. Burket, Peter Buenger, Anthony H. Chloupek, J.P, Clarey, Dr. A. Conrad, S.T. Corey, Thomas L. Dixon, D.T. Drake, Cenek Duras, Daniel A. Ferrier, A.S. Flint, F.I. Foss, H.S. Fuller, Isaac Goodin, George H. Hastings, Frank Johnson, J.R. Johnston, Frank Karten, B.C. Kerr, John Kersenbrock, F. Laders, George Long, John S. Lee, H.C. Merrick, T.H. Miller, J.R. Neill, David Brainerd Perry, James W. Rhine, Dr. A.D. Root, Eugene Schilling, James C. Smith, E.F. Stephens, George D. Stevens, John L. Tidball, Thomas Toogood, and V.C. Toogood; Wilbur -- S.S. Alley, Dr. Levi Anthony, Fred S. Baker, J.W. Beeney, Tobias Castor, Henry Clark, John W. Clark, H.W. Cole, Ed. Connell, H.H. Coonen, J.K. Corey, Dr. L.E. Goodell, J.H. Grimm, J.H. Hardy, James Harvey, W.L. Hayes, Fred Herman, S.J. Herman, Capt. J.S. Hunt, J.H. James, Dr. B.F. Jones, Edward C. Kellogg, J.T. Lane, James Ledwich, William Leeper, C.B. McGregor, A.G. Mallat, William H. Mann, C.W. Meeker, J.A. Paddock, Dr. B.C. Parker, H. Cole, F.V. Shabata, H.B. Simpson, John F. Spirk, D.R. Tripp, J.N. Van Duyn, Peter Waldrof, William Waldorf, A.G. Wilber, John Zwoneckek, W.G. Storms; DeWitt -- M.A. Crane, Dr. L.J. Cross, John Denny, Dr. J.K.L. Duncan, William J. Dunn, Dr. C.E. Elder, John Gilbert, E. Hastings, Ira Moulton, E.E. Mattocks, J.R. Nelson, George A. Hunt, Dr. D.R. Pelton, H. D. Rogers, W.H. Staley, Frank M. Suiter, and Joseph Suiter; Dorchester -- N.B. Alley, Dr. W.R. Bolding, J.H. Clark, P.D. Cooper, Thomas Jarrett, R. McManus, John Oberlies, W.H. Pallett, Samuel G. Panter, T.B. Parker, W.C. Parker, Jasper Riggs, C.F. Secord, John Thomas, J.C. Thurston, W.R. Toole, and Samuel Windrem; Friend -- A.L. Bass, Jacob Briemer, T.C. Callahan, Dr. J.W. Dorwart, L.D. Fletcher, John O. Frantz, C.E. Friend, J.W. Gilbert, Dr. W.H. Hewit, T. H. Kelley, Mathew McDougall, A.M. Miller, Nelson C. Miller, H.F. Morton, L.H. Page, William Porter, George F. Swayer, Charles Whitney, Edward Whitcomb and Francis M. Woodruff; Pleasant Hill -- W.B. Smith and W.L. Turner; Western -- James McCreede. JEFFERSON: Fairbury -- C.C. Boyle, H. Clapp, H.D. Clark, George Cross, Mason Cregg, Col. Thomas Harbine, J.D. Hubble, James Ireland, D.C. Jenkins, Emil Lange, G.S. Merritt, H.D. Merrill, Benjamin L. Purdy, F. Bert Risley, C.B. Slocumb, W.H. Snell, C.F. Steele, Loyal A. Stevens, Will W. Watson, and M. Warren; Steele City -- Captain Chester Andrews, Abner Baker, M.P. Baldwin, Morgan Cane, Robert Crinklaw, N.V. Duff, H.P. Flower, William Green, W.S. Hall, R.C. Hoyt, J.M. Mullholland, I.A. Pearson, A.L. Thompson, D.B. Tophman, Z.C. Tritt, R.H. Valentine, and J.F. Zoellin; Other towns -- Bills and Hodges, Edward Hawkes, C.G. Hoyt, David R. Kelley, A.S. Koons, W.M. McCanles, P. McTygue, J.H. Tait and J.L. Tait. The final part of the booklet contains an excerpt from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, with brief stops at Crete and Fairbury.

Jefferson and Saline Counties, NE
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Cover of Jefferson and Saline Counties History

Sources: History of Jefferson and Saline Counties Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
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