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Fillmore and York Counties

Book Description:

Early days in Fillmore County and York County, Nebraska, are recalled through colorful tales, factual data and individual biographies in this 43-page spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Among the topics included are: FILLMORE COUNTY: Physical description; Early history; Criminal matters, including a homicide; the Grasshopper raid; Organization of the county; Other county affairs, such as naming the county seat; Elections, Towns in the county -- Fairmont (history, churches, schools, societies, businesses, newspapers), Geneva (county seat, early history, conditions in 1882), Grafton, Manleyville, Exeter, and Fillmore City. YORK COUNTY: Topography; Early settlements; Organization of the county; Ear;y county officials; Towns and precincts in the county: York (early history, incorporation and officials, schools, local matters, elevators, banks, Nebraska Conference Seminary, Public schools, churches, societies, newspapers), Baker Precinct, Bradshaw, West Blue Precinct (church history), Beaver Creek Precinct and Waco, North Blue Precinct, Henderson Precinct, Houston Precinct, Stewart Precinct, and Woodruff Precinct. The booklet contains biographies of many residents of the county in 1882. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Biographical sketches include: FILLMORE COUNTY: Fairmont -- F.M. Anderson, John Barsby, Charles Beecher, Henry Beecher, W.J. Clark, W.I. Carson, J.O. Chase, John F. Coulter, F. Curtiss, J.A. Edney, J.W. Eller, George W. Fifield, L.B. Fifield, C.W. Fort, William R. Gaylord, W.C. Henry, J.D. Hoffman, James Jacobus, J.D. Jenkins, Dr. G.W. Johnston, E.L Martin, John P. Maule, S.H. Oldham, R.H. Pinney, J.E. Porter, Clark Robinson, J.H. Ruston, E.C. Sawyer, W.T. Strother, V.A. Stuart; Geneva -- Sherwood Burr, S.B. Camp, W.H. Cooksey, R.T. Dairly, John A. Dempster, Walter V. Fifield, T.J. Fleming, J.D. Hamilton, W.G. Hannes, Dr. G.R. Hart, Amos Herr, J. Jessen, C.P. King, J.B. Lewis, Robert A. McKee, M.M. Neeves, J.T. Platt, P.M. Putnam, W.H. Read, E. Shepard, H.L. Smith, G.P. Wintersteen; Grafton -- R.J. Blackburn, George E. Crum, Jasper Culver, H.J. Day, W.G. Hainey, J.G. McFadden, C.C. Miles, Arthur Murdock, R.C. Price, Capt. P.S. Real, John Shoff, Joseph Tatro, George H. Warren; Exeter -- C.H. Babcock and Warren Woodard; Hamilton Precinct -- I.E. Allen, L.T. Cobb, Eugene K. Fisher, S.A. Orr, Bradley A. Smith; Bryant Precinct -- Edy Randall, Joseph H. Springer, William Van Buren; Bell Prairie Precinct -- Josiah Sheppard, Franklin B. Turner; Momence Precinct -- John W. Price. YORK COUNTY: York -- Charles B. Allan, John W. Andrews, Edward E. Armor, Behling, Meissner and Co., Andrew J. Bell, Frank O. Bell, Bidwell and Chapin, Lorenzo D. Brakeman, Rev. David Broadwell, Stephen P. Buckmaster, Dr. Richard Carscadden, William G. Chapman, Chessman and Davidson, Anson B. Codding, Isaac Crable, Charles F. Day, Horton M. Detrick, John A. Eatherly, Albert E. Finch, George B. France, Martin C. Frank, Lemuel J. Gandy, William W. Giffen, Lieut. James H. Hamilton, Albert E. Hendricks, Charles Hill, David I. Hunter, Nathan Johnson, John C. Kilner, Dr. William M, Knapp, John S. Knott, C. Langworthy, Robert E. Leach, Charles Le Count, John Lett, Nils P. Lundeen, Benjamin F. Marshall, Lieutenant James P. Miller, David T. Moore (pix of home), Lieut. Andrew C. Montgomery, Morgan, McClelland and Dayton, James I. Mosbarger, Dr. William H. Martin, Prof. William Peck, Thomas Porter, George W. Post, Joshua B. Lead, Josiah J. Richards, Andrew L. Sandall, Charles M. Sandall, Capt. William T. Scott, Samuel H. Sedgwick, Theron E. Sedgwick, Rev. Benjamin F. Sharp, W.A. Sharrar, George W. Shidler, Rev. George A. Smith, Milton Sovereign, Ernst Stache, Thomas F. Stevens, Lyman D. Stilson, John C. Tenney, Rev. Edward Thomson, Anaxmander B.Tutton, Lyman S. Wheeler, Charles O. Wilcox, John Williams, Wolcot C. Wing, George W. Woods and Sons, George H. Woolman, William Wray, Alfonso D. Wyckoff, Emil V. Zimmerer, Carl Zimmerer; Bradshaw -- William H. Babcock, Gust. F. Burke, George W.S. Coon, Joseph C. Dietrick, Dr. Servetus Moore, Orin S. Munger, William D. Post, Price Raymond, Jonas P. Sandall, Oscar A. Stubbs, Swan Swanson, Cassius M.C. Woolman; West Blue Precinct -- Julius A. Addison, Richard Brooke, John P. Cook, Jacob R. Gilmore, Christian F. Gunlach; Beaver Creek Precinct -- John B. Allen, John S. Bennett, John J. Evans, John T. Hilton, George W. Shreck, Herman C. Smith, Galen J. Richmond, Robert P. Strickler; Henderson Precinct -- Henry C. Hecht, Calvin V. Keith, Samuel S. Lint, Edwin Merrill, Jesse O. Payne, George C. Pursel, George H. Roby; Houston Precinct -- Derrick P. Allen, James C. Cathcart, William H. Keckley, Joseph W. McCoughey, John Romsdal; Stewart Precinct -- Capt. James H. Stewart, Horatio Wellinton; Woodruff Precinct -- Thomas Burgess, E.F. Chittenden, Gammon Ellis, George Fair, Daniel Hendrick, George Henton, William McFadden, Charles J. Monson, Benjamin F. Nosser, Albert H. Stone, John Smith, James D. White. The final part of the booklet contains a brief excerpt from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939. This includes brief stops at York, Geneva, Exeter and Fairmont.

Fillmore and York Counties, NE
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Cover of Fillmore and York Counties History

Sources: History of Fillmore and York County Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
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