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Dodge County

Book Description:

Early days in Dodge County, Nebraska, including the City of Fremont, are recalled in this spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. The 58-page booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Some of the places mentioned in the booklet include: Fremont (county seat), North Bend, Scribner, Pebble, and Hooper. Among the many subjects included are: Physical features of the county, such as the Elkhorn River and Rawhide Creek; Early History; Early settlers, such as John and Arthur Bloomer, Mrs. Wealthy Beebe, Abram McNeal, and George Emerson; Indian incidents; History of Fremont; A reminiscence by James G. Smith, Organization of the county; Union Pacific Railroad; Agricultural Society; Schools, Churches, Newspapers; Fire Department; the First "civilized" murders; societies, businesses, hotels, board of trade, manufactories, banks; North Bend, including an extract from the Centennial History of John Mason Smith; Other towns and other items of interest. The booklet contains biographies of many residents of GageCounty in 1882. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Some are lengthy, a few consist of only one or two lines. Where pictures are included (pix) follows the name. Biographical sketches include: Fremont -- Ephraim Abbott, Dr. Luther Abbott, J. Dixon Avery, James Balding, Charles Balduff, E.H. Barnard, H.P. Beebe, Henry Becker, William Biggar, J.V.N. Biles, E.A. Blunck, Dr. James Borglum, William Brady, the Brown Brothers (F.F. and W.S.), H.C. Brown, George Bullock, James Burns, Cobb , Dern and Co. (William Cobb, John Dern and G.W.E. Dorsey / pix of business), Sireno Colson (pix of home), E.M. Collins, Prof. A.E. Clarendon, Dr. James Crabb, David Crowell, P.D. Denney, John Dierks, John Dodge, George Dorsey, Francis Ellick, E.L. Eno, Elijah Ferguson, George Forney, Thomas Frahm, William Fried, Christan Gabler, Chauncey Gardanier, Philip Gentzler, Arthur Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Dr. L. W. Giffin, George Godfrey, E.F. Gray, Robert Gregg, John Grunkranz, W.J. Harmon, J.J. Hawthorne, Robert Hewitt, A.C. Hull, Capt. M.H. Hinman, John Hormel, Orren Hodge, Theo Huette and Son, James Huff, A.C. Jensen, W.T. Jones, L.M. Keene, G.C. Kerkow, John Knoell, Henry J. Lee, William B. Lee, Lee and Blewett (William E. Lee and Edward Blewett), J.W. Love, George Loomis, Sydney Lowe, Otio Magenau, Col. William Marshall, Samuel Maxwell (extensive), George Maxwell, O.H. Mevis, John Middaugh, R. Mikkelsen, Morse and Haman (E..N. Morse and John F. Haman), Adelbert Oswald Muller, W.H. Munger, James Murray, William Newlon, H.B. Nicodemus (pix), Theron Nye, Rev. Thomas O'Connor, Charles Osterman, H.O. Paine, H.A. Peirce, Charles Pilsbury, N.M. Pilsbury, H.H. Pratt, Rev. John F. Quinn, Wilson Reynolds (pix), Eliphus Hibbard Rogers (pix), L.H. Rogers, Manley Rogers, Richards and Keene (L.D. Richards and L.M. Keene), Mayor Charles Sang, Dr. G. O. Schettler, Gus. Schrage, Morris Smith, James Smith (pix), Sorensen and Madesen (Hans Sorensen and John Madesen), George Stanley, Capt. E.G. St. John, Hans Tank, Capt. Walter Taylor, N.B. Thomas, W.D. Thomas, W.H. Turner, GeoreTurner, Usher and Wilson, E.C. Usher, John W. Vars, Charles Veazie, and Thomas Wilson; North Bend -- Thomas Acorn, Matthew Cotterell, A. Crawford, Christopher Cusack, E.W. Dickerson, Charles Dickerson, F.F. Doubrava, Michael Dowling, Dr. A.B. Elwood, John Foot, P. Gillia, Robert Graham, James Graham, D.A. Hopkins, James Hough, Edward Johnson, Michael Johnson, John Keith, C.C. Kendall, A.J. Kenyon, Milton May, John Miller, Albert Norris, A. Peller, B.P. Rice, John Sievers, Dr. Jacob Simmons, Smith and Mallon (John Y. Smith), James Sloss, Frank Stouffer, F.L. Thompson, Charles Thrush, George Thrush, and George Yound; Scribner -- Baker and Crowells (J.L. Baker, C.C. Crowell, Z.A. Crosell), J.J. Barge, James Booth, John M. Diels and Son, Horton and Gardanier (C.T. Horton, W.B. Gardanier), Milligan and Hasson (John O. Milligan, Robert C. Hasson), Wright and Whelpley (J.A. Wright, L.D. Whelpley), and John A. Wright; Pebble -- William Gordon, John Gordon, T.W. Putnam, J.B. Robinson, John Seely, Rev. Andrew Warwick and Matthew Wright; Hooper -- J.E. Dorsey, Jeremiah Dinslow, C.F. Eiseley, O.A. Hinebaugh, Looschen and Wiekhorst, Henry H. Looschen, Morse and Ritter, C.L. Morse, John Romberg, A.M. Spooner and Co., F.M. Tillman, Major Evert Van Buren, Peter Wiekhorst, and William Wilson; Cuming Precinct -- E.C. Burns, William Golder, N.D. Hards, Andrew D. Murphy, C.T. Pulsifer, S.B. Parks, Thomas H. Parks, Thomas S. Parks, Charles W. Robinson, Frank Smith, John Smith; Everett Precinct -- Isaac Banghart, Van Banghart, John Eaton, A.E. McConnell, Jacob Miller, Jerry Mitchell, Rev. John Muller, Ashley Park, Alonzo Parrish, William Phillips, Madison Roberts, Horace Sill, Dudley Sill, William Springer, Dr. Thomas Street, John Tym, L.A. Warner, Jonas Watson, William Wright; Maple Precinct -- John Bodewig, E.A. Conger, Michael Herman, Samuel Kreader, Horatio Mulliken, Philip Rine, Samuel Roush, Julius Sill, Charles Sill, William Sweet, G.W. Walcott; Union Precinct -- J.R. Cantlin, Alexander W. Chisholme, Hugh Foy, James Harvie, Andrew Harvey, Jacob Hasson, Eben Ives, Daniel Jones, Patrick Kelley, C.P. Maben, David Alden Pettegrew, D.A. Pettegrew, James Robertson, Hugh Robertson, John Ross, F.C. Scott, T. Moses Stubbert; Webster Precinct -- James Glenn, John Hepburn, William Hepburn, Moses Sturmer, Daniel Westfall; Elkhorn Precinct -- G.W. Randall. The final part of the booklet contains a brief excerpt from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, compiled and written by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA in 1939. It includes a special section on Fremont, including a map and 9 points of interest.

Dodge County, NE
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Cover of Dodge County History

Sources: History of Dodge County Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
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