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Cass County

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Early days in Cass County, Nebraska, including the City of Plattsmouth, are recalled in this spiral bound booklet excerpted from the rare 1882 book: History of the State of Nebraska, originally published by the Western Historical Co. of Chicago, and Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State, a 1939 project of the Federal Writers of the Works Progress Administration. This NEW 64-page booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the full-color front cover. Some of the places mentioned in the booklet include: Plattsmouth (county seat), Weeping Water, Louisville, Greenwood, Rock Bluff City, South Bend, Factoryville, Avoca, Union, Eight Mile Grove, Concord, Cedar Creek, Mt. Pleasant, Sunlight, and Elmwood. Among the many subjects included are: Physical features and climate of the county; Produce; Early settlement and settlers; Indian troubles; Early marriages; Club law; The disappearance of the Johnson gang; Dealing with Horse Thieves; Early Schools; Organization of the county; Official Roster; County seat contest; Civil War history; County buildings; Railroads; Ferries; Agricultural Society; Medical Society; Pioneer Association; Hard Winters and Storms; the City of Plattsmouth -- early settlement, city government, educational, religious, the press, professions, Missouri River Improvement, societies, banks, hotels, publis halls, manufactories and general business interests; Weeping Water -- history, early settlement, organization, officials, schools, churches, societies, newspaper, businesses, railroads; Louisville -- history, churches, businesses; Greenwood -- history and general matters; Rock Bluff City and other towns. Besides the many names mentioned in the history portion of the booklet, there are biographies of many residents of Cass County in 1882. While primarily of interest to descendants, these often contain clues to the area and the times. Where pictures are included (pix) follows the name. Biographical sketches include: Plattsmouth -- Jacob Adams, Cyrus Alton, Rev. John T. Baird, Robert Ballance, John Wesley Barnes (pix), William Ballance, Allen D. Beeson, Capt. Lloyd D. Bennett, Harmon Bestor, Spencer S. Billings, Dr. George H. Black, Dr. John Black, Henry Boeck, John Bons and son, Jonas H. Buttery, Frank Carruth, Samuel Chapman (pix), Dr. A.L. Child, Chittenden Brothers, Dr. G.W. Clutter, Shadrack Cole, William T. Cole, John R. Cox, John C. Cummins, Michael M. Curran, Dr. O.H. Dogge, Robert Donnelly, E.G. Dovey and Sons, Daniel S. Draper, Wellington W. Drummond, James C. Eikenbary, George W. Fairfield, Frederick Gorder (pix of business), Jacob Grassman, Edwin S. Grensel, Franz Friedrich Guthmann (pix of business), Oswald Guthmann, Francis R. Guthmann, William Guthmann, Michael A. Hartigan, J.S. Hartman (pix of home), David Hawksworth, Hansen and Chassot, Harris and Unruh, Frederick Herrmann, Christian G. Herold, William Herold, Nicholas Holmes, Henry Howland, Reuben W. Hyers, Nelson Jean, Joseph W. Johnson, John W. Jennings (pix), Oscar F. Johnson, Frederick Latham, Anson A. Laverty, Frederick D. Lehnhoff, Eugene B. Lewis, Dr. Robert Ramsay Livingston (pix), Rev. P. Lynch, Patrick McCallan, Dr. John L. McCrea, Marshall McElwain, Andrew W. McLaughlin, William Nelson McLennan, William H. Martin, James S. Mathews, John Wesley Marshall (pix), Dr. Hamilton Meade, Peter Merges, William Mertens, David Miller, Samuel Miller, Llewellyn A. Moore, James E. Morrison, Michael B. Murphy, Patrick B. Murphy, Thomas L. Murphy, Joshua Murray, W.R. Murray, William H. Newell, Michael O'Donohoe, Capt. John O'Rourke (pix of home), Henry E. Palmer (pix), Ambrose Patterson, James M. Patterson (pix), Julius Pepperberg, William B. Porter, George E. Pronger, Leonidas Quinn, John Richardson, S.H. Richmond, Joseph M. Roberts (pix of home), Rasgorshek Bros. (pix of business), Peter E. Ruffner, John A. Schaefer, W.H. Scheldknecht, Matthew Schlegel, Herman C. Schmidt, William Henry Shafer, John W. Shannon, William C. Showalter, John D. Simpson, George S. Smith (pix of home), Anselmo B. Smith, Daniel B. Smith, Washington Smith, Solomon and Nathan, Fred H. Steimker, Jesse b. Strode, Albert N. Sullivan, Andrew B. Taylor, Jonathan P. Taylor, Samuel L. Thomas, Thomas J. Thomas, Ammi B. Todd, W.L. Tucker, Jacob Vallery Sr., Perry Walker, Levi Walker, H.A. Waterman and Son, Henry Watson, Wayman and Hefner, Joseph V. Weckbach (pix of business), C.E. Wescott, Frank E. White (pix), Frank S. White, Walter J. White, Marquis L. White (pix of home), Daniel H. Wheeler, Isaac Wiles, Stephen Wiles, Thomas Wiles, Rev. Samuel P. Wilson, R.B. Windham, Will. S. Wise, Edwin H. Woolley, Rev. Alpha Wright, John P. Young; Weeping Water -- Joseph M Beardsley, Micajah M. Butler, Timothy Clark, James Clizbe, Solomon Dewey, Samuel D. Fitchie, Fleming and Race, William D. Gibbon, Benjamin A. Gibson, Rev. Charles Francis Graves, Henry Hubbard, John Marshall and Son, James B. Meikle, William Mickle, S.W. Orton, Joseph F. Parkins, Eugene L. Reed, J.A. Reichenbach, Fred F. Rexford, John S. Tewksbury, Rev. George H. Wehn, Frank M. Wolcott; Louisville -- Charles F. Came, Jonathan D. Ferguson, John V. Glover, Benjamin G. Hoover, Capt. James T.A. Hoover, Milton D. Polk, Frank Stander, Frederick Stohlmann, William A. Urwin, Benjamin Ward, Isaac M. Ward, Dr. John M. Waterman, Taylor F. Welborn; Rock Bluff City -- George A. Amick, Enos Berger, James W. Berger, Granville E. Fleming, Joshua Gapen, W.W. Graves, William J. Hesser, Moses Hiatt, J.B. Holmes, Constant J. Martin, Joseph B. Moore, Anderson Root, William H. Royal, Joseph Sans, Joseph Shera, B. Siebold, William H. Smith, Thomas A. Sullivan, William A. Taylor, Jacob R.Vallery, James A. Walker, I.S. White, James W. Wiley, Dr. William W. Wiley, Francis M. Young Sr., F.M. Young Jr., William Young; South Bend -- James Crawford, Charles N. Folsom, James G. Romine, Daniel Sweeny; Factoryville -- James E. Banning, Evander W. Barnum, John F. Buck, Joseph T. Cannon, John Frew, Stephen B. Hobson, Samuel M. Kirkpatrick, John Murfin, John W. Pitman, Isaac Pollard, L.C. Pollard, George F. Schryder, Levi G. Todd, George S. Upton, Robert Bruce Wallace, Charles H. Winslow, William W. Wolfe; Avoca -- George W. Adams, Orlando Tefft; Eight Mile Grove Precinct -- Henry Ahl, Samuel Barker, Peter T. Beaver, John H. V. Becker, Frank P. Bushe, John M. Craig, George A. Creamer, Joseph C. Gilmore, O.H. Goodwin, John H. Hasemeier, John Imhelder, Justus Lillie, John T. Moore, John F. Polk, John Ramsey, Samuel Richardson, George E. Sayles, Christian Schluntz, Frank P. Traster, George Walradt; Mt. Pleasant Precinct -- Hiram P. Blanchard, James Hall, Otto Mutz, Thomas L. Wiles; Elmwood Precinct -- Silas E. Greenslate, Dr. Noah R. Hobbs, Dr. James A. Kenaston, John McCaig; Center Precinct -- Thaddeus Adams, William B. Ashmun, Charles C. Babcock, Patrick Blessington, Henry W. Farley, Gilbert M. Flower, Ross G. Gordon, Samuel L. Graham, and Garry Treat. The final part of the booklet contains a brief excerpt from Nebraska, a Guide to the Cornhusker State. It includes brief tour stops at Plattsmouth, Louisville, South Bend, Murray, Union, Factoryville, Nehawka, Weeping Water and Rock Bluff.

Cass County, NE
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Cover of Cass County History

Sources: History of Cass County Nebraska / History of the State of Nebraska
Authors: John Hill Wheeler, et al
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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