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Jefferson County

Book Description:

Early days in Jefferson County, MO, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, factual data, and individual biographies in this booklet, an excerpt reprinted from the rare book: History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri, originally published by Goodspeed Publishing Company of Chicago in 1888. The 109-page spiral bound booklet is 8 1/2 x 11" and is printed on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. (Booklets on each of the other four counties are also available.) Topics covered in the history of this rural county in central Missouri include: Boundaries, Mineral Resources, Streams, and other Natural Features; First Settlers -- John Hilderbrand, Thomas Jones, Thomas Tyler, John Piatt and others; Indian troubles; Later Settlers -- Peter Huskey, Thomas Hearst, James Rankin, and others; Public Lands and Land Entries; Agricultural Interests; County organization and names of county officials; Highways; Population; Courts and court cases; the Civil War period with names of officers; Judiciary; Railroads; Schools; Newspapers; Churches; Towns and Villages -- New Hartford, Herculaneum, Hillsboro, De Soto, Crystal City and the Plate Glass Works, Festus, Crystal Heights, Kimmswick, Windsor Harbor, Montesano Springs, Sulphur Springs, Pevely, Horine, Silica City, Hanover, Hematite, Victoria, Vineland, House's Springs and others; Newspapers; Schools, Churches, and other items of interest. In addition to the many names mentioned in the first section of the booklet, there are a number of fairly detailed individual biographies. While these are of primary interest to their decendents, they contain many items of general historical interest, particularly accounts of Civil War activities. They include: John O. Ackerson, William J. Adams, John A. Alderson, George Arnold, Lucius D. Ashcraft, Joseph M. Aubuchon, William E. Bage, John Martin Bailey, Henry Bailey, John J. Ball, Hubert Becker, Engelbert Bergmeyer Jr., Aquilla Blackwell, N.H. Bissell, William Black, Henry Boemler, Michael Boemler, Daniel Bonacker, Sherman W. Bowen, Gabriel Boyce, Edwin Boyne, William Brackmann, Joseph Bradford, Henry Brady, Thomas G. Brent (picture), John C. Bridell, James Brierton, Joseph Brooker, Thomas Burgess, Thomas L. Burgess, Billy Burke (William Scheivers), Isidor Bush, Raphael Bush, David Butler, Lieut. John Buxton, Capt. William J. Buxton, John T. Byrd, Judge Patrick Byrne, Judge M.F. Byrne, Christopher Campbell, Judge John C. Cape, Rev. James P. Cape, Thomas A. Charles, Mrs. Eliza T. Clark, James W. Clarke, John C. Cole, Joshua Cole, Lewis Cole, Amos L. Colman, Rev. J.A. Connolly, Lewis T. Cosby, Robert Coxwell, Christopher J. Crahan, S.W. Crawford, Dr. Amandus Crull, Ward Cunningham, Eli F. Donnell, Prof. James P. Dougherty, J.N. Douglas, Douglass Jersey Cattle Company, H.W. Douglass, Bonaparte Dover, John Duffy, Joseph C. Eisenhauer, Dr. G.W.N. Elders, Richard A. Elkins, Matthew P. Elliott, Benjamin F. England, Arthur L. Eshbaugh, Henry Euler, Vincent Faina, Dr. William H. Farrar, Eugene Feste, Christ. Fink, Col. J.W. Fletcher, Smith B. Fletcher, George R. Foster, John T. Foster, John Frech, Andrew L. Frech, E.F. Frost, George H. Frost, William A. Gamel, J.W. Garison, David D. Goff, James F. Green, Michael W. Greene, Dr. Francis E. Guibor, T.W. Guy, Peter Gutchrel, Hermann Haas, Fred Hacke, Gust Hamel, Gust J. Hamel, Joseph H. Hamill, William Hanvy, Dr. Milton C. Harbison, Alonzo T. Harlow, William H. Harris, William J. Harrison, Josiah R. Harrison, William J. Haverstick, Charles Hemme, Rev. Joel M. Hensley, Otto Herman, John Hopson, C. Thomas Horine, Stephen Hug, Dr. W.W. Hull, William Humes, Henry Hurtgen, John Huskey, Dr. T.A. James, Thornton Jarvis, Daniel L. Jarvis, Florian Jenni, William Sumner Jewett (picture), J.F. Joyce, Charles Karte, Lewis Kelly, C.M. Kerckhoff, Judge William J. Kirk, William Kleinschmidt, Louis Kleinschmidt, Charles H. Kleinschmidt, Frank J. Knapp, Leo Kohler, Xavier Kohler, William Kramer, Thomas J. Lee, Marion M. Lewis, Mayor H.E. McClanahan, Mrs. Rachel A. McClure, Daniel J. McDermott, George W. McFry, Doctor F. McKee, William J. McMahon, R.W. McMullin, Eli J. McMullin, John McNulty, Louis Matheau, Edward B. Maupin, William J. Mauthe, Edwin Mercer, Herman Meyer, John Miller, Dr. George M. Mockbee, Henry Moehlmann, Robert C. Moore, Robert G. Morgan, James T. Moss, Thomas E. Moss, Adam F. Mummert, O.M. Munroe, Norman B. Munro, Fritz Naucke, George F. Neale, John J. Nelson, John Nenzel, Carman Adams Newcomb, William T. Niccolls, Joseph W. North, John O'Fallon, Clarence C. O'Fallon, Michael Ostertag, Daniel M. Park, Adolph Pecaut, G.R. Rathbun, Otto Rauchenbach, Burrell S. Reppy, Solomon Reutlinger, Skelton Richardson, Booker Richardson, Henry Roberts, M. Roberts, Louis Rogge, Otto Rohlfing, William J. Rowe, Louis J. Rozier, Dr. Wallace L. Sappington, Henry S. Schmidt, Judge Henry Seckman, Richard C. Shearlock, Nathan Slawson, Thomas Smith, Romain Spitz, P. Steinman, John Theobald, William H.H. Thomas, Captain Charles B. Tilden, Rev. David Q. Travis, John W. Tully, Charles Frank Vaughn, Daniel B. Veazey, Alfred Vinyard, J.E. Waggener, Charles Waldron, William H. Walker, Leonidas R. Walker, H. Frederick Wappler, Capt. William H. Washburn, Freeman D. Waters, John L. Weaver, Thomas Welch, John Wenom, S.S. Wiley, Judge William F. Williams, Thomas A. Williams, Ephraim Williams, Judge Joseph J. Williams, Falkland H. Williams, Thomas L. Williams, Dr. Charles Williams, John M. Wilson, John William Wilson, James H. Wilson, James J. Wilson Jr., Capt. Alexander Ziegler and Martin Zimpfer.

Jefferson County, MO
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Cover of Jefferson County History

Sources: History of Jefferson County Missouri; History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri
Authors: E.M. Violette
Original Publication Year: 1888
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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