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Washington County

Book Description:

Early days in Washington County, MO, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, factual data, and individual biographies in this booklet, an excerpt reprinted from the rare book: History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri, originally published by Goodspeed Publishing Company of Chicago in 1888. The 69-page spiral bound booklet is 8 1/2 x 11" and is printed on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. (Booklets on each of the other four counties are also available.) Topics covered in the history of this rural county in central Missouri include: Boundaries, Mineral Resources, Streams, Soil, Timber, and other Natural Features; First Settlers -- French explorers and miners, Spanish grants, Land entries by township; A wedding party interrupted by Kickapoo Indians; Industries and Agriculture; County organization and names of county officials; Highways and public buildings; Courts and court cases, including the burning of the Lapine family and other murders; the Civil War period with names of officers; Lodges, Newspapers; Churches; Towns and Villages -- Potosi, Belgrade, Caledonia, Old Mines, Mineral Point and others; Prominent citizens -- Moses Austin; Francis Breton, Col. Michael Taney; Newspapers; Schools, Churches, and other items of interest. In addition to the many names mentioned in the first section of the booklet, there are a number of fairly detailed individual biographies. While these are of primary interest to their decendents, they contain many items of general historical interest, particularly accounts of Civil War activities. They include: Francis M. Adams, William S. Anthony, J. Rush Anthony, F.T. Aubuchon, David N. Baker, E.H. Baugher, Eugene c. Baugher, Andrew Bean, Dr. John B. Bell, James F. Bennett, Jerome Causin Berryman, Dr. Ellis W. Bliss, Robert J. Boas, Francis M. Boas, Robert A. Boring, John B. Boyer, Smith G. Breckenridge, Robert T. Brown, Robert C. Bryan, Henry Bub, R.M. Bugg, McK. Burton, Robert Bust, Sam Byrns, Albert F. Carr, Andrew Casey, Edmond Casey, Morgan A. Casey, Andrew Casey, William J. Casey, Major John T. Clarke, Stephen Cresswell, George Cresswell, Joseph Cresswell, Edward E. Curtis, Charles L. Daniels, P.E. Daugherty, Benjamin Davidson, Evan B. Day, Richard H. Dearing, Joseph Deggendorf, Mark W. Dent, John L. Detchemendy, Louis F. Dinning, John F. Declue, John B. Dumphy, Dr. Jesse L. Eaton, James S. Evans, Samuel D. Evans, John Evens, William H. Evens, Robert H. Evens, John Flynn, Michael M. Flynn, Samuel D. Gibson, Eugene Godat, Charles L. Gough, Charles B. Gray, Moses Grenia, Shadrach B. Hancock, Reuben Harmon, Frank Harris, Alex Harrison, George P. Harvey, Augustus Hawkins, Hyrcanus Hawkins, Rev. John H. Headlee, Jesse F. Henslee, Chasteen Hicks, Thomas Higginbotham, Wilder Higginbotham, Lytle Blodsaw Higginbotham, Zachary Higginbotham, Cruise Higginbotham, Capt. James B. Homan, John C. Horton, William D. Huff, Mahlon Hughes, John M. Hughes, James M. Hughes, William T. Hunter, William C. Ion, Alexander D. Jamieson, Arthur Kelsey, Robert F. Letcher, William Long, James Long, John O. Long, George C. Loomis, James D. Lowry, William McGready, F.E. McGready, Isreal H. McGready, W.F. McMurtrey, Henry B. Mallow, John L. Martin, James W. Martin, Elijah B. Matthews, Victor B. Mesplay, N.H. Nichols, William Nicholson, Thomas Nicholson, Conrad Norwine, Andrew J. Norwine, Eugene O'Mara, Joseph Parkin, John Parkin, Dr. H.D. Poston, John P. Ramsey, Jacob F. Richardson, Capt. Samuel Richeson, C.C. Rose, John B. Ross, Alfred W. Scott, Henry L. Scott, John A. Shepperd, Stephen D. Shore, Harvey Sitton, W.J. Slais, Oliver C. Sloan, Thomas Donnel Sloan, Charles D. Smith, James C. Smith, Elbert E. Southall, John T. Stephens, Charles A. Stocking, Jacob C. Stone, John Teasdale, William H. Tennyson, William H. Townsend, S.C. Townsend, William R. Troutt, Eber C. Turley, Prof. W.D. Vandiver, John Wallace, Henry C. Wallen, Albert Walser, T.A. Waring, Charles S. Waugh, Frederick Will, Jonathan Wishon, Joel K.P. Wood, Paris E. Wood, and George C. Woods.

Washington County, MO
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Cover of Washington County History

Sources: History of Washington County Missouri; History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri
Authors: E.M. Violette
Original Publication Year: 1888
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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