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Franklin County

Book Description:

Early days in Franklin County, MO, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales, factual data, and individual biographies in this booklet, an excerpt reprinted from the rare book: History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri, originally published by Goodspeed Publishing Company of Chicago in 1888. The spiral bound booklet is 8 1/2 x 11" and is printed on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. (Booklets on each of the other four counties are also available. Communities currently listed for Franklin County by the National Association of Counties include: Berber, Gerald, Leslie, Miramiquoa Park, New Haven, Pacific, Parkway, St. Clair, Sullivan, Union, Washington and Wildwood. Topics covered in the history of this rural county in central Missouri include: Boundaries, Mineral Resources, Streams, Soil, Caves, and other Natural Features; Settlement -- Ancient Inhabitants, Early Society, A letter by C.S. Jeffries describing life in 1819, Early Spanish Surveys, First Settlers, Land Entries; the killing of William G. Owens; Organization of the County; Names of countuy officials; the Civil War period with names of officers; Judiciary; Railroads; Schools; Newspapers; Churches; Cities, Towns and Villages -- Union, Pacific City, New Haven, Sullivan, Shotwell, Reedville, Gray's Summit, Stanton, Labaddie, Robertsville, Oakfield, Dundee, and others. In addition to the many names mentioned in the first section of the booklet, there are a number of fairly detailed individual biographies. While these are of primary interest to their decendents, they contain many items of general historical interest, particularly accounts of Civil War activities. They include: John F. Adams, William Ahrens, Henry Alberswerth, Edward J. Alberswerth, Charles Alder, Monroe Allen, August Altheide, Louis A. Ambs, Valentine Anderes, H. Arand, James Armstrong, Marsters E. Armstrong, Thomas Bacon, Julian Bagby, J.P. Bagby, Joseph Bardot, John C. Barrett, John T. Barrett, J.H. Bartle, Henry R. Bauman, Mathew Bay, John F. Becker, Frederick W. Becker, Frederick T. Beckmann, Bernhard Beckmann, Herman H. Beinke, William M. Bell, Andrew J. Bell, Andrew Bergmann, Rev. Edward Berry, F.W. Berthold, Dr. Franklin Beyersdorf, John A. Blanton, Frederick F. Blom, August Boeger (picture), Judge A.H. Bolte, Charles Borberg, Rudolph Borgmann, Otto Brauer, A.H. Breckenkamp, Daniel A. Brennan, John F. Brinkmann, William Brix, Dr. Charles Brockhausen, John H. Broeker, Addison H. Brown, Clark C. Brown, Capt. Arch. S. Bryan, Henry J. Buhr, Samuel Burt, John B. Busch, Julius F. Busch, Dr. P.N. Butler, Dr. Pierce N. Butler, William Henry Buttemiller, John M. Caldwell, Angus A. Cantley, James N. Cardwell, T.W. Chiles, H.W. Clark, C.C. Close, Judge Anderson J. Coleman, M.A. Coleman, Robert Craig, John T. Crowe, John L. Criswell, N.B. Davidson, John M. Degen, R.B. Denny, Charles H.W. Diedrich, Louis Derking, Dr. G.W. Doggett, William F. Drake, John G. Droege, Webster Duckworth, Joseph Eckert, Oscar Ehlers, Charles Frederick Maximilian Elmbeck, Dr. August F. Elmbeck, Dr. Boyle L. Ellett, John Ernst, Jesse P. Farrar, Richard Farrar, Joseph Feth, Andrew Fink, John Finney, Finis C. Fisher, Squire Fitzgerald, Gustav G. Frentrop Jr., Capt. Adolphus Frick, Bernard Fricke, Charles F. Gallenkamp, Philipp Gerber, Eberhardt Giebler, Andrew M. Giersa, Arnold Godt, Gert Goebel, George Goeller Sr., Rev. William F. Goessling, Dr. Charles F. Goodrich, Paul Gorg, Andrew Morgan Groff, Daniel Haid Jr., Dr. M.M. Hamlin, C.H.R. Handcock, Frederick Hansen, Louis Hausmann, George W. Hawkins, Henry Hemker, Philip Hendrich, Rev. John Hennes, Dr. James S. Hiatt, I.W. Hill, Rudolph Hirzel (picture), Capt. Frank H. Hoelscher, Robert Hoffmann, A.W. Hoffmann, Henry C. Hollmann, Herman H. Holtgrewe, Julius Hundhausen, Dr. John Isbell, Dr. Otto Jacobs, William F. Jaeger, Jacob Jahraous, Anton Jasper, Cuthbert Swepson Jeffries, Edwin H. Jeffries, Christ. Johnson, Charles C. Jones, Dr. S. Paul Jones, George H. Kahmann, J. William Kahmann, Anthony Kahmann, John B. Kahmann, Adolph Kaiser, Herman H. Kamper, Capt. H. A. Kelling, William Kerr, John C. Klenke, Charles Klingsieck, Frederick William Koch, A. Koppitz, Edmund Krekel, Henry Krog, John F. Kruel, Henry Langenberg, Dr. Albert Lane, James F. Lee, Wilson Leiser, Casper W. Leisse, George W. Link, William J. Lintner, Herman L. Logerbrinck, Thadeus A. Lowe, Samuel McCallister, Andrew J. McIntosh, Dr. Elijah McLean, John H. Macke, Charles H. Magann, Judge John R. Martin, Dr. Jefferson G. Martin, Fritz William Maschmann, Louis Maune, Fred J. Mauntel, A.W. Maupin, James J. Maupin, William H. May, William H. Meyer, William Meyersieck, Bradford S. Miles, Charles Miller, James M. Ming, Joseph A. Mintrup, John R. Mitchell, Henry M. Mohrmann, William H. Moore, Rev. Albert Muecke, William Mueller, Martin Muench, Louis Muench, Ferdinand Muench, Clayton T. Murphy, James T. Murphy Jr., Edward M. Murray, Jacob B. Neely, Theodore Neukum, Frederick L. Nierdieck, Henry Noelker, Joseph Noelke, Henry Oeters, John Osborn, August Ott, William H. Otto, William H. Otto Jr., Frederick W. Panhorst, Louis C. Park, James R. Parr, Frederick William Pehle, Christain Peterson, George W. Pike, Rev. John R. Pimlott, Henry W. Plackmann, Dr. W.H. Powers, John W. Purves, B.F. Reed, Charles Reinhard, Thomas A. Renick, Benjamin F. Renick, John Ritter, E.J. Roberts, Dr. John Ellis Rodley, Capt. Robert Roehrig, Charles H. Rohrer, Charles Roedder, Frank Roedder, Julius Rombach, Joseph J. Roth, Burrell P. Rowland, Adolph Ruge, William G. Ruge, Frederick Rusche, R.C. Sands, Leopold M. Schaffer, Benjamin Schatz, John Schiller, Samuel H. Schleef, Henry Schlochtemeyer, John H. Schmidt, Heinrich Schmidt, Christ Schmidt, Charles Schueddig, Gottlieb Schuerkamp, Charles Schultz, Edward Schumacher, Franz Schwarzer, George W. Schweer, Julius H. Schweer, L.L. Seaburn, Theodore Seifert, A.L. Shelton, Winchester L. Shelton, Nicholas Shookman, Richard Smith, W.B. Smith, Theodore M. Snyder, Joseph Soph, Norman C. Spalding, Prof. Bernard J. Specking, Judge William P. Springgate, Frederick Steines, August Steinhaus, Peter H. Stipp, Henry Stock, Omar Strehly, Frank Stumpe, William Stumpe, Robert F. Sullins, Stephen H. Sullivan, Hezekiah Rogers Sweet, George Tamm, W.M. Terry, H.W. Terschluse, James E. Thurmond, Henry H. Thurmond, C.H. Tiemann, Martin Tiemann, Charles Toelke, John A. Toelke, Eldridge B. Trail, Henry Trentmann, Johanes Ludewig Trentmann, Henry Milton Tugel, Herman A. Ulrich, W.E. Valentine, Dr. S. Van Hoefen, Henry Vitt, A.A. Vitt, Robert Voss, Isaiah Wall, Ernst Walter, Hamden O. Walton, Louis Wehrmann, Fritz Wehrmann, August H. Wehmuller, John Clay Weimer, Herman T. Weirich, James Whitsett, S.B. Whitsett, J.F. Whitson, G.J. Wiley, Henry C. Williams, John E. Wilson, Elijah G. Wilson, Joseph Winistoerfer, Henry Winkelmeyer, George Wolff, David P. Wood, Charles W. Wood, George W. Wood, Frederick Wortmann, Dr. Matthew J. Young, Henry Zeis, and Louis F. Ziegenmeyer.

Franklin County, MO
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Cover of Franklin County History

Sources: History of Franklin County Missouri; History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri
Authors: Nettie Killgore
Original Publication Year: 1888
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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