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Cape Girardeau County

Book Description:

Early days in Cape Girardeau County, MO, are recalled in this booklet, reprinted from excerpts from three rare books: Goodspeed's 1888: History of Southeast Missouri, The State of Missouri (1904), and Missouri, a Guide to the "Show Me" State, a 1930s WPA project. The 113-page spiral bound 8 1/2" x 11" booklet, is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. Topics covered include: Ensign Sieur Girardot, Don Louis Lorimier, Andrew Ramsay, the Alexander Giboney family, Col. Bollinger, the Amos Byrd family, the Rodney family, the Randol family, the Thomas English family, the Hays family, the Penney family, and other notable early settlers; A list of families from 1803; Judicial History of Cape Girardeau District; Criminal Record, including several murders; Officials; the city of Cape Girardeau -- noted early residents, merchants, newspapers, schools, St. Vincent's College, Masonic Lodges, city officials; the town of Jackson -- first stores, first physicians, press, societies, etc.; Other towns -- Oak Ridge, Appleton, Pocahontas, Shawneetown, Burfordsville, Allentown, Millersville; Attorneys, and other items of interest. Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Most are fairly lengthy, and often include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: J. Alfred Abernathy, Benjamin H. Adams, Sebastian Albert, Leon J. Albert, William E. Alexander, John H. Altenthal, Henry A. Astholz (pix), Francis M. Baker, Jonathan H. Barks, George H. Barks, George W. Bast, Lewis M. Bean, William M. Bennett, C.F. Betten, Charles L. Blattner, John A. Bowers, Samuel S. Bowman, William C. Bowman, Jasper N. Brooks, Otto Buehrmann, Dr. K.H. Burford, Frank E. Burrough, William Byrd, Abraham Ruddell Byrd, Rev. P.V. Byrne, John H. Caldwell, Jacob H. Campbell, James Carroll, Christopher C. Clippard, James A. Clippard, George W. Cobble, William H. Coerver, Nathan C. Collins, William B. Colyer, Maurice Cramer, Sidney Daugherty, Eldridge G. Davidson, Chesley Booker Davis, B.F. Davis, L.H. Davis, N. Monroe Davis, Robert W. Davis, Jacob Deck, P.H. Dempsey, Joseph Devenport, John M. Devore, Marion Drum, John Eggimann, E.H. Engelman, Thomas W. English, Henry Fenimore, Albert C. Ford, John Adam Frank, John W. Fulenwider, Emanuel Geiser, Robert T. Giboney, D.A. Glenn, George W. Goodson, William B. Green, Christian W. Hager, Henry G. Hager, Charles Harenberg, Dr. S.S. Harris, Dr. Edward R. Harris, Francis M. Hartle, Emanuel Hartle, Christian C. Haupt, Henry Heise, Jehoidia H. Held, Dr. Benjamin R. Hempstead, Judge John R. Henderson, Dr. Robert T. Henderson, Solomon D. Hensley, August Heuer, John Hink, Daniel Hinkle, Jacob L. Hinkle, Henry C. Hinton, C. Hirsch Jr., Greer D. Hitt, Isaac Cooper Hitt, Joseph V. Hobbs, David Loy Hoffman, Thomas D. Hope, Dr. John A. Horn, S.B. Horrell, J.A. Horrell, Louis Houck, H.W. Howard, Edward F. Jenkins, Dr. Thomas E. Johnson, Prof. Thomas E. Joyce, John G. Juden, Edward S. Juden, F.A. Kage, William N. Keeling, John G. Keller, George J. Keller, Louis T. Keller, Henry Kerstner, John Kerstner, Claus Kerstner, Fred Kies, Andrew H. Kinder, Judge Levi J. Kinder, Louis C. Kipping, Louis F. Klostermann (pix), John W. Knox, Frederick Kurre, William E. Lang, Peter Lehner, Joseph C. Lewis, Edward S. Lilly, J.W. Limbaugh, Amos Link, Andrew Litzelfelner, Joseph C. Litzelfelner, August H. Litzelfelner, Christian Lowes, Caspar Ludwig, Peter Ludwig, Dr. Samuel M. McAnally, James W. McBryde, John M. McClean, John S. McGhee, the McGuire family, John McKenna, John W. McLane, John W. McLeary, George W. McNeely, John Newton McNeely, Henry Martens, Joseph D. Massey, Medad Masterson, J.A. Matteson, Charles P. Medley, Anton F. Meister, Julius Meyer, George Meyer, L.W. Miller, James H. Miller, Dr. Alexander H. Miller, W.H. Miller, Robert A. Minton, William H. Minton, William P. Morton, Hiram G. Morton, H.H. Mueller, D.A. Nichols, Richard C. Norton (pix), R.B. Oliver, Dr. D.T. Pace, William Paar, John Painter, H.P. Peironnet, John M. Penny, Judge William M. Peterman, George W. Peterman, Isaiah H. Poe, Fred W. Pottn (pix), Peter Powell, John A. Proffer, Fr. Edward Pruente, Abram D. Randol, William C. Ranney, Frederick Reck, Dr. John H. Renfroe, Henry Reutzel, Dr. James H. Rider, Ernst Riemann, John F. Robb, William J. Roberts, Chester J. Roehl, Frederick Rueseler, Dr. L.P. Ruff, G.R. Whitmore, James Runnels, Elam W. Russell, William A. Russell, A.H. Russkamp, Theodore Sachse, Henry F. Sadler, Linus Sanford, Judge John J. Sawyer, Henry Schaefer, J.H. Schaefer, Henry Schenimann, Andrew H. Schlueter, Judge William G. Schneider, Gustave Schoen, Dr. F.B. Schulz, Benedict S. Schwab, Herman Sebastian, George Seibert, F.W.H. Siemers, Herman Philip Siemers, John M. Smith, Julius M. Snider, J.A. Snider, Marquis L. Spradling, John St. Avit, Gilbert D. Statler, William W. Stathem, Charles B. Stearns, Nathaniel P. Stearns, Alpheus C. Stevenson, Samuel E. Stewart, H. Stratman, William Stroder, Mrs. Eliza J. Strong, Robert Sturdivant (pix), Capt. Adolph Tacke, Dr. Jesse R. Talley, Andrew J. Tant, Robert L. Taylor, James C. Thompson, Frederick Tiedemann, John B. Tooke, Levi N. Torrence, Louie B. Torrence, Dr. G.W. Travis, Henry Tuschhoff, Henry F. Ueleke, William J. Ulrich, Dr. John A. Van Amburgh, John Waller, Dr. John H. Walker, William C. Walker, Peter B. Walker, James E. Wallace, Herman Weiss, George Weiss, Richard J. Welch, Levi Welty, Thomas Franklin Wheeler, Elza H. Whitledge, Henry Wilhelm, Jacob Williams, S. Van B. Williams, Judge Francis M. Williams, William Wesley Williams, Drury Wills, Dr. W.B. Wilson (pix), Prof. Thomas M. Wilson, R.P. Wilson, James E. Wilson, William G. Wilson, William Winkler Sr., and Judge Rufus M. Woods. The 1888 history covers the early development of this area and includes bios of prominent citizens. The 1904 book, written in connection with the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, gives a brief overview of the county. The WPA excerpt takes a look at the area from a 1939 vantage point, including a special section on Cape Girardeau with 13 points of interest. Other tour stops include Old Appleton and Jackson.

Cape Girardeau County, MO
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Cover of Cape Girardeau County History

Sources: History of Cape Girardeau County Missouri; History of Southeast Missouri
Authors: Mary L. Geiffs
Original Publication Year: 1888
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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