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Sibley County

Book Description:

Early days in Sibley County, MN, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 70-page spiral bound booklet reprinted from the rare 1882 book: History of the Minnesota Valley, by the Rev. Edward D. Neill. The booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Sibley County encompasses the past and/or present communities of Alfsborg, Arlington, Bismark, Cornish, Dryden, Faxon, Grafton, Green Isle, Henderson, Jessenland, Kelso, Moltke, New Auburn, Severance, Sibley, Transit, Washington Lake. Among the many and diverse topics in the booklet are: Physical features; Charles Blair, John Blair, Ed Winkelman and other early settlers; German, Scotch, Irish and French Canadian communities; Various county office locations; Joseph R. Brown, pioneer town-builder of Minnesota; early county and municiple officials; firsts -- church service, postmaster, school and teacher, white child born, death, marriage, etc.; Masons, Sons of Herman, Knights of Pythias and other organizations; the Sibley County Independent; Muskrat meat and Indian corn; Embezzling officials; Grasshopper scourge; Stage Routes and Roads; the village of Henderson; Schools and Churches; Handkerchief used as Mailbag; Poehler Brothers general store and other businesses and industries; A trio each of Henderson doctors and lawyers; Colorful life of Dr. Seigneuret, participant in the 1848 French insurrection against King Louis Philippe and Brigade Surgeon under General H.H. Sibley in the Sioux Indian outbreak of 1862; a pig-stealing bear, and many other interesting bits of history and trivia.. An extensive list of Civil War soldiers from Sibley County is included. Here's a sample: Second Infantry, Company B. Private -- Andred Dretchko, must. June 26, '61, died of wd's rec'd at Mill Spring. Jan. 20, '62. Company C. Recruit -- C.L. Alden, must. Oct. 26, '61, w'd at Chickamauga, dis. for w'ds Oct. 27, '63. The booklet includes biographies persons with the following surnames: Ahlbrecht, Allanson, Altnow, Anderley, Anderson, Arnold, Atrops, Babcock, Bach, Bade, Bailey, Baily, Barle, Barry, Baumgarten, Beatty, Becker, Beebe, Bengstrom, Bening, Bennett, Bennitt, Berber, Biermann, Bierstadt, Bigelow, Bischof, Bisson, Blake, Blasing, Bloma, Bock, Boland, Bolink, Boren, Boylan, Bray, Bremer, Bretch, Briard, Brooks, Brown, Buck, Buckley, Budke, Burdick, Burger, Burgstabler, Cairncross, Cameraud, Carroll, Chapin, Collins, Connolly, Coon, Cormier, Cotter, Cowly, Curren, Cunningham, Dapper, Davis, Davitt, Dee, Delger, Didra, Dietz, Dodge, Doere, Doheney, Doheny, Dolin, Donaldson, Donovan, Downs, Dresser, Dretchko, Drever-Kracht, Drew, Duane, Dunwell, Egan, Eickshen, Emery, Enes, Engel, Englebert, Erickson, Esser, Fadden, Faddon, Feldman, Finnagen, Fisher, Fledmann, Flinn, Flynn, Forcier, Foss, Francis, Frank, Frantz, Franziscus, Freeman, Fuerstnow, Furch, Gabbert, Gadlow, Gallagher, Gardner, Gartner, Geib, Gerken, Gibbs, Goebel, Gondreau, Goodham, Graham, Graves, Gregory, Greig, Griffin, Grimes, Groetsch, Grohong, Gustofson, Hagbarg, Hahn, Hall, Hamilton, Haney, Harris, Hartigan, Hass, Haupt, Healy, Heberle, Hedrich, Hedtke, Hemberle, Henneberg, Herrmann, Higgins, Hilger, Hoecke, Hofmister, Hoefer, Hogan, Holmes, Holzgrove, Hoppenstedt, Hubbard, Hunziker, Jache, Johnson, Jorgenson, Kain, Kampp, Keenan, Keller, Kelly, Kerr, Kiene, Kill, Kimball, Kipp, Kirby, Kirch, Klinket, Koons, Korth, Krueger, Kruger, Kuehner, Kusche, Kusske, Laraway, Larson, Lawrence, Lawson, Lawton, Leonard, Lesher, Lindekugel, Litchfield, Lorence, Lund, Lundborg, Lynch, Lynde, Maeiss, Mahn, Mannsfeldt, Mansfield, Manthey, Otting, Mantner, Manuel, Marmorin, Matthei, Maurer, Maxson, McCloskey, McCormick, McGrann, McGuinnis, McKeon, McManus, McMehan, McNamara, McSweeney, McSweeny, Mee, Meffert, Meier, Mergens, Mintkiewitz, Mohan, Mohrenweiser, Moore, Morrell, Morshan, Muchow, Mueller, Mullen, Mulligan, Munro, Narr, Naven, Negel, Neukirch, Norman, Norten, O’Connell, O’Connors, O’Flynn, O’Keefe, O’Mara, O’Neill, Obenolte, Oberst, Oleson, Oxendale, Palmer, Papke, Paulman, Pfarr Pickit, Pigler, Pioske, Plieseis, Podratz, Poehler, Pomplan, Prahl, Prior, Propp, Quast, Rahing, Rahling, Ranney, Rathke, Rector, Rice, Richmuller, Riley, Rose, Rosenfeld, Ruschmeier, Sander, Schafer, Schauer, Schmid Schmidt, Schriber, Schnackenberg, Schumacher, Scully, Seigneuret, Senescall, Severin, Shadinger, Shaughnessy, Shaw, Sheridan, Shoberg, Sisler, Slough, Smith, Soeffken, Sonnenburg, Soper, Spellman, Spllacy, Stecher, Steinke, Stocking, Stoever, Streich, Swanson, Taylor, Theis, Theissen, Thoele, Thole, Tierney, Torgeson, Tutzloff, Von Reedon, Voss, Wass, Weber, Wegge, Wegner, Weike, Weimier, Welter, Wendelschaefer, Wentzlerff, Whelan, Wiegand, Wiest, Wigand, Wilcox, Wilkins, Willson, Wilson, Wisdorf, Witsoney, Witte, Woehler, Woelpern, Yonker, Young, Zigler.

Sibley County, MN
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Cover of Sibley County History

Sources: History of the Minnesota Valley - Sibley County History
Authors: Edward D. Neill
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Louis H. Everts
See Description for more info.


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