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Nicollet County

Book Description:

NEW 73 Page Booklet. Early days in Nicollet County, Minnesota, which encompasses the present and/or past communities of Traverse, Traverse des Sioux, St. Peter, Rock Bend, Belgrade (formerly South Bend), Lake Prairie, Oshawa, Eureka, Swan City, Courtiano, Red Stone, Lafayette, Ridgely (Fort Ridgely), Brighton, Granby, New Sweden, Bernadotte are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this spiral bound booklet reprinted from a rare 1882 book: History of the Minnesota Valley, by the Rev. Edward D. Neill. The booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Among the many and diverse topics in the booklet are: Physical description of land; First officers of the county; Schools, Churches, and Newspapers; Controversy over County seat location; The St. Peter Company's attempt to make St. Peter the Territorial Capital; first birth, marriage, death; railroads and ferry boats; a Hotel and an Insane Asylum; Gustavus Adolphus College, founded by the Swedish Lutheran Church; Other churches and schools; Banks and Businesses; First settlers; Two Missionary Drownings; Excerpts from Rev. Riggs Diary; Treaty with Dakotas in 1851; Battle at Fort Ridgely in 1853; Death of Capt. William Dodd, a fearless pioneer; Why wooden jails don't work; Public Buildings; Detailed account of the Civil War Record of Nicollet County, and other interesting bits of history and trivia. An extensive list of Civil War soldiers is included. Here's a sample: Sixth Infantry. Company E. Private -- Louis Thiele, must. Oct. 5, '62, trans. to V.R.C. March 15, '65, dis Sep. 7, '65. Company G. Private -- E.E. Jones, must. Oct. 1, '62, dis. for disab'y Oct. 6, '64. Company I, mustered October 4, '62. Sergeant -- W.G. Gresham, pro. 2d lieut. June 5, '65, dis with regt. The booklet includes brief biographies on: Aadsen, Abraham, Adams, Anderson, Angle, Anthony, Arndt, Asher, Baberish, Bagge, Baker, Bartlett, Bauer, Bauman, Baumgarth, Bean, Becker, Benham, Benson, Bergstrom, Blake, Blessing, Block, Bode, Boethin, Bohnen, Boor, Bornemann, Boys, Brady, Brandt, Braun, Brown, Bruer, Burch, Burk, Burrill, Bushard, Carrier, Carter, Challstrom, Chilgren, Clark, Coffin, Collins, Compart, Cox, Cronen, Currier, Curtiss, Cutter, Dahl, Daniels, Dannheim, Davis, Delany, Dick, Diepolder, Dillion, Donahower, Door, Doty, Downs, Dryer, Dunn, Dunning, Durbahn, Eckberg, Ekber, Engesser, Erickson, Essler, Esvig, Evenson, Farrer, Felt, Fiene, Filler, Foot, Frank, Frederickson, Freitag, Frey, Galles, Gault, Georgius, Gerboth, Giefer, Gill, Girvin, Goodell, Grams, Gresham, Grussendorf, Hack, Hackerott, Hall, Hanscome, Hanson, Hegstrum, Hemes, Hendley, Hendrickson, Hermanson, Heymann, Hill, Hinderman, Hobert, Hodgson, Hodson, Hokanson, Holmquis, Holter, Horner, Hovland, Howard, Hughes, Ives, Jacobson, James, Jenson, Johnson, Jonason, Jones, Kastens, Keene, Kennedy, Klein, Kneeland, Koelfgen, Kohn, Kroplin, La Framboise, Ladd, Lange, Larsen, Lilljengren, Lind, Lindill, Linstrom, Lippmann, Lohmann, Lord, Lorenz, Ludcke, Magner, Malmborg, Malmo, Mans, Martindale, McAfee, McDermid, McFadden, McLeod, McMaster, McQuat, Meier, Melzer, Miesen, Miller, Moll, Montgomery, Moore, Morton, Murnan, Nelson, Nereson, Newton, North, Norwood, Nutter, Oberg, Olson, Ort, Ostrom, Pederson, Pehearson, Pehrson, Perry, Peterson, Pettijohn, Picker, Poehler, Poncin, Putman, Quinn, Quist, Rabe, Randall, Revier, Ritz, Roberts, Rogers, Ronnseville, Rood, Rosenquist, Rounseville, Sackett, Sakariasen, Schaffer, Schimmel, Schlender, Schlumpberger, Schrader, Schroeder, Schulze, Searles, Severance, Shonbeck, Simmons, Smedberg, Smith, Snyder, Sondag, Spiess, Sporing, Stark, Stege, Steizer, Stempel, Stolt, Stone, Struckmann, Stutz, Swanson, Swenson, Tammany, Tewksbury, Thingestad, Thorson, Tori, Torrey, Treadwell, Volk, Vrooman, Wager, Wahlstrom, Walin, Wall, Watts, Webster, Whitcomb, White, Williams, Wilson, Zieske, Zimmermann, Zins.

Nicollet County, MN
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Cover of Nicollet County History

Sources: History of the Minnesota Valley / Nicollet County History
Authors: Edward D. Neill
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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