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Renville County

Book Description:

New 53 Page Booklet. Early days in Renville County, in south central Minnesota, are recalled in this spiral bound booklet reprinted from the rare 1882 book: History of the Minnesota Valley, by the Rev. Edward D. Neill. The booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The booklet contains information on the following communities: Beaver Falls, Birch Cooley, Flora, Cairo, Camp, Hawk Creek, Sacred Heart, Preston Lake, Norfolk, Stewart, Emmett, Boon Lake, Bandon, Henryville, Palmyra, Wellington, Erickson, Brookfield, Hector, Wang, Melville, Troy, Bird Island, Olivia, Martinsburg, Kingman, Winfield, Osceola, and Township 116, range 36. Among the many subjects discussed are: Physical Features and boundaries; Early "de facto" public officials and later elections; Louis La Croix "with his squaw wife," Martel the ferryman, Major Joseph R. Brown, and other early pre-massacre settlers; "Bad Talkers"; the Terrible Sioux massacre of 1862; the post-massacre settlers; Devastation by grasshoppers; County and/or community "firsts," such as the first house, first hotel, first store, first ferry license; first marriage, first court, first death, first birth, first mill, etc.; Early Newspapers; Early businesses; Early churches and schools; Organizations, such as the Masons; and other bits of history and trivia. Besides the numerous names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are mini biographies of the following residents: Abbott Ahrens Allen Ames Anderson Atchley Baade Baker Bakken Barkey Bartlett Bartley Benison Benson Berge Berndgen Bestor Bickel Bingenheimer Bird Black Blanchard Bloemendal Blume Bocken Boedigheimer Boium Borth Bouda Bowler Braley Brandjord Brazil Briffith Brooks Brown Buery Burch Butler Buxton Caleff Camp Campbell Carney Carr Carrigan Carruth Caven Childs Christensen Christie Christopherson Clark Clay Coleman Comstock Converse Cooley Coons Corey Crawford Cristman Crombie Crouley Dagen Dagen Dale Davis Davit De Pue Degree Desmond Dewers Dickmeier Dinon Dodge Dolven Dorman Dougherty Doyle Drake Drescher Dreyer Ebert Ederer Edner Eggert Eidsvold Elden Ellingboe Elthon Enger Erickson Ericson Eynon Farrell Fewer Field Finley Fleet Foster Freudenthal Fritz Fry Fugleskjil Fullerton Gaffney Garretty Garritty Gerald Gerber Gerdes Gillan Giltner Gordon Grady Graham Grams Grasmon Grayer Greeley Greenslit Gronnerud Grover Grummons Gundersen Haed Hagadon Hall Halverson Halvorson Hamann Hanlon Hannah Hansen Hanson Hara Heaney Heins Hellberg Hill Hillmann Hinzman Hipple Hodgdon Hodsdon Hogan Holm Hopkins Horgan Houck Hunter Hurley Issacson Jackson Jensen Jewell Johnson Juleson Julson Kartak Keenan Kelly Kelsey Kenning Kiehn Killey Kirwan Knapp Kodet Koeppe Kojetin Koke Kryl Kumro Kysar Ladd Larkin Larson Leary Leasman Lee Lehmann Levicy Lewis Libby Liebl Lincoln Lindquist Listerud Little Lordan Lowery Mahlke Marsh Marshall Maset Mathison McClure McCormick McEwen McGowen McIntosh McLaughlin Megquier Miller Moloney Moran Morgan Mork Morris Morse Murphy Narvestad Nelson Nes Nesburg Nestande Neuenburg Newell Niles Nill Nixon O’Donnell O’Hara O’Neil O’Shea Oleson Olsen Olson Osmundson Otnes Otto Painter Palmlund Parsons Paschke Patten Pederson Perkins Petersen Peterson Pfeiffer Pfeil Poore Poseley Powers Prelwitz Preston Puffer Raitz Ranberg Reagan Rector Reik Reishus Reynolds Richardson Richter Rieke Roberts Rosser Rowley Rund Salter Schaffer Schaffler Scheer Schendel Schmitz Schoenfelder Schonweiler Schoregge Schott Schroder Schwarz Schweinfurter Senescall Sharp Sheppard Showmaker Shultz Shunerson Simmons Sloan Smalley Smith Snieker Sorenson Spalsbury Spaulding Spencer Stange Stearns Steffenson Stevens Stockman Stone Strand Strenzel Strom Svendly Swobody Tainter Thiele Thompson Tompkins Tracey Tweet Ulrikson Van Orum Vannice Veken Vogt Volen Waldo Walser Weatherston Westby Whetston Whitaker White Wichmann Wilcox Williams Wilson Wilt Wipp Wolff Wolstad Yock Zetah Zimmerman Zinne Zumwenkil.

Renville County, MN
only $10.25

Cover of Renville County History

Sources: History of the Minnesota Valley - Renville County History
Authors: Edward D. Neill
Original Publication Year: 1882
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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