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Marquette County

Book Description:

Early days in Marquette County, MI, are recalled in this new 106-page booklet titled: Marquette County, Michigan, USA The spiral-bound booklet includes excerpts from two hard to find sources: the 1883 History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Michigan, a Guide to the Wolverine State, a 1941 product of the WPA Writer's Program. The tri-color cover is printed on 80# card stock and protected with a vinyl sheet. The text is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# opaque paper. Among the subjects included are: Indians of the the area; Discovery of the iron mines in 1844; the historical law suit of Compo vs. the Jackson Iron Company, Physical Characteristics, Peter White's Reminiscences of early settlement; Early Elections; Civil War; public schools, courts, poor farm; Wages in 1882; Mines and Miners; the town of Marquette, including a drawing; a speech on the history of Marquette by S.P. Ely; Churches; Public Works; Early Settlers; the Press; Ishpeming, Negaunee, each with a drawing; Michigamme, Republic, Championp, Humboldt and other small villages, and other interesting bits of history and trivia. In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of biographies. These often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. The names, arranged by towns, include: Marquette -- Sidney Adams, E.W. Allen, Dan H. Ball, Ferd. Bending, Philip Bertie, A.W. Bernier, W.C. Brown, Hiram A. Burt, John Burt, William Austin Burt, William Burt, S.S. Burt, C.H. Call, James Clarey, F.O. Clark, Jeffrey Coles, John Cone, George N. Conklin, Leonard P. Chary, George P. Cummings, James E. Dalliba, Charles R. Damp, Theron Davis, J.A. Desjardins, Edward T. Drew, Jacob Dolf, S.P. Ely, Thomas E. Foard, Edward Fraser (with picture), George Freeman, John H. Gillett, Charles M. Gooding, Peter Grant, William H. Green, William C.H. Greene, H. Gregory, George W. Hager, Carl J. Hansen, W.P. Healy, Dr. M.L. Hewitt, J. Hornby, A.C. Hotaling, John D. Jeffery, W.A. Jellison, H.W. Jessop, John L. Johnasen, George W. Joslin, Samuel Kaufman, John Kemp, John P. Kern, Alfred Kidder, Emil Lhuillier, S.J. Little, J.M. Longyear, August Machts, John F. Mack, M.R. Manhard, E.J. Mapes, R.C. Markham, Rev. J.E. Martel, M.H. Maynard, Jason McGregor, Thomas McKeown, James McRae, T. Meads, F.W. Merritt, Frank Milligan, F.M. Moore, Jay E. Morse, Theodore Neilson, A.S. Parks, Samuel Peck, J.P. Pendill, Ransom, Burtis and Marsh Manufacturers, E. Reau, George W. Reed, J.G. Reynolds, A.A. Ripka, James Russell, Samuel Schoch, J.G. Scott, Rudolph Sieger, L.M. Spencer, H.H. Stafford, Andrew Steele, Albert J. Stewart, Mrs. J.J. Sullivan, Alfred P. Swineford, Henry C. Taylor, Alex. C. Thiell, W.A. Thompson, Alfred Thurlby, Rev. Kerr B. Tupper, Bishop John Vertin, John Wallace, H.E. Warner, Edward M. Watson, Peter Werner, Edwin A. Wetmore, F.P. Wetmore, Charles M. Wheeler, Peter White, William D. Williams (with picture), W.H. Williams, J.M. Wilkinson; Ishpeming -- A.A. Anderson, William Andrews, Elie Archambault, H. Asgaard, Rev. Andrus F. Ashley, H.B. Bacon, William M. Bartle, August Beerling, Frederick Braasted, Conrad Carlson, J. Cassin, M. Cassin, George Chopat, Nels Clifton, C.D. Cole, H.H. Cole, W.T. Cole, Joseph Couve, S.S. Curry, Capt. H. Diamond, P.H. Donohue, T.F. Donohue, O.W. Doolittle, John P. Dousman, Dr. John F.O. Dowell, O.E. Downing, Fred J. Eggan, C.R. Ely, William Farrell, J.N. Fohrman, John Funke, Peter E. Gingrass, Rev. G. Gjertsen, B. Glocke, Olof Halgren, Charles F. Hall, John Hanson, G.W. Hayden, T.C. Hinsdale, Henry Harwood, Peter Henriksen, E. Hill, Gilbert Hodgkin, A. Holmboe, August Jacob, S.M. Jobe, John W. Jochim (with picture), J. Leonard Johnson, Svend Johnson, W.H. Johnston, John Jones, C. Kennedy, Charles H. Kirkwood, J. Lereggen, Morris Lesser, N. Losselyoung, Dr. N.J. Lund, J.B. Lyons, William Malmborg, R. Matthews, R. Maxwell, Lawrence McCloskey, William McGinty, Roderick McSweyn, Christian Melby, C. Merrywether, John Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell, A.W. Myers, E.D. Nelson, George A. Newett, P.J. Norton, Thomas Norton, Haftoe Oie, Ingbert N. Oie, John P. Outhwaite, E.E. Osborn, John Peterson, Marthinus Peterson, Olof Peterson, W.H. Rood, Julius Ropes, Rev. H.J. Rousseau, August P. Schmidt, Capt. William Sedgwick, Joseph Sellwood, Eugene G. St. Clair, George A. St. Clair, Dr. James J. St. Clair (with picture), J.N. St. Clair, Charles S. Stewart, Charles P. Sodergren, William F. Swift, John A. Taleen, Nels Thompson, F.P. Tillson, Moses B. Tontloff, N. Voelker, D.F. Wadsworth, John Wahlman, Ole Walseth, R.J. Watters, J.D. West, R.J. Williams, B.W. Wright; Negaunee -- John Q. Adams, Walter A. Allen, Edward C. Anthony, Henry M. Atkinson, Capt. George Barringer, Thomas Bates, John Best, Alexander Bingley, Edward Blake, Abraham Boulsom, John Bray, Edward Breitung (with pictures), George Brewer, W.H. Brown, Richard Bryant, Charles Cock, Lewis Corbit, Dr. L.D. Cyr, Dr. H.W. Davis, E.A. Davis, A. Des Jardins, Rev. Frederick Eis, James F. Foley, Christof Fox, Luzerne Frost, J.M. Gannon, Mahlon A. Gibbs, Cornelius Gorman, E.S. Green, C.G. Griffey, Thomas Harris Jr., John T. Hays, Frank A. Hendryx, Nathaniel Hibbert, Titus T. Hibbert, George O. Houstin, Edward James, Joseph H. Johns, Christian Johnson, Isaac Johnson, John Johnson, Dr. J.C. Johnson, Phillip B. Kirkwood, Sidney P. Kline, James N. Knuckey, I.H. Kraemer, Theodore Kruse, G.L. Kuhlman, Nicholas Laughlin, Rev. L.E. Lennox, Edward Lobb, Nicholas Lonstorf, E.A. Maas, A.C. MacKenzie, Alexander W. Maitland, L.A. Marsell, Norman McLeod, Meeske and Hock, brewers, George Merry, Harry G. Merry, Captain Henry Merry, Ernest Meyer, L.L. Miller, P.C.J. Miller, Edmund Miness, Capt. J.P. Mitchell, P. Mitchell, P.J. Mitchell, William N. Morse, Charles Muck, Charles J.H. Mueller, Benjamin Neely, V.J. Newman, August Olson, H.E. Pearse, George R. Persons, Louis Peterson, Joseph H. Premeau, J.E. Richardson, Harry Roberts, William Roberts, James A. Root, Rowland Savage, John W. Schadt, Jacob Schneider, A.C. Seass, G. Sporley, William H. Sproul, J.F. Stevens, Charles Sunburg, Charles G. Thoren, James Trembath, M.J. Whitney; Michigamme -- Irving A. Bassett, George Block, John Brandt, John P. Christopher, W.B. Davis, Antoine Dishnow, Andrew E. Erickson, Getz and Paradise, general merchants, John Hickey, Peder Jacobson, David Jenkins, Andrew Johnson, Murray McCallum, Capt. A.C. McConnell, Nels Olson, Isaac Trede, Thomas H. Tracy, J. Van Deventer;Republic -- Bryon H. Andrus, C.M. Babcock, Gust Bergstrom, W.J. Doyle, Albert J. Dodge, Edwin G. Dungey, E. Ericson, Thomas Gamble, Matthew Gibson, James Gregory, Michael Gleason, Robert Hart, Emil Hart, Albert Heath, F.H. Kearney, James A. Kirkwood, John Kneebone, William H. Knight, Louis J. Larson, Alex Laxstrom, J.H. McCabe, Carl W. Mertz, George Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, David Morgan, Prof. John Northmore, Peter Pascoe, E.S. Roland, James O. St. Clair, Dr. L.B. Taft, Willis E. Tyler, H. Unternahrer, C.M. Wicker, Carl Weinberg, Edward Wilson, Thomas S. Williams; Champion -- Rev. Thomas J. Atfield, William Fisher, Walter Fitch, I. Freund, C.T. Hampton, George Huber, William Lehmann, John M. Lord, George McAlister, B.T. McKay, Gilbert Marcotte, William Menhennitt, James Pascoe, R.R. Thomas, Thomas H. Wallace; Humboldt-- E.P. Atfield, James Bale, John Hosking, P.J. McNamara, Albert J. Maas, I.B. Maas, William Pelmiar; Other bios-- J.R. Humphrey;William K. Dunwoody, Walter C. Olcott, F.W. Read. This booklet includes 10 pages of excerpts from the WPA book, including a section on the city of Marquette, with Points of Interest. Although perhaps out of date as a tour book, these WPA guides are rich in history and trivia.

Marquette County, MI
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Cover of Marquette County History

Sources: History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan / History of Marquette County, Michigan, USA
Authors: D.A.W. Perkins
Original Publication Year: 1883
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
See Description for more info.


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