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Houghton County

Book Description:

Early days in Houghton County, MI, are recalled in this new 79-page booklet titled: Houghton County, Michigan, USA The spiral-bound booklet includes excerpts from two hard to find sources: the 1883 History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Michigan, a Guide to the Wolverine State, a 1941 product of the WPA Writer's Program. The tri-color cover is printed on 80# card stock and protected with a vinyl sheet. The text is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# opaque paper. Among the subjects included are: Physical features; Organization of the County; Township Organizations; County Institutions; Population; Military; Road and Waterways; Agriculture; Mines and Mining Companies (extensive); the villages of Houghton and Hancock (with illustrations of each), Churches; the Portage Lake Mining Gazette; Societies; Post Office; Hotels; Historical Society and Mining Institute; Commercial Interests and Manufacturing Enterprises; Calumet and Red Jacket (with illustration); Lake Linden (with illustration) etc. In addition to the many names mentioned throughout the booklet, there are a number of biographies. These often shed light on area businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. The names, arranged by towns, include: Houghton -- Joseph A. Ames, Harry S. Beesley, James H. Blandy, Rev. James Langhorne Boxer, William W. Butterfield, Thomas L. Chadbourne, Walter Chubb, Stephen E. Cleaves, William S. Cleaves, Proctor P. Cowles, Joseph Croze, William Cullyford, August Dallmeyer, John Davies, Columbus C. Douglas, Edward F. Douglass, Frank A. Douglass, Capt. W.A. Dunn, James P. Edwards, Joseph P. Edwards, Capt. Richard Edwards (with 2 pix), Thomas W. Edwards (pix), Charles F. Eschweiler, H. Goldberg, Rufus R. Goodell, P.R. Gottstein, Claudius Buchanan Grant, Adam Haas, David Haas, Joseph Haas, Charles Hafenreffer, Franz Hahn, William Harris, James Healy, George S. Hebert, Robert S. Hill, William Hitchings, Capt. John Hoar (pix), Richard M. Hoar, William B. Hoar, Harry S. Hodge, Capt. John C. Hodgson, Jay Abel Hubbell (2 pix), Rees James, Kehl Brothers (William, Herman and Charles), Fred W. Kroll, William Lean, G. Leibetrau, Ernst Leibetrau, Benjamin R. Livermore, Dr. John S. Livermore, Samuel McDonald, William Miller, Edward R. Penberthy, James Pryor, Frank Pumerville, Joseph W.V. Rawlins, Carlos D. Shelden, George Shelden, Ransom B. Shelden, Ransom Shelden (2 pix), Edward L. Siller, Patrick Slattery, J.B. Sturgis, J.C. Thomson, Capt. Richard Uren, M.Van Orden; Hancock -- Jacob Baer, Max Baer, Frederick J. Bawden, James Bawden, O.D. Bentley, Brown and Mette (wagon makers), Morton L. Cardell, William H. Carr, James A. Close, William Condon, D.B. Cooper, Dennis Coughlin, D. Crawford, Patrick Cuddihy, Gustave Deimel, James Dennis, Michael Doyle, Henry Dritler, Houghton Duncan, Ernest Fisher, Frederick W. Gettling, Dr. Patrick Henry Gallagher, Capt. John Gundry, John Gundry, J.E. Hocking, Peter Holman, Thomas Ingram, Rev. Edward Jacker, Hugh Johnson, David S. Kendall, E.P. Kibbee, William Lapp, Charles Leiblein, William H. Mason, Charles. S. Mawrey, Thomas D. Meads, Charles H. Miller, Mathew M. Moralee, Dr. A. Overfield, Samuel P. Payne, W.H. Roberts, Orin W. Robinson, S.S. Robinson, Capt. James Rass, Adolph Ruhl, Peter Ruppe, Edward Ryan, Capt. John C. Ryan, Archibald J. Scott, Frank Scott, T.J. Shellhorn, Thomas Smart, Capt. Joseph Snell, Charles A. Stringer, E.S. Sturtevant, Mrs. Sarah Thomas, John Thomas, Dr. Henry Tidemann, E. H. Towar, A.H. Trowbridge, Fred Voss, Dr. Charles H. Walker, Rev. Phillip Wambsganss Jr., Joseph Wertin, Rev. Frank N. White, Benjamin Wieder, Charles A. Wright, Edward L. Wright, Z.W. Wright; Calumet -- Charles Briggs, Elbridge G. Brown, Capt. John Cameron, Rev. John Chebul, William A. Childs, Hiram K. Cole, H.S. Colton, James N. Cox, Edwin T. Curtis, Capt. William Daniell, John A. Danielson, John Duncan, J.L. Gardner, James Grierson, Capt. Thomas Hoatson, Capt. J.D. Hoskins, Dr. Henry Isler, Sili Lenzi, C.E. Lyon, Frederick MacKenzie, William E. Mann, James Merton, John S. Morrison, Dr. Charles W. Niles, Dr. R.H. Osborn, E.R. Ostrander, Rev. Fabian Pawler, B. Penniman, Capt. Ferdinand Petermann, Dr. E.H. Pomeroy, James Ramsay, Jacob Reuther, Charles Rupprecht, Capt. William Stephens, Capt. Thomas Wills, L.S. Woodbury, James N. Wright; Red Jacket -- D.E. Amos, William Anderson, Richard Bastian, Michael Borgo, Richard J. Burge, M.J. Canning, Vital Coppo, C.M. Dunbar, John Dunstan, John S. Dymock, John J. Ellis, Martin Foley, Joseph Gardner, Joseph Hermann, J.H. Holman, George Jacka, Harrison W. Jackson, M.M. Kelley, Kennedy and Slattery, W.C. Kinsman, Frank Kohlhaas, Peter Lachapelle, C. Lambert, Alexander McDonald, Daniel T. McDonald, D.D. Murphy, Sivert Olson, John Phillips, T.F. Powers, Peter Ruppe Jr., Bartholomew Shea, Owen Sheridan, William J. Tonkin, Henry J. Vivian, Francis Ward, Joseph Wertin Jr., Henry Wilkins, John H. Wilson, Stephen Wold; Schoolcraft Township -- Joseph Gregory, William J. Smith; Lake Linden -- Joseph Bosch and Co., Euchariste Brule, Thomas Burgan, Louis Deschamps, George Dequette, Henry Fisher Jr., Dr. Frank E. Fletcher, Benjamin Harris, William Harris, Sylvester Hollister, William Jewell, Nicholas Kirchen, C. Henry Krause, Allan McIntyre, Archibald McNaughton, John McPhail, Rev. Peter Menard, M. Neumann, Philip H. Paine, Capt. John W Richards, Prosper Robert, D.W. Sutter, William Trebilcock, William Wareham, Hiram D. Wilson; Franklin Township -- James R. Cooper, Alexander Craig, Thomas Davey, Capt. Thomas Dennis, William Dugdale, Capt. Josiah Hall, August Heimbach, Arno Jaehnig, Maurice B. Patch, Capt. Joseph Paull, Edward Quinlan, Dr. Isaac M. Rhodes, Emanuel H. Richards, Louis H. Richardson, Edward Trevillyan, Phillip Tucker, Capt. Johnson Vivian, William Wagner; Quincy Township -- Capt. John Cliff, Luther G. Emerson, Dr. Thomas Flanner, D. Kloeckner, Frederick Labram, Dr. John P. Mason, Donald McCall, Seth D. North, Phillip Scheuermann, Capt. Thomas Whittle; Adams Township -- Dr. Alfred David, William J. Evans, Capt. Peter Floyd, John Jackson, Capt. Richard S. Polglase, William C. Tonkin, William Tonkin, Howard A. Van Tassel; Osceola -- Capt. John Daniell, Frank Haun, Capt. James P. Richards and Henry Wilmers. This booklet includes 7 pages of excerpts from the WPA book. Although perhaps out of date as a tour book, these WPA guides are rich in history and trivia.

Houghton County, MI
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Cover of Houghton County History

Sources: History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan / History of Houghton County Michigan
Authors: D.A.W. Perkins
Original Publication Year: 1883
Original Publisher: Western Historical Publishing Co.
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