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Benzie County

Book Description:

Early days in Benzie County, MI are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 52 page booklet, comprised of an excerpt from the 1902 Historical Collections of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society and excerpts from Michigan, a Guide to the Wolverine State, produced in 1940 by the WPA Writer's Program. The 8 1/2 x 11" spiral-bound booklet is printed on 60# paper, with the front cover protected with a sheet of vinyl. The booklet recalls the history of seven townships in the county, with a section on each. The townships include: Almira prepared by C.S. Linkletter; Benzonia by William Betts; Gillmore and South Frankfort by John S. Perry; Inland (formerly North Climax); Joyfield by William A. Joy; and Platte by M. E. Thurston. There is also a section on the village of Honor by F. Otis and an overview of the county by N. A. Parker. The township histories include such things as the description of the land, crops, politics, soldiers, organizations, humorous incidents, Indians, roads (or the lack thereof), unusual characters, religion, education, social gatherings, hunting, hardships etc. The Benzonia chapter includes an extensive history of Grand Traverse College. The WPA section takes readers on a 1940 tour of the county and surrounding area including Traverse City, seat of Grand Traverse County. It recalls the miniature city at Clinch Park; the Band Camp at Interlochen; the Beulah Smelt Run on Crystal Lake; a brief update on Benjonia and the college; glider rides at Empire; Crystallia, a resort on Crystal Lake Bar; Frankfort with its Crooked Tree; and the Car-Ferry service at Elberta. The booklet has no index, so I have made a list of the names I found. Some names appear only once, othrs more than once. I tried to be accurate, but there may be some typing errors. Abbe, Abdel, Adams, Albright, Aldrich, Alexander, Allyn, Alpin, Amindon, Anderson, Andrus, Anness, Austin, Averill, Ayers, Bailey, Ball, Barnard, Barnes, Barr, Barrows, Barton, Bates, Beswick, Betts, Bishop, Blacklock, Blaisdell, Boland, Bowen, Bowman, Bradshaw, Briggs, Brooks, Brownell, Brundage, Bryan, Buckans, Burnett, Burnette, Burr, Burrell, Bush, Bushnell, Bushrod, Butler, Call, Campbell, Carhartt, Carpenter, Carrier, Carter, Cartwright, Carver, Case, Caukins, Chapin, Chapman, Child, Clark, Clary, Classons, Cleveland, Codden, Cole, Conklin, Crandall, Crane, Crispen, Crispin, Crittenden, Crumb, Curtiss, Dair, Davis, Delbrige, Dexter, Dory, Doughtery, Douglas, Dow, Downs, Eastman, Edenburn, Edwards, Ehman, Farr, Finch, Madison, Fisdal, Fletcher, Fowle, Frost, Fuller, Gage, Gardiner, Gardner, Gifford, Gilbert, Giles, Gillmore, Gilmour, Glarum, Goethals, Goffarr, Gordon, Gravel, Graves, Gray, Greenwood, Griffin, Guedimoos, Guiser, Hadsel, Hall, Hallett, Halstead, Harding, Harmon, Hart, Hatch, Hathaway, Hayes, Heather, Helm, Helmer, Henry, Herron, Hogle, Holden, Hollywood, Hooker, Hopkins, Howe, Hoxie Hubbell, Ives, Jaquays, Jaquish, Jarret, Jarrett, Jenne, Jennings, Joy, Judson, Kenion, Kenney, Kent, Kern, Kibby, King, Kinney, Kirkland, Lane, Lansing, Latham, Leach, Linkletter, Lowder, Luther, Luxford, Lyberg, Mansfield, Manwarring, Marden, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Matteson, Mattice, Mattison, Maybean, McBain, McCormick, McIntyre McKay, McMannus, McMichael, Millard, Moon, Morgan, Morris, Mowers, Murphy, Murrel, Murrell, Neil, Nelson, Oliver, Oliver, Osborne, Palmer, Parker, Parker, Pearse, Peck, Peoples, Perry, Pettis, Phelps, Pierce, Piper, Powers, Pratt, Ramsdall, Ransome, Reed, Reynolds, Rhodes, Richards, Risley, Robar, Roora, Rosa, Rowley, Rowley, Roxbury, Rufend, Rust, Ryan, Sauercunk, Scramling, Severence, Sherman, Slarrow, , Slyfield, Smith, Snider, Spaford Spaulding, Spencer, St. Clair, Stanley, Stata. Steele, Steward, Stiles, Stone, Summers, Tall, Thomas, Thompson, Thurston, Trumbley, Valleau, Van Patten, Vaughan, Vilas, Voorheis, Walker, Ward, Weiss, Westburg, Weston, Wheelock, White, Whitwood, Wilcox, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wiltse, Woodward, Wright, and Yonker.

Benzie County, MI
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Cover of Benzie County History

Sources: Historical Collections of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society / Benzie County History
Authors: Michael Shoemaker
Original Publication Year: 1902
Original Publisher: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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