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Claiborne Parish

Book Description:

Early days in Claiborne Parish, LA, which includes Athens, Haynesville, Homer and Lisbon, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this brand new 91-page 8.5" x 11" spiral-bound book, printed on 60# opaque paper. The full-color front cover is protected with a vinyl sheet. The book includes excerpts from two hard-to-find vintage publications: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana, originally published by the Southern Publishing Company in 1890, and Louisiana, a Guide to the State, compiled by Workers of the Writers' Program of the WPA in 1941. The history part of the 1890 book includes Natural Features, Pioneers, Land Entries, Old Towns, Acts of the Police Jury, the Courts, Politics, Military Affairs, including the Civil War era (Claiborne Guards, the Moore Invincibles, the Claiborne Rangers, the Claiborne Volunteers, Company E, 31st Louisiana Infantry, Company G, 25th LA Infantry, Company D, 28th LA Infantry, company F 5th LA Cavalry, etc.) Newspapers, Schools, Doctors, Agriculture, Railroads, Homer City, Other Villages, etc. In addition to the many names mentioned in the history section, there are a number of fairly lengthy biographies of prominent citizens: Zacheus F. Adkins, Henry L. Awbrey, James T. Baker, William G. Barnes, John K. Barrow, Alfred Blackman, William D. Bonner, Allen B. Boykin, Perry D. Braselton, Thomas W. Brooks, Samuel F. Brown, John f. Brownfield, William O. Bullock, Dr. A.R. Bush, Thomas J. Caldwell, Alexander H. Caldwell, David A.J. Carathers, Dr. Charles O. Cargile, Jasper J. Chandler, Richard H. Cleveland, A.K. Clingman, Benjamin Ryan Coleman, Thomas A. Coleman, Richard W. Collier, Dr. William Wirt Culpepper, John William Dawson, Oliver H.P. Dawson, Alonzo H. Dawson, William Y. Dawson, Dr. J.W. Day, William W. De Loach, George H. Dismukes, William W. Dormon, Col. James J. Duke, John M. Dunn, H.M. Drew Ferguson, Christie O. Ferguson, William J. Field, Walker P. Fonby, W.H. Gandy, John E. Gandy, Dr. Richard G. Gantt, William J. Carland, Dr. P. Gibson, G.G. Gill, John E. Gray, Frank C. Greenwood, Hiram Gryder, Dr. George A. Harper, Dr. William D. Harper, James H. Hay, James H. Henry, Calvin F. Hightower, James A. Hightower, W. Strickland Hood, William A. Johnston, John H. King, Reuben H. Knighton, Dr. Jesse Marion Ledbetter, James McClendon, Squire James M. McKinzie, Frank L. Machen, Jesse C. Madden, Dr. John E. Meadows, Thomas D. Meadows, Hugh Miller, James W. Moore, William F. Moreland, Alfred T. Nelson, James W. Nickelson, Dr. Thomas N. Nix, John L. Oakes, Reuben L. Oakes, Washington L. Oakes, James W. O'Bannon, Oscar P. Ogilvie, William P. Otts, Asberry W. Palmer, Joseph Palmer, Isaiah Phipps, Moses J. Pittman, Col. Thomas W. Poole, Thomas Price, James S. Pryor, John R. Ramsey, William H. Randle, John Reeder, Dr. William Sellers, William A. Sherard, Albert J.K. Sims, Hugh Taylor, James H. Taylor, Thomas Taylor, W.J. Taylor, Rufus F. Taylor, Virgil V. Thompson, George R. Wafer, Henry C. Walker, Thomas A. Watson, Robert P. Webb, Alexander Weil, Dr. Felan S. White, Stephen A. White, James K. Willet, John W. Willis, Walton Wilson, and Charles D. Yancey. The WPA book gives a nostalgic glimpse from a 1941 vantage point, including interesting historical notes, especially as they relate to sightseeing possibilities. The excerpt consists of a tour with brief stops at Haynesville, Homer, Athens, West Town, Arcadia, Bryceland and other area communities, along with a small map of the area.

Claiborne Parish, LA
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Cover of Claiborne Parish History

Sources: History of Claiborne Parish Louisiana; Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northwest Louisiana
Authors: WPA Writers
Original Publication Year: 1890
Original Publisher: Southern Publishing Company
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