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Mercer and Boyle Counties

Book Description:

Early days in two Central Kentucky counties are recalled in this NEW 126-page booklet titled: Mercer and Boyle Counties, Kentucky, USA. The spiral-bound booklet is a compilation of excerpts from two hard to find sources: the 1924 book, History of Mercer and Boyle Counties by Maria T. Daviess and Old Shakertown and the Shakers by Daniel Mac-Hir Hutton (1936). Because of the larger paper, 11" X 8.5", our booklet has fewer pages than the original book, but still includes most of the information. The tri-color front cover is printed on 80# card stock and has been protected with a vinyl sheet. The text is printed on 60# opaque paper. Among the many subjects from the Daviess book are: Geography and Boundaries, Soils, Timbers, Flora and Rivers; Early visitors, explorers and settlers -- Abram Hite and Jacob and James Sandusky, Gabriel Jones and others; First marriages and births; Hardships and Mode of living in early days; Separation from Virginia and Kentucky's admission into the Union; Harrodsburg's Municipal Affairs; Sketches of General Hugh Mercer, Daniel Boone, Colonel James Harrod and George Rogers Clark; Simon Kenton, Gen. James Ray, Gen. McGary, Col. Silas Harlan, Capt. William Pogue, Hon. John Brown, the McAfee family; Burr's Conspiracy; Gen. James Wilkinson; Col. Joseph Hamilton Daviess; War of 1812; Gen. John Adair, Gen. Robert McAfee and Col. Gabriel Slaughter; John Boyle, George Robertson, Gov. William Owsley, James Haggin; LaFayette's visit; Rev. Joseph C. Stiles; Mexican War; Capt. Phil Thompson, George N. Cardwell, Joseph Ewing, General Temp. Withers; Formation of Boyle County out of Mercer and Lincoln counties in 1842; Abolition; Gov. Magoffin; Gov. Letcher, Col. T.P. Moore, Sen. John B. Thompson, Civil War period -- both Union and Confederate; Ledbetter's Command, Bragg's Invasion, Battle of Perryville; Slavery, with anecdotes, including one of Sam Blackburn; Towns of Mercer County -- Harrodsburg, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Salvisa, Perryville, Burgin; Schools and colleges, including Centre College, Bacon College, and others; Joseph Bush, William Clark, Paul Jones; Literature; Miss Dupey, Mrs. Florence Anderson Clark, Mrs. Jane T.H. Cross, Mrs. Nellie Marshall McAfee; the Press of Mercer County; Churches; Officials; Businesses; Robert Bowmar, William Dunn, Col. Ebenezer Magoffin, Major George Rue, Samuel T. Glover, and others; Mercer County Fair other interesting bits of history. The second section of the booklet concerns the Shakers, a religious group founded by Ann Lee, who had a century-long settlement at Shakertown. "Nothing in the annals of American life offers now so colorful and so strange a history as the rise of the Shakers, and a story so pathetic as their decadence." Among the subjects in this section are: Shakers beliefs and the name "Shaker"; Shawnee Run Settlement; Pleasant Hill Settlement; Shaker personnel; Desertions; Winter Shakers; Building Campaign; Shaker Industries; Shaker Dress; Singing and Dancing; the French Prophets; Sister Mary Settles; Jane Sutton, trustee; Divine Healing; Visit of a host of Indian Spirits; Testimony of Justice Harwood and Joseph Patten; Manifestation of Christ in the female; Marriage considered a carnal relation of the world; Shaker funeral and cemetery; Extracts from the Shaker journal; Saker Records Model -- a sporatic diary of happenings from 1809 to 1871; and the Dissolution of the Society in 1910. Illustrations include: Old Fort Hill Cemetery, Daughters College, Wingfield Tavern, Old Harrodsburg Academy, Old Mud Meeting House, First State House of Kentucky at Danville, Old Centre College, Kentucky School for the Deaf, Covered Bridge in Boyle County, McDowell Residence, Old Graham Springs, the Lincoln Cabin and others. In the second part of the booklet are a number of views of Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill and sketches of Shakers dancing.

Mercer and Boyle Counties, KY
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Cover of Mercer and Boyle Counties History

Sources: History of Mercer and Boyle Counties Kentucky; Old Shakertown and the Shakers
Authors: Maria T. Daviess, Daniel Mac-Hir Hutton
Original Publication Year: 1924
Original Publisher: The Ledger and Times
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