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McCracken County

Book Description:

Early days in McCracken County, Kentucky, are recalled in this new 89-page booklet titled: McCracken County, Kentucky, USA. The spiral-bound booklet is a compilation of excerpts from two hard to find sources: the 1885 book, Kentucky: A History of the State by J.H. Battle, W.H. Perrin and G.C. Kniffin, and Kentucky, a Guide to the Bluegrass State, a 1939 product of the WPA Writer's Program. The tri-color front cover is printed on 80# card stock and has been protected with a vinyl sheet. The text is printed single-sided on 60# opaque paper, with the print enlarged to fit the 8.5" x 11" paper and improve readability. Among the many subjects included are: Formation of the county; Early officials, county clerks, circuit clerks, sheriffs, county treasurers, coroners, jailers, surveyors, county officials, county school commissioners, circuit judges, members of the senate, representaties, members of congress, etc.; Geographic features of the area; Indian mounds; Fort Massac, across the Ohio River;Early Settlers; the courthouse and jail; Pioneer life; Wiatt's Camp Ground (Methodist), and other church groups; Schools; Railroads; Military involvement -- Mexican War and Civil War; General Grant in Paducah; Seige of Fort Anderson in March of 1864; Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, Capt. Bob Grundy; Capt. James Pell and others; Early court sessions; Schools and Churches; Banks, newspapers and businesses; Masons, Odd Fellows, and other organizations; a one story house with a two story porch, and other interesting bits of history. Individual Biographies which often shed light on the area and times as well as providing specific genealogical data, are included for: Henry M. Adcock, W.P. Allen, Maj. James H. Ashcraft, Emmet W. Bagby, Richard J. Barber, Major George F. Barnes, Dr. Joseph W. Becker, Elijah W. Benson, Judge James L. Bethshares, Joseph M. Bigger, John W. Bloomfield, James K. Bondurant, Thomas E. Boswell, Rhey Boyd, William H. Bradley, Albert Bradshaw, William F. Bradshaw, West H. Brian, Robert Broadfoot, Capt. Stanley Browne, John D. Brummal, J.R. Buchanan, James M. Buckner, William G. Bullitt, George W. Bumpous, Henry Burnett, James M. Burnley, Enoch F. Byng, James C. Calhoun, Dr. Samuel B. Caldwell, Allen T. Caldwell, Melville V. Cherry, Joshua C. Cobb, John W. Cockrill, Thomas H. Corbett, Dr. Frank T. Davis, Robert J. Dudley, James W. Eden, Lorenzo W. Emery, John C. Farley, John G. Fisher, J. William Fisher, Jacob Flegle, Peter O. Foree, Judge Wiley P. Fowler, Capt. Joseph H. Fowler, Daniel J. Fraser, Aaron Fuqua, Jesse H. Gardner, Jesse C. Gilbert, Dr. Henry M. Gilson, Edward P. Gilson, Weldon P. Griffin, John J. Guthrie, Charles R. Hall, Capt. Thomas Halloran, Henry W. Hand, Josiah Harris Jr., Fayette Harrison, George O. Hart, Charles Hawthorne, Samuel G. Hines, Joseph W. Hobbs, Henry H. Hobson, Zach. P. Holland, William H. Hook, Henry H. Huston, Samuel Houston, Albin N. Holt, James P. Holt, William H. Hudson, Charles M. Humphreys, Col. James Bryson Husbands, Lorenzo Dow Husbands, Everard P. Jacob, William B. Johnston, Joseph H. Johnson, J. Bertrand Jones, Frederick Kamleiter, Dr. John H. Kenny, John A. Kimmel, Rev. William Henry Leigh, George D. Linning, Enoch E. Lynn, Judge Charles S. Marshall, Benjamin T. Marshall Jr., Dr. David A. Maxwell, Morris Maxon, Volney A. McCutchen, W. McFadden, James H. Miles, William H. Moore, Thomas E. Moss, Bennett V. Moss, Monroe Nance, Alexander A. Nelson, William P. Nichols, Charles Niehaus, Col. John C. Noble, John O'Brien, Andrew J. Ogilvie, John W. Ogilvie, Stokely T. Payne, Lorenzo A. Phelps, Dr. William H. Pitcher, Charles M. Pleasants, John L. Powell, John R. Puryear, Quintus Q. Quigley, James M. Ragsdale, Lawrence P. Rasor, the John Rayburn family, Mayor Charles Reed, Judge William Randolph Reid, William Harrison Reeves, Ernest Rehkopf, William H. Rieke, Dr. Thomas Rivers, George W. Robertson, George Rock, John Rogers, Prof. John T. Ross, Abraham W. Rossington, Felix G. Rudolph, Emmett C. Rudolph, George L. Saffarrans, Dr. Reuben Saunders, John W. Sauner, M.K. Scott, George A. Scott, George W. Shivell, Wesley H. Slack, J.R. Smith, Nelson Soule, William W. Spence, Needham Stanley, William L. Sullivan, Valentine O. Sweatman, John J. Thomas, Charles H. Thomas, Dr. Joseph W. Thompson, George C. Thompson, Edward S. Thornton, Richard G. Terrell, Thomas F. Terrell, John H. Van Culin Sr., Edward W. Vaughan, Solomon C. Vaughan, Rufus E. Wade, Julius F. Wahl, Philip H. Wallace, Joseph M. Waltmon, Thomas E. Ware, Robert O. Wash, Charles Kennedy Wheeler, William Wheelis, Dr. Augustus White, Dr. Thomas E. White, John E. Williamson, H.C. Williams, Christian H. Wiman, Levi D. Wren, John M. Wray, David C. Wright, and Philip D. Yeiser. The WPA excerpt on the town of Paducah includes a map and 19 points of interest, including a house with a bombproof shelter from the 1860s, and homes that housed various officers during the Civil War.

McCracken County, KY
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Cover of McCracken County History

Sources: Kentucky: A History of the State
Authors: J.H. Battle, W.H. Perrin, G.C. Kniffin
Original Publication Year: 1885
Original Publisher: The Ledger and Times
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