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Morgan County

Book Description:

The history of Morgan County Indiana and biographies of many of its early-day residents can be found in this booklet, a reprint of the Morgan portion of the rare 1884 book: Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana, edited by Charles Blanchard. The original book was published by F.A. Battey & Co., Chicago. Histories of Brown and Monroe Counties are also available. The 11" x 8 1/2" spiral bound book is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. Because of our format, this 182-page booklet contains 369 pages from the original book. The history portion of the book includes the following topics: Description, Organization, Indian Cession Treaty, Land Survey and Early Entries, Court System, County Buildings, County Paupers, Agricultural Societies, Medical Societies, Politics, the Anti-Slavery Movement, Common and Graveled Roads, Railroads, the County Press, Resident Attorneys, Important Legal Cases, Early Officials, the Old Settlers' Association, Financies, Temperance Work, Military History, "Home Traitors", the Civil War demonstrations and meetings, various Militia groups, the 4th of July 1862 and 1963, Renewed Enlistment of Volunteers, Gen. Morgan's Raid, the Death of Pres. Lincoln, Morgan County Roll of Honor, History of each Township. This booklet also contains biographies of many persons who lived in the county in the 1800s, often giving the names of parents, spouse, in-laws, children, siblings, etc., as well as military service, politics, residence and occupation. All of this adds to the history of the town, as well as the individuals. The bios are listed alphabetically, by township: Washington Twp. and Martinsville --George A. Adams, William R. Asher, J.G. Bain, James P. Baldwin, Quincy A. Blankenship, John Bothwell, David Bothwell, Frank O. Brake, Elliott F. Branch, Robert H. Branch, Mrs. Martha A. Broughton, Col. James E. Burton, Patrick Cain, Edwin W. Callis, William P. Clark, John N. Cobb, Walter S. Coffee, Matthias B. Collins, John C. Comer, James F. Cox, William Cox, George W. Cramer, William S. Cramer, C.S. Crary, N.T. Cunningham, Marion Cunningham, Cyrus E. Davis, Benjamin Dessauer, George W. Egbert, Dr. Uriah H. Farr, Levi Ferguson, John J. Fertig, James Fisher, William L. Fulkerson, William G. Garrison, John Gibbs, Charles M. Gravis, Samuel S. Griffitt, George W. Grubbs, Samuel M. Guthridge, Wiley S. Halton, E.R. Hamilton, John T. Hammans, A.S. Hart, J.H. Hart, Clarkson C. Harvey, Charles Hastings, Austin Hatley, Leroy S. Hatley, Ebenezer Henderson, Cornelius Hill, Jarvis J. Hilton, D.L. Hine, Hiram J. Hinson, George Hubbard, Dr. D.P. Kennedy, Thomas A. Kennedy, James P. Kennedy, Dr. Charles A. Kessinger, Linden Laughlin, William N. Livingston (see Coffee & Livingston), Francis C. Lloyd, Charles Long, Harvey McDaniel, James M. McGowen, William Mabee, Sylvanus Major, James J. Maxwell, James H. Maxwell, William H. Miller, Samuel M. Mitchell, James V. Mitchell, John S. Newby, William Nicholson, John Nutter, Clement H. Nutter, Albert H. Nutter, Henry H. Olds, Willard E. Parks, Eaton W. Paxton, Van B. Pearcy, Francis P.A. Phelps, Tull Phelps, James Prather, John Prather, William Y. Pratt, John F. Ray, Felix A. Reinhart, Capt. Fletcher D. Rundell, Alfred W. Scott, Isaac D. Sheppard, James S. Sheppard, John Sheerer, Abel P. Shields, Maxwell Shireman, Henry Shireman, Henry Shireman Jr., Abraham Simms, Henry A. Smock, Thomas M. Somerville, James R. Starkey, E.F. Stimson, Austin Sweet, Dr. Robert H. Tarleton, William B. Taylor, John Thomas, Eli Thomas, Eli Thomas Jr., Harrison Thomas, Amos Thornburg, Dr. Salem A. Tilford, Benjamin W. Tilford, J.E. toner, Ervin Townsend, Thomas J. Townsend, Samuel Tucker, Rev. Aaron Turner, A.R. Vansickel, Albert Voyles, George M. Walker, A.B. Walker, F.M. Warner, William Williams, Edward Woods, Owen Woods; Brown Twp. and Mooresville -- George W. Bass, James M. Bishop, Harris Bray, Jarvis P. Calvert, John D. Carter, Nathaniel Carter, Matthew Comer, Paul Cox, Nathan Day, Joseph H. Edwards, George Farmer, Abner Hadley, Clinton C. Hadley, John Franklin Hadley, Arnold W. Hadley, William Foster Hadley, S.M. Hadley, John W. Hinson, Henry House, William A. Hunt, George Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin Jones, Thomas Elwood Lawrence, James Madison Leathers, Riley McCrary, Dr. Philip McNab, Rev. Perry T. Macy, Allen T. Manker, Dr. Giles Befored Mitchell, John Naugle, Robert Barclay Newby, William D. Overton, Dr. Benjamin Henry Pierce, Dr. Amos W. Reagan, Thomas A. Richardson, Dr. Clark Robbins, Isaac W. Rooker, William Asbury Rooker, Henry Rossier, John H. Rusie, Robert R. Scott, Frederick Sheets, Daniel Sheets, Rev. Hugh Stackhouse, Eli J. Sumner, George P. Thompson, James O. Thompson, John Harbison Thornburgh, Benjamin Thornburgh, Benjamin F. Trogdon, Rev. John Anthony Ward, William Fletcher White, Michael M. Wilson, William Henry Presly Woodward, and Henry L. Woodward; Jackson Twp. and Morgantown, Hugh Adams, Jacob Adams, Samuel T. Adams, Joseph Adams, John Adams, Gen. Will A. Adams, Ezra H. Briggs, George E. Bronson, Dr. W.H. Butler, Moses T. Coffey, F.M. Coleman, James S. Coleman, Robert C. Davis, David S. Dodson, Capt. Peter Fesler, William Thomas Gibson, Dr. Reuben C. Griffitt, James Hamilton, John F. Hamilton, Abram B. Hart, Matthew T. Hancock, W.W. Helton, James Hickey, James H. Hickman, John S. Hine, Oliver L. Hine, Harry Jackson, George W. Kemp, Samuel Kemp, James Kephart, Isaac Knight, John W. Knight, Jacob T. Leach, Owen Lloyd, John F. Maxwell, George M. Montgomery, Capt. William Mount, Joseph H. Norman, Joseph T. Norman, John J. Norman, W.W. Raper, Henry Renner, George W. Skinner, Dr. Ira C. Willan, and Frederic Williams; Clay Twp., Brooklyn and Centerton -- William Black, Barnard B. Bush, Calvin Ely, A.J. Fields, W.C. Greeson, John Hiner Gregory, Alexander Hardwick, Franklin Landers, Dr. Chambers M. Lindley, William A. McNeff, Dr. Grant Monical, O.C. Moon, Perry O. Phillips, Eli T. Rinker, Noah R. Rinker, Silas Rinker, William Rinker, Bartley Sellers, and Benjamin Stafford; Monroe Twp. and Monrovia --Joseph H. Allison, Edward William Bray, David W. Brewer, James A. Brick, Rev. John Bruner, John Bundy, John M. Davis, James D. Hadley, Samuel Hadley, Lot M. Hadley, Evan Hadley (including a narrative of pioneer days), Allen Hadley, Daniel C. Hadley, Walter Hadley, Nixon Henley, John S. Hubbard, Nathan E. Hubbard, Philip Johnson, Edwin Johnson, David B. Johnson, Aaron D. Lindley, George A. Long, Joel C. McClellan, Joseph M. McCollum, P. Thomson, William O. Thompson, John Weener, Jeremiah L. Welman, David Wilson and John A. Wilson; Harrison Twp. and Waverly -- Reuben S. Aldreich, Francis M. Fields, George Paul, and Philip Paul; Ray Twp. and Paragon -- Andrew J. Baker, I.C. Baker, William H. Beach, P.H. Blankenship, Perry M. Blankenship, Elijah Bowen, James M. Brown, Tobias D. Butler, William J. Goss, Henry C. Goss, J.H. Goss, Rev. George Goss, Theodore D. Goss, Ephraim L. Goss, Dr. John J. Harris, Philip Hodges, Ephraim Hodges, Dr. John Kennedy, Casper Lingle, William A. Lingle, Jeremiah S. Lingle, Fielding Marsh, Gabriel Robinson, John A. Sandy, William A. Sharp, John A. Stirwalt, Daniel H. Voshell, Levi J. Voshell, John M. Voshell, Ashben W. Walters, Dr. E.D. Whitaker, Dr. Ralph B. Williamson and John H. Young; Adams Twp. and Eminence -- John W. Alexander, William Anderson, Thomas S. Arend, Col. William C. Banta, M.D., Joseph Blunk, Henry Bourn, Elisha A. Bourn, Powel S. Brasier, Atlas Bray, James K. Burgess, Stephen H. Chenoweth, David A. Curtis, Calvin Curtis, Wesley Curtis, Solomon Dorsett, Thomas Felkins, Samuel G. Gash, Elerson Gentry, Harrison Gentry, David H. Goss, Daniel N. Holmes, Elias Hubbard, William H. Johnson, Milo D. Littell, W.H.H. McCloud, Dr. John W. Mahorney, John R. Mannan, Michael E. Miller, John T. Miles, Thomas Mills, Cyrus E. Nicholas, Levi Ogles, Martin Parker, Noah N. Patrick, Enoch A. Patrick, Dr. William A. Pottorff, Daniel Pruitt, Rev. Eli Pruitt, Joseph W. Rhea, John L. Rhea, William C. Rhea, Joseph C. Rhea, James H. Rhea, James G. Ryan, William A. Ryan, Adam R. Shake, Leonard B. Shaw, Ellison Sligar, William H. Smith, Alfred M. Smith, Joseph J. Smith, Elias R. Smith, George T. Summers, James S. Summers, William E. Summers, John H. Twomey, William E. Varley, James Wallace, Robert S. Walters, Andrew J. Watson and Alfred A. Watson; Jefferson Twp. -- Donald Bain Sr., William Best, David Bothwell, William A. Cunningham, Capt. William A. Dilley, Thomas H. Dixon, William H. Dixon, William Downey, James M. Duckworth, James R. Elmore, Lewis T. Hancock, W.J. Harrison, Brice M. Howell, L.C. Kennedy, Daniel Kirk, James H. Lankford, L.B. Lewis, Robert Miller, W.C. Miller, John Moser, James R. Mosier, William R. Nosler, John Reeves and S.R. Stiles Sr.; Ashland Twp. -- Dr. A.P.W. Bridges, William Burkhart, Benjamin O. Butterfield, W.T. Colwell, Martin L. Marsh, Ananias Michael, John C. Miller, Caleb A. Pritchard, John W. Shields, Michael Stierwalt Sr., Michael A. Stierwalt, John F. Stierwalt, Thomas S. Stirwalt, Evan E. Twomey, Thomas S. Voshell, Preston D. Wakeland, Bluford Clark Watson, Levi B. Whitaker, David L. Whitaker and John Wingler; Gregg Twp. -- George Riley Briant, James Henry Brown, Benjamin Cornwell, James Cox, Rev. Jesse Brooks Johnson, Dr. Howard C. Jones, William Kirk, Smith Labertew, Robert W. McNaught, John Wesley Minton, Nathan Nicholas, Allen R. Seaton, Eli P. Shake, Jacob Alonzo Shipley, Henry B. Smith, Elijah Smith, Bartholomew Smith, William H. Smith, John B. Staley, Walter C. Stout, Thomas Wilhite, Noah H. Wilhite, Aaron L. Wilhite, Thomas J. Wilhite, Jacob A. Wilhite, John Williams, John A. Wilson and Jefferson Wooden; Madison Twp. -- John B. Cox, Thomas Ely, David T. Evans, Andrew J. Goodpaster, William Landers, George W. Lowe, Ezra A. Olleman, John B. Rinker, John Sawyers, Rufus B. Smith, Henry T. Swearengin, Cyrus A. Watson, Benjamin R. Watson and Andrew Wright; Green Twp. -- Richard A. Abraham, William Adams, John F. Braun, William Cain, Joseph Egbert, S.H. Pearcy, Jacob Pierce, Sara Radcliff, William Radford, Dr. S.N. Rundell, Frederick Sanders, Robert H. Scrogin, John Sichting and John S. Skaggs; Baker Twp. -- H.M. Baker, E.B. Buskirk, Jefferson Farr, William H. Farr, Jonathan H. Henry, Dr. William N. Hodges, John P. Hynds, Presley Johnson, Isaac Lafaver, James Lemon, John Wesley Leonard, John McDaniel, Barbara A. Martin, Sarah C. Regester, John H. Thomas, E.M. Wampler, Abraham Weaver, Henry W.H. Weaver & John C. Wilson.

Morgan County, IN
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Cover of Morgan County History

Sources: History of Morgan County Indiana; Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana
Authors: Charles Blanchard
Original Publication Year: 1884
Original Publisher: F.A. Battey & Co.
See Description for more info.


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