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Monroe County

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The history of Monroe County Indiana and biographies of many of its early-day residents can be found in this booklet, a reprint of the Monroe portion of the rare 1884 book: Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana, edited by Charles Blanchard. The original book was published by F.A. Battey & Co., Chicago. Histories of Morgan and Brown Counties are also available. The 11" x 8 1/2" spiral bound book is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. Because of our format, this 155-page booklet contains 306 pages from the original book. The history portion of the book includes the following topics: Indians; First Entries of land with many names; Names of early officials; Formation of the county and townships; Courts; Public Buildings; Politics; Old Settlers; Newspapers; Military history -- primarily a history of the Civil War period with topics like Recruiting, Companies, Army Correspondence, the Draft, Resistance to Military Law, Miscellaneous incidents, Reaction to Lincoln's assassination, Relief and bounty, a List of pensioners, and a Roll of Honor; a history of each township, including early residents,, churches businesses, schools, villages, and occasionally, reminences, etc. . This booklet also contains biographies of many persons who lived in the county in the 1800s, often giving the names of parents, spouse, in-laws, children, siblings, etc., as well as military service, politics, residence and occupation. All of this adds to the history of the town, as well as the individuals. The bios are listed alphabetically, by township: Bloomington City and Township -- Elias Abel, Benjamin F. Adams, Capt. W.M. Alexander, William J. Allen, Dr. A. J. Axtell, Harvey Baker, William B. Baker, John Blair, W.T. Blair, Peter Bolenbacher, George Bollenbacher, Isaac Claman, J.B. Clark, Rufus Coatney, John H. Cole, Charles G. Corr, Clelland F. Dodds, S.C. Dodds, J.C. Dolan, John R. East, William H. East, J.S. Faris, James B. Faris, E.H. Fee, Henry J. Feltus, Robert C. Foster, Harmon H. Friedley, Richard A. Fulk, William A. Gabe, Robert Gilmore, John Graham, Robert C. Greeves, John L. Griffith, Maj. Silas Grimes, William N. Hall, Joseph Hall, Dr. John E. Harris, B. Headley, Michael W. Helton, Maj. Henry Henley, J.E. Henley, Wallalce Hight, Nathaniel U. Hill, Clinton M. Houston, Joseph M. Howe, William J. Johnston, David Starr Jordan, Moses Kahn, James Kelly, Daniel Kirkwood, Hiram Lindley, John H. Louden, Benjamin McGee, B.A. McGee, J.M. McGee, Rev. William Pollock McNary, Dr. J.G. McPheeters, J.G. McPheeters, Charles H. McPheeters, James F. Manley, John Martin, Dr. James D. Maxwell, John F. May, Robert W. Miers, Eli K. Millen, C.B. Mitchell, James F. Morgan, Major James B. Mulky, James Osman Muley, H.J. Nichols, Samuel M. Orchard, C.R. Perdue, Maj. Henry F. Perry, Rev. Allen B. Philputt, Jeremiah F. Pittman, Benjamin Rogers, William A. Rogers, William K. Rogers, William P. Rogers, James M. Rogers, I. Milton Rogers, N.B. Rogers, Leonidas D. Rogers, James Ryan, J.H. Ryors, John Sanders, Francis L. Sare, F.M. Sharp, Capt. J.W. Shoemaker, James D. Showers, William N. Showers, Charles H. Showers, Capt. John M. Sluss, William Stuart, William M. Tate, Dr. Henry P. Tourner, Dr. John P. Tourner, Elder William B.F. Treat, John Waldron, John B. Waldron, George W. Walker, Dr. Robert M. Weir, Leonard Whetsell, Edward Whetsell, W.W. Wicks, Jonathan O. Whisnand, John D. Whisnand, William E. Whisnand, Frank R. Woolley, Zimry Worley, James C. Worley, and C.R. Worrall; Perry Township: -- David Adams, William Blackley, W.C. Borland, Thomas N. Faris, Robertson Graham, Joseph D. Handy, Thomas Killpatrick, C.G. McCalla, Robert Marshall, P.B. Martin, Thomas N. Mathers, William Norman, P.G. Pauley, Elder I.N. Porch, Henry Clay Rhorer, Aquilla W. Rogers, Henry Rogers, George Stipp, Rev. William D. Turner, William Weimer, and Redick M. Wylie; Bean Blossom Township: -- William Bennie, Mathias Berry, David P. Burton, Joseph L. Buskirk, William A. Cline, Valentine Cline, Peter Cowden, James S. Genry, Dr. R.M. Greer, William Hedrick, William Hoadley, John W. Houston, Alfred Laymon, William C. Litten, W.H. McHenry, William M. May, Andrew W. Reeves, William Ridge, William Staley, Rev. George W. Terry, David Van Buskirk, and Lewis W. Walden; Richland Township: -- James A. Baker, Charles A. Bunger, G.W. Burks, David Byers, John D. Coffey, John S. Constable, W.C. Draper, George W. Faulkner, James W. Figg, George W. Fletcher, Thomas N. Foster, C.O. Freeman, James Coleman Freeman, Benjamin Hall, Jesse T. Hamilton, Dr. James M. Harris, W.T. Harris, Samuel B. Harris, John R. Harris, Dr. Rice C. Harris, W.B. Harris, Rev. W.H. Jackson, David S. Johnson, Joel Benjamin Kirby, J.P. Knighten, Johnson F. McElroy, G.W. McHenry, Elijah H. Marshall, Nathan R. Matson, John Matthews, John A. May, Charles Moore, George B. Moore, George Moreland, Capt. G.K. Perry, John K. Phipps, Austin B. Reeves, John A. Reeves, Levi Ridge, James T. Robertson, Eli Rumple, Thomas J. Sharp, John H. Shook, Lorenzo Dow Stanger, Francis M. Stephenson, S.P. Thompson, W.B. Walden, Stanfield Wharton, Dr. William L. Whitted, and F.E. Worley; Van Buren Township: -- G.L. Brandon, William F. Bunger, Ira Carter, Samuel Dinsmore, Joseph S. Dinsmore, Dr. James Dodd, Henry Eller, Thomas Fullerton, Dr. J.H. Gaston, David LaRue, Matthew McConnel, Jonas B. May, George W. Moore, Daniel Pafford, George Newton Puett, Harris A. Richey, William J. Semple, Addison C. Smith, Dudley F. Smith, Thomas W. Sparks, William Stone, and I.J. Whisennand; Indian Creek Township: -- Eli Bowers, Henry Burch, William F. Corman, Pleasant Fossett, Pickney G. Moore, Elijah J. Morgan, Joel H. Morgan, William A. Sare, John G.J. Smith, Irwin T. Smith, Jacob Tague, George M. Taque, William E. Tarkington, Gilbert Thompson, Elmore F. Walker, John T. Woodward, and David Wright; Clear Creek Township: -- Alexander W. Baker, Albert F. Bennett, Hiram Butcher, Wilford Carter, George Gaither, Joaeph Harroll, Samuel R. Humston, Daniel Ketcham, William Leonard, Dr. L.T. Lowder, Dr. Chesley McLahlan, Simeon Pedigo, William S. Pegido, William W. Ross, Dr. John D. Simpson, Theodore Thasher, and Jonathan Tristler; Washington Township: Thomas J. Brown and Elijah A. Knight; Benton Township: -- William L. Adams, William B. Alexander, T.J. Barnhill, Dr. David W. Barrow, Samuel L. Kerr, William H. Kerr, Samuel Getty, William Peterson, T.J. Peterson, and David A. Young; Salt Creek Township: -- James O.Baxter, James D. Butcher, Hiram M. Heltenburg, John Huntington, John C. Johnson, David B. Judah, Milton Myers, Solomon C. Payne, John Sexton, William H. Shields, and George W. Wampler; Marion Township -- Thomas Jackson Bates, John Campbell, Thomas J. Farr, Mahlon Hacker, Joseph A. Hadden, James J. Hubbard, Thomas Magenis, James P. Riddle, John M. Tomey and William E. Whitesell.

Monroe County, IN
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Cover of Monroe County History

Sources: History of Monroe County Indiana; Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana
Authors: Charles Blanchard
Original Publication Year: 1884
Original Publisher: F.A. Battey & Co.
See Description for more info.


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