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Edgar County

Book Description:

Early residents in Edgar County, IL, are recalled in this brand new spiral-bound booklet. The 46-page book is an excerpt from the hard-to-find 1905 book: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Edgar County, edited by H. Van Sellar, and published by Munsell Publishing Company of Chicago. The 11" x 8.5" book is printed on 60# bond paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Excerpts concerning the history of the county are available in a separate booklet. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Some are brief, but others include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on the businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. (Pix) denotes a photograph. The biographies include: Charles H. Adams, Henry A. Adams, Harvy H. Adams, Gen. Milton K. Alexander (pix), William H. Allen, Robert R. Appleby, Mrs. Aimee Archer, John A. Ashby, Frederick R. Augustus, Larz A. Augustus, Ora H. Ault, Adin Baber (pix), Asa J. Baber (pix), Dexter D. Baber (pix), George W. Baber (pix), Enoch Baker, James D. Barr, Zachary T. Baum (pix), Alexander Barton, Robert N. Bishop (pix), William Blackburn, William B. Blackburn, William T. Blackburn, E.B. Blackman, Jira I. Blackman, Pardy T. Blackman, William B. Bodine, Clarence Bonner, Jesse Borton, Thomas H. Boston, Herrick O. Boyer, Joseph W. Boyer, Ellis Brill, George Brinkerhoff, Willis Brinkerhoff, Captain George W. Brown, George W. Brown (pix), James H. Browning (pix), James H. Browning, James B. Buckler, Paul Burkey, Walter S. Burt, Caleb Carroll, Dennis Carroll, Edward Carroll, Patrick Carroll, John W. Cash, Col. Terrence Clark, N.S. Coe, William H. Colwell, John Condon, John J. Corzine, John F. Crawford, James W. Cryder, William G. Culbertson, William J. Culbertson, Charles W. Curl, Isaac H. Curtis (pix), Hamilton N. Cusick, Samuel F. Dean, Benjamin Dickson, E.H. Dinsmore, George O. Dinsmore (pix), Colonel George Dole (pix), William E. Dole (pix), Richard Doyle, Henry Dugan, James A. Eads (pix), James A. Earhart, E.E. Elledge, George Elliott (pix), George F. English (pix), Frank Englum, William J. Englum, Harry Epps, Frank Essinger, George W. Fair, James Farnham, George W. Fidler, Andrew J. Foltz, Ellsworth Forster, Abraham Fox (pix), James B. Frazier, James Gaines, John B. Galway, Joseph H. Galway, William B. Galway, William Gano, Alfred Geiling, Millard F. Gillespy, Bert W. Gillis, Edward E. Gillis, Lincoln Gillis, Mrs. Mary E. Gillis, William H. Gillogly, George H. Gordon, James S. Gordon, Samuel Graham, William A. Graham, Arthur D. Greathouse (pix), Dr. Charles A. Handley, Justine H. Handley, A.K. Hartley, Elisha William Hartley, James M. Hayes, John T. Hayes, John A. Helfrich, Charles Henn, Phillip A. Henn (pix), Charles A. Hite, Hugar I. Hodge, Dr. Weller H. Hoff (pix), James Honnold, James L. Honnold, John R. Honnold, Philip B. Honnold, Richard Honnold, Richard D. Honnold, Samuel F. Honnold, John A. Hornberger, Eugenio Hoult, George W. Hughes, John F. Huls, A.J. Hunter (pix), Joseph D. Hunter, William Hurst, Edward R. Hutton, Abraham L. Hybarger, Arnold C. Jenkins, J. Frank Jennings, John W. Jennings, Harvey Jones, Oscar Jones, Dr. William S. Jones (pix), John Jump, Stephen Jump, Perry Kaericher, William B. Kaericher, Edward Winston Kelsheimer, Samuel Kenton, John B. Kerrick, Robert H. Kile, Dr. William Kile, Joseph G. Kilgore, Robert O. Kirby, David H. Knight, Walter S. Lamon, Elmer O. Laughlin, William H. Leach, N.C. Lewis, Ira N. Lilley, Francis M. Link, Horace Link, Alpheus Little, Charles R. Livingston, Dr. Harry Lycan, Jeremiah V. Lycan, Stephen Maddock (pix), Terrence Maddock, Samuel C. Mann, Anthony W. Mark (pix), John Mason, John W. Mason, William H. McCord, Charles McCown, James B. McCown, Robert McCubbins, John McKee Jr., Robert Lang McKinlay, William H. McMullen, Amanda J. (Heaseltine) Meredith, Andrew Merkle, Matthew Merkel, Z.E. Metcalfe, Mrs. Isabelle Metcalfe, Emanuel Meyers (pix), Sidney E. Meyers, John H. Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Captain Samuel Mitchell, H.W. Monical, Edward G. Morris, Hiram W. Morris, James Morris, Hiram W. Morris, Joseph H. Morris (pix), William B. Morrow (pix), Edgar Morton, William Morton, Leander Munsell, John W. Murphy, Simon F. Myers, George W. Myers (pix), Henry F. Nelson, Warren Newcomb (pix), John Noble, Rev. Joel W. Nye (pix), Carlos A. Ogden, Richard Ogle, Frank Trimble O'Hair, Charles H. Ousley, Howard Parker, Robert N. Parrish (pix), James E. Parrish, Orion E. Patrick, Thomas Paulter, James Pzxton, James H. Payne (pix), Edward Perkins, George Y. Perkins, Samuel B. Perkins, William H. Perisho, Harrison F. Pinnell, J. Early Pinnell, William C. Pinnell, William I. S. Pinnell (pix), Capt. Willis O. Pinnell, Willis O. Pinnell, Dr. Samuel R. Preston, William C. Price, Charles F. Propst (pix), Warner C. Querry, Pryor S. Randall, John S. Randleman, Calvin Reynolds, James O. Rhodes, John E. Riggs, George W. Rives, Colonel Henry E. Rives (pix), Dr. D.D. Roberts (pix), John Roll (pix), Mark Rowe (pix), William H. Rudy, William H. Rudy, J.D. Sayre, Daniel S. Schenck, Jefferson Schraeder, Thomas J. Scott, William M. Scott (pix), Charles E. Shaw, Major Elvis P. Shaw, Harry E. Shepherd, James H. Shively, Charles W. Sidenbender, Crawford Sidenbender, John N. Sisemore (pix), Norman Pitt Smith, Oliver Smith, Robert J. Smith, J. William Snyder (pix), James M. Steele, James H. Stephenson, Newton Stewart, William C. Sudduth, John Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, Wat A. Summers, Richard B. Sutherland, Richard Gilman Sutherland, Jesse Swango (pix), Harlan A. Swango, Clarence W. Swango, Richard W. Swank, James M. Tate, Dr. William H. Ten Broeck, Joseph A. Thiel, Claude P. Thomas, Albert Thompson, Edward T. Thompson, Lorin Thompson, Andrew York Trogdon, General James M. True, G.O. Tucker, James K. Tucker, George Allen VanDyke, Henry Van Sellar (pix), Richard W. Van Sickle, James F. Van Voorhees (pix), Captain Allen Varner, George W. Vice, John W. Voorhees, Peter F. Voorhees, E.D. Waggoner, Frank F. Waller, William Waller Jr., Thomas D. Watson, J.R. Whitesell, John R. Wilhoit (pix), John W. Winans, John B. Wood, Henry C. Woodyard, Charles O. Wright, Frank T. Wright, Truman Wright, Henry H. Wright, Rev. N. Jackson Wright, William Wyatt, Major Noah R. Yeargin, D.W. Young, William T. Younger, Edmund Yowell, and Joseph Zink.

Edgar County, IL
only $9.60

Cover of Edgar County History

Sources: Biographies of Edgar County Illinois USA; Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Edgar County
Authors: H. Van Sellar
Original Publication Year: 1905
Original Publisher: Munsell Publishing Company
See Description for more info.


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