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Boone County Biographies

Book Description:

Biographies of early residents in Boone County, IL, are reprinted in this brand new spiral-bound book. The 36-page book, printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# offset paper, is an excerpt from the hard-to-find 1877 book, The Past and Present of Boone County, Illinois, published by H.F. Kett & Co., Chicago. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The history portion of the book is available in a separate book. Attention Genealogists: This "Biographical Directory" contains an alphbetical listing of county residents by township, some of which are accompanied by biographies of varying lengths. Those with bios include: Belvidere Township -- Amzl Abbe, D.W. Allen, George B. Ames, Dr. Abner Angell, Egbert H. Avery, Edward Ballard, S.G. Barker, John Barnes, Martin Barringer, Mrs. Mary S. Bennett, Willis H. Bennett, Martin C. Bentley, Eli Bogardus, Henry F. Bowley, A.C. Bush, George W. Campbell, E.W. Case, M.E. Crary, Jefferson Conger, R.W. Coon, Lucian L. Crandall, Enoch Cronk, George Dean, Horatio C. DeMunn, Dudley Derthick, Mrs. Mary Doolittle, Simon P. Doty, Cornelius DuBois, Fred S. DuBois, Rev. Charles F. Eissfeldt, Farrar & Quackenboss, Daniel E. Foote, John J. Foote (extensive), Leighton Foster, James Francis, Elijah G. Froom, Gen. Allen c. Fuller, charles E. Fuller, Cephas Gardner, John Haynes, William Haywood, Jonathan Heywood, Jesse S. Hildrup, Ira D. Hill, G.C. Hollenshead, Andrew Horan, D. Hopkins, H. Hull, J.M. Humphrey, Stephen A. Hurlbut, Asher E. Jenner, A. Jones, Warren Keeler, C.E. Kelsey, Francis King, Fred H.E. King, Job Kinyon, C.C. Knight, Dr. Leonard L. Lake, Stephen Lambert, E.J. Leach, Thomas J. Linnell, Alexander L. Livingston, Samuel Longcor, Addison Longcor, Leonard S. Longcor, John C. Longcor, Charles B. Loop, Samuel Lovejoy, S. Loveless, A.R. Luce, William McBride, Charles McDougall, Marvin Clark Marean, Jas. B. Martyn, John Mason, Ezra May, Hugh May, George Meyer, F. Morse, Asa Moss, Charles S. Moss, Edward E. Moss, W.S.A. Moss, Major R.E. Osgood, Samuel Pepper, Daniel B. Pettit, Thomas W. Porter, A. Quackenboss, Mark Ramsey, R. Roberts, William H. Robinson, John A. Rollins, W.C. Rowen, James W. Sawyer, Joy H. Saxton, Dr. Charles Scott, Isaac Sewell, Dr. C.H. Seymour, Prof. Henry J. Sherrill, John Stephenson, Samuel Swasey, Mrs. Electa Taylor, James. S. Terwilliger, Dexter S. Thomas, Enos Tomkins, R.J. Tousley, Eugene E.P. Truesdell, Isaac W. Tuthill, John Waldock, Houghton Walker, Thomas D. Walker, John Wallace, Henry Warren, Elijah Watson, Rev. Willard Welsher, Lewis E. Wheeler, Rev. J.M. Whitehead, Charles S. Whitman, Daniel Wilcox, Joseph R. Williams, Dr. G.M. Williamson, Joseph V. Wing, Francis I. Winne, Isaac T. Witbeck, Samuel Wood, Wales W. Wood, Josiah Wranch, F.S. Wrate, Omar H. Wright, Charles Wyman, and Simeon L. Covey; Boone Township -- James Alexander, Isaac Bates, M.C. Briggs, Edward Burnside, Isaac Caddick, L.H. Champlin, J.V. Colvin, Barney Cornwell, Mrs. Phoebe Cornwell, Lewis Goodsell, Oliver K. Hanson, C.W. Heath, Ole Helgeson, Stephen Hinman, John Iverson, J.E. Kellogg, W.H. Kendig, John Kimble, Walter Loing, Donald McIntyre, Peter McIntyre, James S. Milliken, M.S. Nesmith, Dr. F.A. Nichols, Thor Olson, Anne Reid, George Sands, William Sands, Laughlin Scougall, Edward Stevenson, H.B. Stevenson, James Stevenson, Silas R. Stevenson, William R. Stevenson, G.I. Tripp, David Wagner, Mrs. Eliza E. Wheeler, H.R. Willard, N.H. Wooster, George W. Worthington, and A.E. Yates; Bonus Township -- Warren Andrews, Myron K. Avery, Theodore, Fred L. Barton, George W. Bennett, B.R. Bicknell, O. Bills, Hugh Boyce, Thomas Burton, Enoch Conger, Lewis Decker, Fassett (A.C.) and Rosekrans (J.D.), Abigail C. Feeley, A.D. Hale, Alonzo Haskins, F.D. Hyde, Mrs. Parmella Hyde, Charles D. Jackson, Nathan D. Jackson, Milton E. Keeler, William Keeler, Thomas Kelly, A. Kipp, Franklin Lawrence, John Lawrence, Luther W. Lawrence, Aaron Mabie, D. Mabie, Alfred J. Miller, I.D. Miller, Dennis Moan, James A. Newman, O.S. Nichols, D.R. Payne, Thomas T. Pettis, Henry Porter, James W. Porter, Roger Pryor, J.W.F. Randall, Sion Roper, Ralph Rulison, Clarence E. Sacket, Daniel H. Sacket, Fred Sands, H.O. Sears, Edward Stapleton, Frank S. Stockwell, A. Stone, James D. Tripp, Uriah B. Turnare, A.L. Watkins, James G. Winigar, Ancil Wixom, James Woodruff; Caledonia Township -- W.H. Brooks, Abram Drake, Robert Dymond, H.S. Grinnell, H.A. Hammond, William Hazlewood, C.C. Leach, Alexander McNair, J.D. Montanye, James Montgomery, William Moore, Jno. Ralston, A.J. Ralston, W.H. Reid, Stutton Sewell, J.J. Tofflemire, Andrew Whiting, Luther Whiting; Flora Township -- Bernard B. Allen, W.W. Allen, Michael H. Atkins, Henry W. Avery Jr., Sebastian S. Banks, Charles Bennett, William Blake, David L. Case, Daniel S. Chamberlain, Charles E. Chena, Jacob Clinite, George W. Coe, Orville S. Cohoon, Henry P. Compton, George Craig, Bradford Cunningham, Edwin Dean, Orville E. Dean, Jacob Decosta, George W. Delavergne, Husted Delavergne, G.W. Fancher, Eli Foote, S. Fuller, Andrew J. Graves, Samuel S. Graves, Calvin Griggs, Horace Griggs, Landon Griggs, F.I. Hall, A. Howard, Alonzo M. Jenks, C. Johansson, George T. Keator, Lewis Keith, Origin King, Daniel B. Kingsbury, George Leaman, William Lee, Jedediah Lincoln, O.F. Lucas, Walter Lucas, Addison S. McCartney, Samuel McKee, Otis Macconnoughey, Garret Magee, Alonzo Marean, William Morehead, Alfred Munn, Frank E. Munn, Martin B. Neff, E.C. Norton, Eldridge G. Oaks, John F. Oaks, B.F. Paine, Daniel Partlow, Charles W. Pike, George W. Priest, William Roach, A.M. Robinson, A.W. Robinson, Allen S. Royal, H.A. Shattuck, Lewis Shirley, Lewis Shirley Jr., Henry Silvius, Jabez I. Spencer, Robert Swail, Franklin Tanner, Jno. C. Thompson Jr., F.S. Webber, W.H. Weed, W. Whipple, Henry A. Wilcox, James Williams, William Witter; Leroy Township -- Silas DeMunn, Henry Hammond, N.J. Nelson; Manchester Township -- David Adams, R.C. Brayton, Luke Cass, S.A. Ellsworth, R.A. Erwin, L.D. Linderman, Arthur Livingston, A.H. Manley, Charles A. Nash, William Peters, C.J. Robardez, Rudolf Stoll; Spring Township -- N.J.C. Albright, J.C. Ashcraft, James Atkinson, Lawrence Barringer, John Baxter, D.W.C. Bishop, Francis Blackford, James Blackford, George A. Cates, George Chafee, Mrs. Sarah Chamberlin, John Cooper, Jefferson Colvin, Charles Curtis, Henry Curtis, Joel Davis Sr., Miron DeWolf, W.C. DeWolf, Mrs. N.M. Dunham, John Foord, E.L. Gleason, J.B. Gould, Samson Gretton, Harrison H. Hakes, Joseph Hewer, William L. Hollembeak, H.C. Hughes, Lewis Hughes, Theodore Johnson, Thomas Kahoy, William B. King, Edwin Lander, T.E. Lane, A.B. Lanning, John S. Lanning, U.R. Lanning, William M. Mack, J. Mayburry, Richard Moore, Thomas Page, Jira Payn, George Peters, M.K. Pratt, George Reed, John Rogers Jr., James Scriven, F.H. Shattuck, Harlyn Shattuck, Loomis Shattuck, Mason Smith, Benjamin Smithson, T.M. Stevens, P.R. Stockwell, J.M. White, Robert Wiffin, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, G.F. Winne, C.F. Witt and William Wollcott.

Boone County Biographies, IL
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Cover of Boone County Biographies History

Sources: Biographies of Boone County Illinois USA; The Past and Present of Boone County, Illinois
Authors: Rosena Giles
Original Publication Year: 1877
Original Publisher: H.F. Kett & Co.
See Description for more info.


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