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Cumberland County

Book Description:

Early days in Cumberland County, IL, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this new 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed on 60 # opaque paper. The 157 page booklet, an excerpt from the hard-to-find 1884 book: Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois, published by F.A. Battey and Co. of Chicago, is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Casey (part), Cottonwood Township, Crooked Creek Township, Greenup Township, Hazel Dell, Janesville, Jewett, Montrose (part), Neoga, Spring Point Township, Sumpter Township, Toledo (County Seat), Union Township, Woodbury Township. Among the many subjects discussed are: Early Settlers -- their Experiences, Industries, Amusements, Dress, etc.; Organization, Elections, and Legal Actions; Topography, Geology, Material Resources and Swamp Lands; the Fair Association; Division into townships; Public Buildings; First Courts and Jurors; County Officials (with names of those who served between 1843 and 1883; Transportation -- Roads, Bridges, Railroads, etc.; the Press and Politics; Churches, Schools and Secret Organizations; Cumberland County's Civil War Record, including the 21st Illinois Infantry, the 59th Illinois Infantry, the 97th Illinois Infantry, the 123rd Illinois Infantry, the 135th Illinois Infantry, the Fifth Illinois Cavalry, the 61st Illinois Infantry, and the 62nd Illinois Infantry; the remarkably strong John Eaton, A.K. Bosworth, and other noted citizens of Greenup, first county seat; former towns of Woodbury and Johnstown; Jewett (formerly Pleasantville), Toledo -- including names of the 82 families living there in 1883; the legend of how Toledo was named; Neoga, with a detailed account of the various churches; and other bits of history and trivia. Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Some are brief, but many include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on the businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. The biographies include: City of Toledo and Sumpter Township -- John F. Ashwill, J.B. Atchison, Thomas Brewer, Levi N. Brewer, William L. Bruster, Dr. John E. Chambers, Dr. Daniel F. Chapman, Lewis Decius, W.S. Everhart, Dr. J.W. Goodwin, David B. Green, Henry W. Green, Charles Hanker, F.J. Heid, S.C. Holsapple, Alex Huges, Western R. Humphrey, D.D. Judson, Capt. Andrew J. Lee, Guy M. Lemen, William Logan, A.A. Lovins, Sheriff James A. McCandlish, Samuel C. Willer, W.D. Mumford, W.W. Park, T.P. Prather, I.J. Pugh, Dr. A.J. Reeves, Henry Rhoads, Levi B. Ross, George Starger, John B. Tossey, Dr. J.H. Yanaway; Greenup Township -- Mrs. Robert Arthur, James W. Arthur, Joseph Battye, Joseph D. Borden, H. Bowman, Dr. Richard T. Colliver, William Campbell, William H. Catey, Samuel W. Clark, Charles Conzet Sr., John Conzet, Julius C. Conzet, Joseph M. Cook, John C. Dees, John Dunn, William Ewart, Nehemiah Fancher, John Green, John Grim, Silas W. Huffcut, Dr. Nathaniel G. James, Jacob Jenuine, Charles G. Jones; Mahlon R. Lee, Lemuel Leggett, Chapman A. Lewis, William McCann, William H. McDonald, Reuben N. Matheny, Edwin Mattoon, G. Monohon, Charles Nisewanger, William H. Ozier, Harlow Park, James M. Rice, DeWitt C. Robertson, Isaac Rothrock, Frank M. Sapp, John J. Severns, Harlow O. Sherwood, Mark Sperry, Hubbard F. Sperry, Marshall Stewart, William Stewart, Michael Stockbarger, Edward Talbott, Will S. Tobey, Nicholas F. Troxel, Thomas C. Tutewiler, D.C. Underwood, Samuel Walden, Thornton A. Ward, John Wetherholt, William C. Willson, Henry Winslow, William Wylde; Crooked Creek Township -- Charles J. Allen, Samuel Allenbaugh, Samuel F. Arnold, Martin Bartley, Edward Baumgardner, Peter Burnett, Craven Copeland, William H. DeBord, Albert G. Dorsey, Jonathan S. Finney, John Freeland, Henry N.P. Fritts, Timothy Kelly, John A. Kelly, Michael Kelly, James McBride, Andrew J. McCash, Adam Rader, Martin Ruffner, David H. Sanford, George W. Sarter, Jonathan J. Smith, Solomon Smith, Jonathan O. Spohn, Capt. James W. Travis, John Wade, Samuel Welker, William Welker, Robert Yelton; Cottonwood Township -- David Beals, Reuben Bloomfield, James A. Carrell, William A. Doyal, Alonzo Grafton, John Heddins, William E. Lake, William R. McCandlish, Baxter W. McPherson, David Michael, Francis Miller, David F. Randolph, Samuel P. Reed, James M. Reed, Carson P. R. Rodgers, Wallace M. Rodgers, Dr. Jonathan Wilson Shull, John W. Snodgrass, Garrison Tate, Izatus Whitacre, Henry Williams; Neoga Township -- Dr. G.W. Albin, James M. Albin, James Clark, David A. Caldwell, L. M. Casstevens, Mrs. Mary E. Cole, P.L. DeVore, Morton Dow, Dr. G.F. Dougherty, James Ewing, James M. Ewing, C. D. Greene, Thomas R. Hancock, William H. Hancock, Wesley Hickernell, Robert M. Hunter, John K. Kelly, Thomas Lacy, B.H. Lawson, J.W. Miller, David Neal, John Peters, W.B. Phillips, Henry H. Rex, T.J. Short, W.H. Singer, B.R. Spencer, Mrs. A.E. Stone, Luke Vaughn, Franklin D. Voris, Capt. Mahlon Votaw, J.T. Wallace, Capt. A.T. Welman, Capt. Phillip Welshimer, William Richard White, S.F. Wilson, Ira M. Wright, Joseph M. Young, W. H. Young; Union Township -- Dennis Bell, Samuel A. Black, Nathaniel Carpenter, William Closson, Lewis Collins, S.W. Cutright, Levi Devinney, Elijah Edwards, P.W. Edwards, T. and S. Emrich, C.C. Fancher, James Gill, James Gossett, Nicholas Haughn, G.S. Henderson (who details a journey he made to New York in 1882), Amos Jennings, John C. Miller, William M. Miller, Charles McMillen, William Neal, John F. Neal, John E. Stallings, Joseph W. Strockbine, W.G. Walling, Isreal Yanaway, S.S. Yanaway; Woodbury Township -- Bazil Brown, Martin Moudy, J.W. Booth, Joseph King; Spring Point Township -- John B. Adams, Leman Faunce, Lewis Schooley.

Cumberland County, IL
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Cover of Cumberland County History

Sources: History of Cumberland County Illinois; Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois
Authors: A.J. Coolidge and J.B. Mansfield
Original Publication Year: 1884
Original Publisher: F.A. Battey and Co.
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