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Charlton County

Book Description:

Early days in Charlton County, GA, are recalled through colorful tales and factual data, in this book, a reprint of History of Charlton County by Alexander McQueen, published in 1932. The brand new 140-page 8 1/2" x 11" spiral bound book is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover. Topics covered include: The Land of Gaule; Charlton County Created in 1854; Historic St. Mary's River; Three Dead Towns along the River; Coleraine, an early Indian trading post; Center Village (or Centerville); Trader's Hill (Fort Alert); Indian Massacres; Bloody Branch (a small creek); A Woman's Intuition (that saved her family from an Indian attack); Ellicott's Mound and a boundary dispute; First Legal Hanging, including over 100 names of witnesses; Camp Pinckney; Incidents of Early Pioneer Days; Clark's Old Saw Mill; Burnt Fort; Civil War Period and Reconstruction Days (including many names of soldiers); From the Civil War to World War I; The Spanish-American War; Railroads and New Towns; The Great Okefenokee Swamp; the Islands, Lakes and Prairies; Capt. Harry Jackson's Folly; Proposed St. Mary's - St. Mark's Canal; Courts; State Senators; County Officers from 1854 to 1931; Early Marriage Records; Marks and Brands; A 117-Year-Old Woman; Racepond; May Bluff; Churches; Newspapers; Court Houses; the Dixie Highway; Charlton in World War I with names of veterans; Schools; Folkston, the county seat; the Citizens Bank; Masonic Lodge; Homeland, Saint George, and Moniac. Biographies of officials include: Sheriff W.H. Mizell, Court Clerk W.B. Smith; Tax Collector Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry; Tax Receiver H.H. Crews; County Surveyor J.M. Wildes; Coroner J.A. Wainwright; and Commissioners J.C. Littlefield, W.C. Hopkins, O.M. Prescott, Newt Roddenberry, and S.P. Green. Doctors (some with bios) include: C. E. Ballard, F.M. Smith, James C. Wright, Henry Love, T.P. Reville, John Moore, Adrian Dallas Williams, Albert Fleming, Walter R. McCoy, W.E. Banks, and William Thompson. Lawyers (most with bios) include: Martin Mershon, W.M. Oliff, Alex McQueen, Robert B. Burnsed, and John S. Gibson. Also included is an extensive compilation of Charlton County Family Histories. Last names include: Allen, Altman, Anderson, Askew, Bachlott, Baker, Banks, Bauman, Bedell, Brooks, Bryant, Buchanan, Burnsed, Canaday, Carpenter, Carter, Cassel, Catoe, Chancy, Chesser, Chisholm, Colson, Cooper, Crawford, Crews, Davis, Dean, Dedge, Dinkins, Dixon, Dowling, Fleming, Floyd, Franks, Gainey, Garrison, Gay, Gibson, Gowen, Grooms, Haddock, Hall, Hardee, Harden, Harris, Harris, Hatcher, Hathaway, Hickox, Higginbotham, Hodges, Holzendorf, Hopkins, Howard, Howard, Huling, Jacobs, Johns, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Keen, Kemp, Kennison, King, Knabb, Knowles, Lang, Larkins, Layton, Leckie, Leigh, Littlefield, Lloyd, Londeree, Lowther, Lyons, Mallard, Mattox, McCoy, McDonald, McDuffie, McLain, McLeod, McQueen, Mills, Mizell, Murray, Norman, O’Berry, O’Quinn, O’Steen, Osterman, Page, Passieu, Paxton, Pearce, Petty, Phillips, Pickren, Player, Poindexter, Prescott, Prevatt, Purdom, Quarterman, Raulerson, Raynor, Reynolds, Rhoden, Rider, Roberts, Robinson, Roddenberry, Rodgers, Rogers, Roy, Royal, Russell, Scott, Shivar, Sikes, Smith, Southwell, Stapleton, Stewart, Stokes, Stroup, Suggs, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thrift, Toy, Tyson, Vickery, Wainwright, Wanderlich, Wasdin, Waughtel, White, Wildes, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wrench, Wright, Yarber, and Zarfos.

Charlton County, GA
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Cover of Charlton County History

Sources: History of Charlton County Georgia
Authors: McQueen
Original Publication Year: 1932
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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