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Tennessee - Bradley County Civil War

Book Description:

The Plight of Yankee Sympathizers in Bradley County, Tennessee, during the Civil War is told in this NEW 120 Page Illustrated Booklet. A rarely seen view of the Civil War years is found in this booklet, reprinted from History of the Rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee written by J.S. Hurlburt in 1866. The 120-page spiral bound booklet is printed one-sided on 60# 8.5" x 11" paper. Although shorter than the original booklet, because of the page size, relatively little was omitted in reprinting. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The booklet begins with some background on Bradley County, followed by the elections to determine Tennessee's course in the war, and the contention that the elections were fraudulant. Most of the book is concerned with atrocities committed by Rebels on Union supporters. Some of the section heads are: "Union People ... Robbed of their Private Arms", "Money Extorted from Union People...", "The Tuscaloosa Prisoners" (with names of victims), "Capt. Brown's Whipping of the Camp Women", "Captain Brown's Arrest" (with names of his supporters), "The Cleveland Banner" discussing the role of this Rebel newspaper, "The Stonecypher Family", "Case of Mr. William Humbert", "Case of Lawyer A.J. Trewhitt", "Trials and Death of S.D. Richmond", "Isaac Richmond and William E. Fisher," "Rev. Eli H. Southerland", "The Shooting of Dr. Griffin", "Bradley County Court," "Hanging of Mr. E.G. Grubb", "Mr. Joseph Lusk", "Death of Amos Manes", "Imprisonment of Mr. Daniel McDowell", "Six Soldiers", Thomas Spurgen "The Red Fox" (with sketch), "Death of Michael Baugh", "William Low", "Murder of Fantroy A. Carter", "W.M. Willhoit", "Murder of the Two Carters", "Artificial Caves" (made to hide refugees from Rebels), "Mr. Amos Potts", "Shooting of Mr. William Thomas", "Murder of Mr. Earby Cooper", and "Rebel Raids from Georgia into Bradley county." The booklet concludes with the "Names of Union Persons, Union Soldiers, Rebels and Rebel Soldiers in Bradley County". This is a very extensive list covering over 8 pages.

Bradley County Civil War, TN
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Cover of Bradley County Civil War History

Sources: History of the Rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee / Civil War in Bradley County TN
Authors: J.S. Hurlburt
Original Publication Year: 1866
Original Publisher: Dorr, Howland and Co.
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