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New Hampshire in the Civil War

Book Description:

New Hampshire in the Civil War is an excerpt from Volume 4 of the 1918 book: History of New Hampshire, originally published by The American Historical Society, New York City. This NEW spiral-bound 38-page booklet was printed single-sided on 8.5" x 11" 60# paper at our printing plant in Tucson, AZ. The front cover is protected by a vinyl sheet. The booklet begins with a section on New Hampshire Regiments in the Civil War, beginning with the First Regiment. It includes the movements and engagements of the regiment and the names of some officers. Following this is the Second Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, including mention of Harriet Patience Dame (pix), an army nurse and "the bravest soldier of them all," the Third Regiment which later became the Third New Hampshire Mounted Infantry, the Fourth Regiment, the Fifth Regiment, known as the "Fighting Fifth," the Sixth Regiment, which marched more than 20,000 miles, the Seventh Regiment, the Eighth Regiment, the Ninth Regiment, which took part in "the grand review at Washington" at the end of the war, the Tenth Regiment, which was principally composed of Irish men, the Eleventh Regiment, the Twelfth Regiment, which lost many soldiers at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, the Thirteenth Regiment, the Fourteenth Regiment, the Fifteenth Regiment, the Sixteenth Regiment, the Seventeenth Regiment and the finally, the Eighteenth Regiment, recruited in the latter part of 1864. The next section is titled "Miscellaneous Organizations" and includes the First New England Cavalry, the First New Hampshire Cavalry, the First NH Battery of Light Artillery, three Companies of Sharpshooters, the Brigade Band, the Strafford Guards, Dartmouth Cavalry, and the NH men in the Marine Corps. The third section is titled "Native Sons of New Hampshire in the Civil War." Bios include -- Generals: Benjamin F. Butler, Christopher C. Andrews, John G. Foster, Fitz-John Porter (pix), John B. Sanborn, John D. Webster, Everell F. Dutton, Benjamin F. Kelley, Byron McCutcheon, Ruben D. Mussey, Richard N. Batchelder, George W. Gile; Colonels: Franklin F. Flint, Edward E. Cross, Fletcher Webster, Thornton F. Brodhead, Jesse H. Gove, Charles E. Blunt; Majors: Edgar A. Kimball, Henry L. Patten; Commander: Tunis A.M. Craven; Rear Admiral: George E. Belknap, George H. Wadleigh, Enoch G. Parrott; Commodores: John G. Walker, George H. Perkins (pix), Charles W. Pickering; Captain: James S. Thornton; Surgeons: John M. Brown, Luther V. Bell, Alpheus B. Crosby and George F. French. The final section concerns "Civic Affairs During the Rebellion", including the case of Lieutenant Andrew J. Edgerly, who voted Democratic while on leave and was charged with promoting "the success of the Rebel cause" and the case of Thomas Weir of the "Fighting Fifth" who was pardoned on a murder charge largely because he was a veteran.

Civil War, NH
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Cover of Civil War History

Sources: New Hampshire in the Civil War; History of New Hampshire Vol. 4;
Authors: Ella Mitchell
Original Publication Year: 1918
Original Publisher: American Historical Society
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