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Kansas - 2nd and 7th Regiments

Book Description:

Tales of Kansas in the Civil War: The Second and Seventh Cavalry Regiments Excerpts from various volumes of the Kansas State Historical Society -- featuring Civil War stories of the Second and Seventh Kansas Cavalry Regiments -- are compiled in this NEW spiral-bound 74 page booklet is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# paper. The front cover is protected by a vinyl sheet. CONTENTS "A Historic Picture" -- A picture of five Kansas Civil War veterans with biographies of each. All of them were pioneers in territorial days and served in the Second Kansas Cavalry regiment in 1861. Three of them were with General Lyon when he died at the Battle of Wilson's Creek. The men include David Ellenwood Ballard, Samuel Johnson Crawford, Edwin Cassander Manning, Horace Ladd Moore, and John Knox Rankin. (Vol.XII 1911-1912) "A Kansas Soldier" -- One of the subjects in the first article, Edwin C. Manning, penned this article dealing primarily with the Second Kansas Cavalry. This article highlights the actions of Captain Samuel J. Crawford. It also mentions General James G. Blunt, Major Van Antwerp, Sgt. Vincent B. Osborne of the Second Kansas Infantry, Col. Powell Clayton of the Fifth Kansas Regiment, Cyrus Leland Jr. of the 10th Kansas Infantry, Samuel S. McFadden and Charles Wagner. Manning tells colorful tales of a near calamity when a retreating Union battery was almost fired upon by Yankees, an incident that disrupted a major's breakfast, and the attack on the steamboat Annie Jacobs near Clarksville, AR, late in the war. (Vol. X 1907-1908) "The Story of the Seventh Kansas" -- According to author S.M. Fox, Adjutant General in Company C, Seventh Kansas regiment, "This is not intended to be a history, but is a sketch, based, from a lack of sufficient records, on a memory which at times may be at fault. From the conditions, the story can but be rambling and incomplete. The history of a cavalry regiment that nearly every day during its four years of actie service was in the saddle would fill many volumes with stories of adventure and hardship and then be a tale half told." Nonetheless, this is a fairly lengthy "sketch," beginning with the organization of the first eight Kansas regiments, which were numbered consecutively without reference to the arm of service they represented, and then concentrating on Dr. Charles R. Jennison's "jayhawkers," nick-name of the Seventh Kansas Cavalry. Names of the first field and staff are included, along with a look at the officers and other details of each of the ten companies. Following this is a look at some of the actions in which the regiment participated, with an emphasis on some of the lesser known battles. According to Fox "the entire number of the Seventh Kansas made prisoners of war during over four years of active service would not aggregate a score..."(Vol. VIII 1903-1904) "Early History of the Seventh Kansas Cavalry" -- In this article by Fox, author of the previous excerpt, endeavors to clear up some derogatory statements by other writers with regard to the Seventh Kansas Cavalry. (Vol. XI 1909-1911) "Origin of the Name 'Jayhawker,' and How It Came to be Applied to the People of Kansas" -- This article by William A. Lyman expands on some of the other excepts with regard to the nickname of the Seventh Kansas which was later applied to the people of the state. (Vol.XIV 1915-1918 )

2nd and 7th Regiments, KS
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Cover of 2nd and 7th Regiments History

Sources: Kansas State Historical Society / Tales of Kansas in the Civil War / The Second and Seventh Cavalry Regiments
Authors: Allensworth
Original Publication Year: 2005
Original Publisher: A Plus Printing Co.
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