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Kansas - 5th 6th and 9th Regiment

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Tales of Kansas in the Civil War: The Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Cavalry Regiments Compiled from excerpts from various volumes of the Kansas State Historical Society, this NEW spiral-bound 75 page booklet is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# paper. The front cover is protected by a vinyl sheet. CONTENTS "Sixth Kansas Cavalry and Its Commander" -- The commander referred to by the author, Charles E. Cory, was Lieutenant Colonel Lewis R. Jewell. The Sixth Kansas Cavalry was "different from most regiments of the United States army." Most rode their own horses, many wore civilian clothes and they were the "finest foragers that ever went to war since the days of vandals." Among the incidents related are "The Burning of Fort Scott -- Which Didn't Happen," an incidental (but friendly) meeting with Quantrill, and the Battle of Cane Hill including a sketch of the battleground. (Vol. XI 1909-1911) "A Kansas Soldier's Escape from Camp Ford, Texas" -- George W. Martin writes the story of Capt Robert Henderson, Company G, Sixth Kansas volunteer cavalry, who was captured by Confederates and sent to Camp Ford. He and two companions met numerous obstacles as they tried to make their way back to Union lines. (Vol. VIII 1903-1904) "Campaigning in the Army of the Frontier" -- Albert Robinson Greene of Company A, Ninth Kansas Cavalry, gives a colorful account of his Civil War adventures -- falling asleep his first night on guard duty, eating milk and donuts, an impromptu horse race, and even getting in some fighting now and then. He wrote from memory, aided by a diary he kept during part of his service. Here's a sample of his writing: On the 28th of November our advance guard was fired on while crossing Turkey creek, a few miles north of Neosho, Mo. We had one man badly wounded, and had no means of knowing whether the guerrillas suffered or not, as they were in a safe place and got away after a few shots at them. The next day we reached Neosho, and the officers got up a dance in the office of the Herald newspaper. The "sesesh" ladies didn't seem at all averse to having "Federals" for partners, and the fun was fast and furious until a late hour. (Vol. XIV 1915-1918) "Massacre of Confederates by Osage Indians" -- This article, by W.L. Bartles, a member of Company G, Ninth Kansas, tells of a bloody incident that occurred in the area of Humboldt. The Civil War in the west sometimes involved Indian nations. In the Humboldt area, the Osage tribe sided with the Unionists, while the Cherokees supported the Confederacy. (Vol. VIII 1903-1904) "An (Unrecorded) Incident of the War, 1862" -- "In the summer of 1862, a detachment of the Fifth Kansas cavalry of less than 200 men accomplished one of the most perilous feats of the civil war, and of which little is known except by those now living who participated therein."Thus begins a tale by John Francis, a follower of John Brown, and a member of Company D, Fifth Kansas regiment. (Vol. VII 1901-1902)

5th 6th and 9th Regiment, KS
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Cover of 5th 6th and 9th Regiment History

Sources: Kansas State Historical Society / Tales of Kansas in the Civil War / Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Kansas Cavalry Regiment,
Authors: Allensworth
Original Publication Year: 2005
Original Publisher: A Plus Printing Co.
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