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Kansas - John Brown

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What early writers said about...John Brown in Ohio, in Kansas, in Virginia. This NEW spiral-bound 72 page booklet is compiled from excerpts from various volumes of the Kansas State Historical Society (designated by volume number and date) and other early historical writings as indicated. It is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# paper with the print enlarged to fit the page. The front cover is protected by a vinyl sheet. CONTENTS Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe -- John Brown Biography from Chapter on "Summit County History" -- John Brown was born in Connecticut, but grew up in Summit County Ohio. Included is data on his parents and episodes from his youth and young manhood, including his first "military campaign". (1892) "With John Brown in Kansas" -- August Boni, who was with Brown in 1856, wrote this account of John Brown in response to "the slanderous article" of the Rev. David N. Utter of Chicago. This sample shows some of his observations: "Before every meal the captain (Brown) spoke the blessing aloud. He was an orthodox Christian; some of his sons were free-thinkers, regarding which he remarked that he had tried to give his children a good education, and now they were old enough to choose for themselves. Once he also talked about temperance... Old Brown was a teetotaler, but still liberal enough on that subject." (Vol. VIII 1903-1904) "The Battle of Black Jack" -- G.W.E. Griffith, writer of this article, was an eye-witness to this 1856 incident, wherein marauders, who had a camp at Black Jack, were terrorizing the people of the Prairie City area. John Brown and company came to their defense and a battle ensued." (Vol. XVI 1923-1925 ) "Memorial Monuments and Tablets in Kansas" -- Very brief item on the dedication of a monument to John Brown. (Vol. XI 1909-1910) "Sketches of Kansas Pioneer Experience: John Brown and His Revolvers" -- A brief article concerning the disposition of 50 revolvers belonging to John Brown. (Vol. VII 1901-1902) "The Marais Des Cygnes Massacre" -- Joel Moody writes about the slaughter of five abolitionists in 1858 by a group led by the Hameltons of Georgia. Then he reviews the sequence of events from 1855 until the death of John Brown in 1859. (Vol. XIV 1915-1918) "The Battle of the Spurs and John Brown's Exit from Kansas" -- The Story of John Brown's final tangle with pro-slavery forces in Kansas before he escaped to Canada to make plans to take over the arsenal at Harper's Ferry. Here's a brief sample "John Brown appeared utterly oblivious of the presence of Wood and his forces. He looked straight ahead, and if the deputy marshal and his men had been ants they could not have received less attention from him..."(Vol. VIII 1903-1904) West Virginia, Guide to the Mountain State -- Article on Harper's Ferry -- Writers from the WPA investigated the area of Harper's Ferry and wrote about John Brown's capture there from a 1940's perspective. (1940) West Virginia in History, Life, Literature and Industry by Morris Purdy Shawkey -- "John Brown's Raid at Harper's Ferry" -- After reviewing Brown's life, Shawkey gives a detailed account of Brown's invasion at Harper's Ferry and his capture and execution. (1928) "An Attempted Rescue of John Brown from Charleston Virginia Jail" -- O.E. Morse describes this article as follows: "On November 2, 1859, John Brown was taken from the jail to the court room at Charlestown, Va., and sentenced to be hung on the 2d day of December following. During this interval an undertaking was entered into in his behalf, of which little is known to the general public...The purpose of this effort is to gather fragments of the story as they have drifted to me during the more than forty years that have elapsed." (Vol. VIII 1903-1904)

John Brown, KS
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Sources: John Brown / Kansas State Historical Society / What Early Writers Said About John Brown
Authors: Allensworth
Original Publication Year: 2005
Original Publisher: A Plus Printing Co.
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