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Kansas - First Infantry

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Tales of Kansas in the Civil War First Kansas Infantry, the Battle of Wilson Creek, First Kansas Battery, etc. New! 89 Page Booklet Excerpts from various volumes of the Kansas State Historical Society -- featuring stories of the First Kansas Infantry, First Kansas Battery, the Battle of Wilson Creek, etc. -- are compiled in this NEW spiral-bound 89 page booklet is printed on 8.5" x 11" 60# paper. The front cover is protected by a vinyl sheet. CONTENTS "First Kansas Infantry in the Battle of Wilson's Creek" -- James A. McGonigle, first lieutenant of Company H, First Kansas Regiment, recalls his Civil War experiences, beginning with with the regiment's being mustered into service in May 1861 and to the Battle of Wilson Creek the following August. Included is a Roster of Officers. (Vol.XII 1911-1912) "On the Battle of Wilson Creek" -- "At sunset of a torrid day in August 1861, an army of 5,000 men marched out of the town of Springfield MO to meet an enemy believed to outnumber it as four to one." Thus begins Albert R. Greene's well-written story of this conflict. Greene mentions the names of many Union participants in the battle. (Vol. V 1889-1896) "The First Kansas Battery" -- Theodore Gardner wrote this lengthy article, described as "an historical sketch, with personal reminiscences of Army Life, 1861-1865. "With the first peep of dawn I was up preparing for my journey. Mother had fitted me out with a wardrobe consisting of one pair of blue overalls and one blue hickory shirt tied in an old pillow slip....In my boyish imagination I had pictured myself as an orderly, riding a prancing steed just at the heels of the captain....Judge of my surprise, therfore at being told, after I had taken the oath...that their complement of soldiers was full, but that they were short of mule drivers." Included are maps showing the service of the First Kansas Battery, General Blunt's Campaigns in Northwest Arkansas in the Fall of 1862, and the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas in December 1862. (Vol. XIV 1915-1918) "Life of Capt. Marcus D. Tenney" -- A bit of type broken by pro-slavery forces when they destroyed a printing press inspired a small boy to fight for freedom, first in the Mexican war and later in the Civil War as a membr of the 1st Kansas Battery. One interesting item in this article concerns Santa Anna's cork leg. (Vol. XI 1909-1911) "Col. James Montgomery" -- Montgomery was a Colonel in the Third Regiment of Kansas Volunteers, under Brigadier General Lane. In this brief article, E.S. W. Drought says "From what I had heard of Colonel Montgomery, I had formed the idea that he was a rough frontiersman, and that he would destroy everything in the enemy's country and show no quarter to prisoners; but to my great astonishment I found him to be one of the mildest and gentlest of men, never using language that could not be used with propriety in the presence of ladies..."(Vol.VI 1897-1900 ) "Colonel Montgomery and His Letters" -- Franklin B. Sanborn adds more details to the description of Col. Montgomery, along with some letters written in 1860(Vol. VIII 1903-1904 ) "Kansas at Chickamauga and Chattanooga" -- This brief article concerns the dedication of memorials for the Eighth Kansas Volunteer Infantry at Chickamauga and Chattanooga. ) (Vol. VIII 1903-1904 )

First Infantry, KS
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Cover of First Infantry History

Sources: Kansas State Historical Society / Tales of Kansas in the Civil War / First Kansas Infantry, the Battle of Wilson Creek, First Kansas Battery
Authors: Allensworth
Original Publication Year: 2005
Original Publisher: A Plus Printing Co.
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