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Bradley and Calhoun Counties

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Early days in Bradley and Calhoun Counties, AR, are recalled in this brand new 87-page spiral bound booklet, comprised of excerpts from the 1890 book, Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, and a product of the WPA, Arkansas, A Guide to the State, published in 1941. The 8.5" x 11" booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The first part of the booklet contains a brief history of each county: Natural Resources, Location, Soil and Products, Geology, Timber, County Organizations, County officials, Early settlers, Early businesses, Murders and other criminal cases, , Lynchings, Railroads, Hampton, Warren Summerville, Chambersville, Little Bay, Farresses Landing, Locust Bayou, and other communites, Courts, Lawyers, the Civil War period, Schools, Churches, Secret Societies, and Newspapers, and other items of interest. Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Most are fairly lengthy, and often include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: Calhoun County -- D. Walter Bass, A.J. Biggers, Dr. Thomas A. Black, H.C. Black, Dr. William Francis Brandon, Jacob Bull, Martin P. Calaway, George Baker Chambers, Eli Cornish, William Jasper Craven, Daniel West Dawson, Robert Dedman, George Ware Dickinson, William Dunn, James Dunn, Joseph Dunn Sr., J.I. Earnest, W.A. Ford, James Gray, John Grubbs, Anthony Halloway, E.A. Hanna, R.G. Harper, Sarah Hernsberger, Squire William Hines, L.J. Hollis, J.W. Hollis, William James, Dr. W.B. Jones, H.M. Lucus, J.B. McCoy, James McKay, John Marks, William Miears, L.L. Moses, Abram Nettles, John Newton, Thomas Polk Oliver, G.W. Oliver, Samuel Owens, James Houston Preacher, W.R. Pearson, Hugh Pickett, John Calvin Pierce, John Plunkett, Dr. J.B. Ponder, J.A. Primm, James Raiford, Dr. Freeman Remley, John Ritchie, Dr. J.C.N. Robertson, J.H. Rowland, Robert Russell, G.T. Sikes, Stanley Stroud, George Henry Thompson, Col. T.A. Thornton, J.T.O. Tibbits, D.H. Tobin, A.J. Tomlinson, Huphrey Tomlinson, W.A. Thomlinson, J.B. Wood, B.H. Wood, John Wright, John Yeager, and John York; Bradley County -- J.A. Abernathy, Thomas Bailey, D.H. Balfour, W.T. Barry, John Beasley, Hugh Bradley, W.B. Brooks, John Broughton, Christopher Columbus Childs, John Ederington Childs, Dr. S.M. Davis, H.M. Ederington, John Ederington, Robert Charles Ederington, James Lafayette Ederington, James Henry Evans, Jonathan Ferrell, William Boneparte Fike, Dr. C.C. Gannaway, Solomon Gardner, M.B. Garison, Peter Garison, James Harvey Gill, Samuel Godfrey, John Louis Hairston, John Newton Hamilton, Charles Herring, W.J. Hickman, John Howard, Charles Leonidas hoyle, Dr. David Jackson, James Jolly, Major A.C. Jones, Peter Moseley, Daniel McClain, John Diarmied McLeod, William Wallace Maroney, Dr. J.W. Martin, J.R.S. Meek, James Franklin Neely, J.W. Pierce, Rev. T.I. Pirtle, Silas James Pope, R.F. Powers, Thomas Quimby, Wiley Rucker, J.A. Simpson, James Singer, John Scobey, David Sutton, James Thornton, A.A. Turner, Samuel Turner, A.B. Turner, H.B. Van Valkenburgh, William Veazey, W.R. Watson, W.H. Wheeler, S.W. Wheless, James Whiteside, Daniel Wilfong, Charles Williams, T.J. Word, and Nelson York. The WPA section gives a bit of history along with points of interest and a map of southern Arkansas.

Bradley and Calhoun Counties, AR
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Cover of Bradley and Calhoun Counties History

Sources: History of Bradley County Arkansas; History of Calhoun County, Arkansas; Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas
Authors: L.F. Johnson
Original Publication Year: 1890
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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