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Benton County

Book Description:

Early days in Benton County, in the northwest corner of Arkansas, are recalled in this spiral bound booklet, comprised of excerpts from the 1889 book, Goodspeed's History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian counties, Arkansas. The 118-page booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The first part of the booklet contains a history of the county: Natural History, Boundaries, Location, Topography, Natural History; Settlement -- Early settlers, later settlers, pioneer's cabin, wild animals, hardships, clothing, weddings; Indians; County Organization; Public Buildings; Municipal Townships; Public Highways; Railroads; Agriculture; Finances; Societies; Elections; County and District Officers from 1836 to 1888; Courts and Important Trials, including several murder cases; Civil War -- The Battle of Pea Ridge, fought in Benton County, Devastations caused by war, Confederate Reunion at Pea Ridge in 1887; Towns and Villages -- Brightwater, Bentonville (with business directory), Bloomfield, Cherokee City, Rogers (with business directory), Garfield, Lowell, Maysville, Springtown, Siloam City (with business directory), Sulphur Springs, Vanwinkle Mills, War Eagle Mills and others; Education and Literature; Churches, and other items of interest. Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Most are fairly lengthy, and often include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: David Adams, Gustavus H. Alexander, Elijah L. Allen, John Barnhouse Allensworth, Walter Alley, D.D. Ames, O.I. Anderson, John C. Arthur, Dr. C.F. Baker, Jabez B. Banks, Tompkins Coleman Barney, Benjamin S. Beach, Dr. A.R. Bills, John Black, J.A.C. Blackburn, Thomas K. Blake, M.R. Blevins, Samuel Box, Pinkney A. Bozarth, J. Wesley Breedlove, James J. Britt, William F. Brooks, Amos A. Brown, Charles W. Brown, John G. Brown, Lorenzo D. Brown, Thomas Gilbert Brown, Daniel Lanning Bruner, John H. Burns, James P. Burns, J.Van Butler, LeRoy B. Camden, Rev. Peter Carnahan, I.J. Cawood, David Chandler, Francis M. Clanton, William R. Clark, Dr. Joseph T. Clegg, Thomas Clifton, Rev. Wyatt Coffelt, Judge Samuel A. Cordell, James T. Craig, James E. Crane, Dr. William J. Curry, S.M. Dailey, James B. Dameron, Andrew Baker Davis, Goldsmith Chandler Davis, Dr. William R. Davis, William B. Deming, Ezekiel John Alcorn Dickson, J. Alvin Dickson, Joseph S. Dickson, Capt. John A. Dienst, Jacob S. Dobkins, Matthew N. Donaldson, Charles Dorkens, J.W. Duckworth, J. Dunagin, J.R. Dunagin, Benjamin F. Dunn, Hiram A. Elam, Samuel N. Elliott, James Enterkine, Stephen Thomas Fair, William R. Felker, Dr. James W. Fergus, John A. Fields, Dr. James R. Floyd, John H. Ford, William H. Fry, C.L. Gibbs, Robert C. Gibbs, Isaac B. Gilmore, William E. Gould, James H. Graham, Sebe Graham, William B. Gray, Elisha Green, Judge Alfred Burton Greenwood, Lucien E. Griggs, C.D. Gunter, Rev. Isom R. Hall, David R. Hammer, David H. Hammons, James Haney, Raphiel W. Hansard, Edmond Lambert Hart, Councel Lambert Hart, Capt. T.T. Hays, Kenneth M. Head, John G. Heath, A.T. Hedges, Anderson Herman, Robert A. Hickman, Hezekiah Highfill, William G.D. Hinds, Lewis Hine, William H. Hoblit, Guthridge Lee Holland, Dr. Thomas W. Hurley, John H. Hust, Rev. William A. Inman, George W. Jackson, Nicholas S. Jackson, Isaac January, Samuel Allen Jefferson, Elbert Jennings, John Keith, Elijah Keith, Capt. William Marion Keith, Morgan Kendrick, Seth Kendrick, Thomas B. Kendrick, Lafayette G. Kendrick, Joel Wilson Kimmins, James C. Knott, Reuben J. Laughlin, Flavius J. Lindsey, Elbert S. Lindsey, George T. Lincoln, Capt. Whitfield C. Lefors, Edgar H. Looney, John C. McAdams, Joseph G. McAndrew, Joseph H. McClinton, Z.H. McCubbins, H.M. McGaughey, Dr. Josiah Wesley McGee, Samuel G. McGruder, Thomas F. McKennon, J.R. McKinney, Charles D. McKisick, Thomas Alfred McSpadden, Rev. John Maddox, J. Manwaring, Joshua Mason, F.A. Mason, Dr. John L. Maxwell, Michael Burkhalter Maxwell, Rev. Andrew J. Maxwell, William A. Miller, William Miser, George W. Miser, Henderson Mitchell, Dr. Roland Mitchell, Zachariah Mitchell, H. Montgomery, Berry P. Morris, Robert S. Morris, N.B. Morton, William M. Murphy, W.T. Neal, B.A. Neil, John A. Nelson, Thomas Turner Netherton, James C. Norman, John Milton Norris, Charles E. Noyes, D.A. Oakley, John H. Pace, H.H. Paterson Jr., Thomas J. Patton, Pierce Frank Paul, Albert Peel, John W. Peel, Robert M. Philips, Benjamin W. Phillips, Thomas W. Powell, Oscar P. Powell, Tom Preasley, Captain Lewis Puckett, Charles W. Rice, Isaac T. Rice, Dr. R.S. Rice, Dr. T.M. Rice, Simeon B. Riddle, Prof. J.R. Roberts, Dr. George Washington Robertson, James Alexander Robinson, James G. Rodgers, Mrs. Mary Jane Rodgers, Clarkson D. Rogers, C.F. Rogers, Granville P. Rogers, Dr. Thomas Hopkins Roughton, Joseph R. Rutherford, Rev. H.H. Scaggs, Larkin Scott, Henry W. Schrader, Prof. J.W. Scroggs, Rev. F.M. Seamater, Mrs. Martha Sellers, Dr. Newton Sewell, Thomas Christopher Sheffield, Thomas E. Sheffield, John J. Shores, Rev. J. Wade Sikes, B.F. Sikes, William H. Simpson, Lewis P. Smart, Dr. John Smartt, Capt. E.T. Smith, Hiram C. Smith, J.H. Snow, J.E. Spencer, Solomon F. Stahl, John B. Steele, Isaac N. Steers, James B. Stephens, William Stevens, William Holland Steward, J.K.P. Stringfield, H.L. Stroud, George Washington Tate, William A. Terry, Reuben S. Thomas, William J. Todd, J.M. Tucker, J.M. Vandover, Eugene Wager, William Wammack, L.C. Warner, William D. Wasson, James Franklin Wasson, Dick P. Wasson, Thomas A. Watson, John Watson, Dr. H. Weems, Leonard West, James Larkin Monroe Weir, Joseph D. White, Warren Harvey Wight, James M. Wilks, Andrew C. Williams, Ben Wilson, Martin Wilson, Stephen B. Wing, W.B. Winstead, John Riley Woods, Levi Oliver Woods, Joseph Newton Woods, Henry B. Woolsey, Isom M. Wright, and Archibald McKissick Yell.

Benton County, AR
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Cover of Benton County History

Sources: History of Benton County Arkansas;History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian counties, Arkansas.
Authors: Fred Usilton
Original Publication Year: 1889
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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